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Previously,on Carl 10...

Carl:Oh,riiight.(activates Xtratrix,removes touchpad;calls back-up)Attention,i need back-up!(speaks to Xtratrix,which sends message to WOOHP)There!

Carl:(looks everywhere)Where is Alex?

Trio 3 Boss:Get them,boys!(bunch of 3 Trio Brawlers come out)

-Theme Song-

Carl:C'mon!WORK!(transforms)Rigging one!Eh....Rigging Yawn!*hops on trio boss*Yiiiheeaa!

Trio boss:Get off me!You,you little!(falls on land)Ah,that was actually good.(tree falls on him)OW!Me and my mouth....

Clover:They can duplicate?!?!

Rigging Yawn:OH NO!Duplicats?(shocks)

Sam:This is not gonna be easy.

Rigging Yawn:It was easy all the time!

Dr.Frank activates his machine and collapses the Earth

Rigging Yawn:That's it!(hops on the machine and starts tearing it down)Woo-hoo!

Dr.Frank:Get off that!

Rigging Yawn:No problem!(shrinks and hops into the machine)Wow,i could make a big gun out of this!(machine completely tears down)

Dr.Frank:(jaw drop)NOOOOOO!You,you destroyed it!

Rigging Yawn:Yep.(chews a metallic handle,swallows it)Got a problem with it?(still chewing)(burps)

Dr.Frank:NOOOO!You ruined my life!(falls on floor)

Clover:(being attacked by a brawler)Get off me,you freaky beast!(sees that someone throwes brawler off her)Huh?

Humungousaur:Strength.The thing you need all the time.

Clover:(gets up)He drooled me!Yuck!

Humungousaur:So?Be lucky he didn't eat you.(walks away)

Clover: -.-'

Humungousaur:(being attacked by spider drone)Arrgh!Get the heq,OFF ME!(grows up,spider falls down)He-hey.

Clover:I wish i could have that kind of power....

Humungousaur:I need to kick some butt!(punches 8 drones)That was enough of Humungousaur.(transforms)Sand?Srsly?What kinda aliens do you give me?Well,this one could be....Sanderwrath!(grabs Sam and Clover)Hop on!

Clover:No!I don't wanna get dirty!

Sanderwrath:(crosses arms and throws Clover at land)Well deal with it!(Clover and Sam hop on Sanderwrath)

Clover:I can't believe i agreed to this.

Sanderwrath hops in the air and starts jumping from flat to flat

Sanderwrath:Uh,uh,uh,uh,uh...uh.(gets tired)I can't do this anymore.(hard breaths)

Clover:That's good!Cuz i don't want...(gets throwed on land by Sanderwrath again)..Hey!

Sanderwrath:(after Sam gets off him)I told you,deal with it,or no traveling by me!(sees his truck station)Wait a minute...

Sam:What??Truck station?

Sanderwrath:Right!(shapeshifts into a magic carpet)HOP ON!I don't wanna hear "NO".


Sanderwrath:I SAID HOP ON!!!(Clover agrees again,Sanderwrath "flys" to the truck station)

Clover:But seriously,why...(Sanderwrath can't stand Clover anymore so he drowns her inside)

Sam:What the......?

Sanderwrath:She drives me crazy,so what?!?

Sanderwrath lands and shapeshifts back,throwing Clover on land,again

Sanderwrath:(reverts back)There!(gets in the truck)Girls?

Clover and Sam:(looking at each other)What?

Carl:Hop in!We are off to Zurrich!

Clover:Seriously?From Bellhood(Hollywood)to Zurrich(Germany)?

Carl:Yea.I will tell you later why.(after girls hop in the truck,he starts the engine)