General Information
Species Widowolf
Home World Licarala
Body Werewolf
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Ice Manipulation
Superhuman agility
First Appearance The Next Generation
 Wolfspider is the codon stream sample of a Widowolf from Licarala in Ben 10: Alien Alliance. He appears for the first time in The Next Generation by Ben's great grandson: Seth, in his battle against Vilgax.

Physical Appearance

Wolfspider is a werewolf/spider hybrid alien. He has the appearance of an 2 meter tall. The head is similar to that of a regular wolf, with a few differences. Wolfspider has four eyes instead of two and each eye have two pupils. Furthermore, he have two chericera horizontically positioned by his mouth. The alien has Multi-Limbed Aliens similar to Spidermonkey. The lower two arms are more claw-like unlike the main arms, but all have four fingers, including a thumb. He has a large tail ending in a pincer that could be used to administer an icy poison. Big parts of his fur are grey, like the fur around his neck and the end of his tail. His arms, and part of his tail and his legs have a metallic coloring. His main hands, feet, sides and lower body as well as the base of his tail are blackish blue and the rest of his body, including his paws and stinger are bright blue.

Powers and Abilities

Wolfspider is one of most Enhanced Agility Aliens in Ben's arsenal. He's even more agile then Spidermonkey. He is a great jumper and can jump vast distances. He's also quite fast but his durability is incredible. He has night vision and is able to see infrared. But his most prominent power is off course his ability to manipulate ice. He is able to freeze organic creatures with his Multi-Limbed Aliens by touching them. He is also able to freeze creature from the inside by puncturing them with his tail. The most powerful weapon is his icy blast from his mouth or his hands that can freeze everything, beside the extreme hot. He's also able create ice threats and webs with his mouth.


Once his arms are disabled by inorganic creatures, he is unable to use most of his freezing ability. The pincer on the end of his can't puncture through stone, leaving only his mouth left. When fighting against pyrokinetic aliens, his abilities are also less effective. And finally, his eyes are as with most creatures a weak spot. Take out the eyes and you take him out.


Ben 10: Alien Alliance

Season 3

Season 4


  • As all aliens used by Seth in the episode, this is an Andromeda Alien.
  • Credits for picture goes to Darksilvania, colored version by Khemia-Dragon from DeviantArt.
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