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Wizardines are feline aliens from Ledgerdomain.


This species the appearance of a lynx-like alien varying colors of fur, belly, cloak and eyes and nose. They also have wisps on the tip of their tail.


These aliens are cool, calm and collected. They developed their mental powers to survive against any hostile species due to their peaceful nature.

Powers and Abilities

Wizardines have the ability to project astral projections into foes' minds and either talk them out of combat or find a weakness in their psyche.

They also have skillful elemental powers, using whatever spells they can muster to fight.

Due to being felines, they're very agile and have fast reflexes.


Enemies with a strong mind can easily shut out their astral projection. Similarly, their powers don't work on foes without a mind.

They are also reliant on their magic for combat, otherwise aren't well suited for it.

Notable Members

  • Bluna (Omnitrix DNA sample)


  • The species is named after "wizard" and "felines".