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Witch's Brew is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Pepsumat Aeni from the plane Sto Medicandi. He is a free-to-use alien, and exists within the Earth-216 universe, the main universe of Multiverse vs. Tennyson.


Witch's Brew's appearance is represented as a tall insectoid, standing around 6 and a half feet tall, with hybridized attributes resembling that of tarantula hawks and bombardier beetles, his carapace primarily dark with both dark-orange and pale-blue accents and visible hairs on his limbs, with small, bright-green compound eyes, curled, orange-tipped antennae, sharp mandibles, two large primary arms with two sets of smaller arms poking out of the sides of his chest, totaling as six, three sharp fingers and toes on each of his extremities, open circular cavities on the front of his primary arms' shoulders and hips, normally covered and closed by flaps of orange iridescent membrane, narrow, long, bright-orange wings, and a large wasp-like abdomen ending in a sharp, bright-orange stinger.

Witch's Brew's outfit bares strong inspiration off of mythological witches, as implied by the name, primarily that of a black cloak, both short-sleeved and short-length, with openings on his shoulders and hips, bright-green highlights in the form of jagged stripes, primarily running down the back of the cloak, and a pointed hat atop his head, his antennae pointing out from under the front of the brim. The Omnitrix symbol is located on the front of his hat in place of a buckle.

Powers and Abilities

Witch's Brew's primary ability is his elemental chemokinesis, able to create various bio-organic elemental substances from within his body through numerous specialized organs, where he can either use them to boost any of his physical attributes for a temporary length of time, including his strength, speed, stamina, and regenerative factor, or grant him various forms of elementumkinetically-enhanced combat through his elemental chemicals, such as pyrokinetically-enhanced combat, generating burning pyrokinetic bio-energy with his attacks, or cryokinetically-enhanced combat, generating freezing cryokinetic bio-energy instead.

Through creating chemical-based elemental recreations of various harmful outside forces, such as extreme heat, potent radiation, or corrosive poison, from within his body through his powers, and absorbing them into his bloodstream to stimulate his adaptive immune system, he can internally release pathogens to temporarily render himself highly resistant, to some extent even immune, to the real counterparts of these forces, his immunity generation strong enough to render himself immune to the chilling temperatures of the vacuum of space, or the radiation emitted from a small nuclear bomb.

Witch's Brew can externally secrete his elemental chemicals, either in the form of a venom-like liquid from his stinger, or as high-pressurized streams of liquid emitted from the retractable cavities on his shoulders and hips, capable of generating their specific elemental effects, such as pyrokinetic chemicals being ablaze, and cryokinetic chemicals freezing all nearby moisture. Through high amounts of practice, Witch's Brew can even formulate very basic solid constructs of secreted chemicals after spraying them from his shoulder and hip cavities, and solidifying them dependent on what elemental properties they have.

Witch's Brew possesses a generally-average degree of enhanced strength and durability, alongside enhanced biting strength through his sharp mandibles, a high-altitude form of flight through his wings, and generating a standard, temporarily-paralytic venom from his stinger. His antennae, although evolved to be normally coiled up, and the hairs on his limbs can both combine to give Witch's Brew an enhanced degree of sensory touch.


Witch's Brew's elemental chemicals are entirely dependent on the chemical reactions within his body, and if stopped through neutralizing forces, such as being entirely frozen in sub-zero temperatures, Witch's Brew's powers can be temporarily nullified.

Witch's Brew's amplification of his physical attributes, and generation of immunities, are entirely temporary, and if they have to be prolonged, Witch's Brew must recreate said chemicals to regain their effects. In addition, Witch's Brew may not be entirely immune to whatever forces he's attempting to withstand, only highly resistant, and thus, could possibly be hurt by them.

Witch's Brew can be afflicted by the secretion of his own chemicals, if they are taking on much more harmful elemental properties, such as fire or radiation, unless he generates immunities to them beforehand. This weakness is typically only exclusive to Witch's Brew elemental venom generation and chemical blasts, as his elementumkinetically-enhanced combat is instead generated in the form of elemental biological energy, opposed to chemicals, his body can withstand.

Although capable of reaching higher altitudes, Witch's Brew has to put a lot of strength in his wings to do so, or already have very high ground when taking off. He can typically avoid this weakness by the latter, or using his chemicals to boost his strength.




Witch's Brew is a free-to-use alien, so feel free to use him in your own series.

  • Witch's Brew is set to appear sometime in Multiverse vs. Tennyson.


  • The idea of Witch's Brew stemmed from a combination of how bombardier beetles secrete chemicals as a biological form of attack, and the various elemental properties of mythological fantasy potions and spells that are typically created through or associated with witchcraft.
  • Witch's Brew's species name of "Pepsumat Aeni" is a combination of "pepsini" which is the scientific name of tarantula hawks, and "despumat aeni" which is the Latin translation of "cauldron" which itself references Witch's Brew's potion-inspired powers and witchery-inspired outfit aesthetic.
  • Witch's Brew's planet name of "Sto Medicandi" is the Latin translation of "brewing stand" which is a reference to the 2009 sandbox video game Minecraft, a source of inspiration for Witch's Brew, as it contains a variety of potions that temporarily boost the player's capabilities, which are crafted through brewing stands.
  • Both of Witch's Brew's species and planet names were pitched by user Alanomaly.
  • Ben 23's nickname of Witch's Brew would be "Mr. Elixir".
  • Witch's Brew's orange and blue highlights were inspired by the natural colors of tarantula hawks, and the 2016 Reboot counterpart of Stinkfly.
  • In the Earth-216 universe, Witch's Brew's species were previously endangered because of planetary invasion, and through a few decades of species preservation, their species are no longer registered on the galactic endangered list.
    • Witch's Brew was unlocked by Ben Prime during the events of the Assault on Prime, an extra-dimensional war of various alternate Bens that takes place in Dimension 10 in the year of 2018.