General Information
Species Floresctia
Home World Colorose
Body Imp-like
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Color changing
Power changing
Super speed
Sharp claws
Enhanced agility
Prehensile tail
Beam shooting
Wall crawling
Machine travel (cyan)
Underground Burrowing (yellow)
Temporary flight (orange and red)
Spike shooting (Pink)
Air drop attack (blue)
Wall creation (Blue)
Energy rings (Blue)
Berserker mode (Purple)
Super strength (purple)
Pyrokinesis (red)
Black hole creation (lavender)
Wisp is a Floresctia from the planet Colorose in Eric 12.


Wisp is a 3-foot tall imp creature which is glowing white or any other color he is at the moment. His berserker form is a glowing purple ogre creature which is 9 feet tall.


Wisp has multiple abilities depending on what his color is which are:

  • All colors (except for purple): Color changing, prehensile tail, beam shooting, wall crawling, super speed and enhanced agility.
  • Cyan: Beam transformation, machine travel.
  • Yellow: Underground burrowing.
  • Orange: Temporary flight.
  • Red: Temporary flight and pyrokinesis.
  • Pink: Spike shooting.
  • Blue: Air smash attack, wall creation, energy ring projectiles.
  • Purple: Super strength, razor sharp claws, strong jaws, energy bombs.
  • Lavender: Black hole creation. He also has sharp claws.


None are known


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Other Series

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