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Wishing on a Rock
Season 2.5, Episode #5
Air date March 31, 2012 (Saturday)
Written by Fusion
Directed by Fusion
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Z-Force Origins: Twintrix


Becareful what you wish for...


Jake's parents are coming back to Bellwood in a week, the team was panicking. They already took the "Hey, I'm a superhero" in a calm mood, but how about the "Hey, your youngest son died" thing? How will they explain that?!

They had a few ideas. One of them was a robot version of Jake, which Jared was happy to build.

While the teeams were at HQ, a calming voice echoed from the darkness. "Well, I see you are having some troubles on... confessions, hm...?"

"Who's that?!" Vincent looked left and right but saw no one.

Suddenly, a shoe came out of the darkness, next was a leg, then was a body, then was a-- Well, you get it, it was a human being. Jason Mason, with a smug smile on him.

"Need some help, Z-Forcers?"

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"So, what, Jason? You gonna dress up as Jake for eternity?" Samantha was preparing her fists, just in case Jason does anything funny.

"You know, the last time me and Jakob met was when we were fighting over... what was it again? Ah, yes, a ruby." Jason acted like he was the smartest and tons of people were asking so many questions. "To answer your question, no. I wouldn't want to dress up like Jake boy for eternity. Instead, I'll give you a secret information about a secret stone..."

"Secret stone?" Eric was questioning about the 'stone' Jason told. He knows all sorts of stuffs, but not anything like that.

"Yes, it is called the Stone of Wishes."

"Stone of Wishes? Where did you hear of such a thing?"

"It has been kept a secret for almost billions of years. Way back before... before everything, I guess. Well, except humanity and all other organic lifeforms... Legend says that the Stone of Wishes was a stone that grants wishes to anyone. But it isn't the kind that says 'Oooh, I wish for food' and it pops out one, no. It reads your mind to let your feelings tell it."

"So, basically, just a stone that gives you wishes..." Jared explained.

Jason sighed. "Yes, just a stone that gives you wishes...."

"Fine, we'll find it..." Samantha prepared her blaster. "but if you do anything funny..."

"Oh, I wont. Clone's promise." Jason promised.

Everyone headed to the ship. It was awkward for them, since they're giving a ride to one of their biggest enemies yet...

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  • Jared Nik
  • Samantha Nora
  • Vincent Mac
  • Johnny Niller
  • Eric Salov
  • Micah Gil


  • Jason Mason