Carl 10: Altermaverse
Season 2, Episode 16
Carl in Hoodie
Air date November 2,2012
Written by User:Karlo10Planet
Directed by User:Karlo10Planet
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Winner and his Prize is sixtenth episode of Carl 10: Altermaverse.


Opening scene shows Carl and team's school

Carl:(while walking)Math test is....YES!It's A!(sees new hottest girl in his class,drools)Oh my God!Monica,the beautifulest girl!(keeps drooling)

Clover:(talking to Sam and sees Carl)Carl?

Carl:(drools at Monica)


Carl:(keeps drooling)

Clover:(slaps Carl)

Carl:Why did you do that for?

Clover:What is wrong with you?You keep drooling for every girl that you look in!

Carl:Oh yea,like you don't do that with the boys!

Clover:(blushes)No i don't!(sees a hot guy and drools)

Carl:What did you said?

Clover:(turns around)Okay,but sometimes!

Sam:Oh God,stop fighting,will ya'?

Clover:I give up.We are fighting for no reason.

Carl:Agree.Where is Alex again?

Sam:She made the science lab explode.

Carl:(jaw drop)So what now?She is on police?Or...

Clover:Nah,she has to be janitor for a month,so...No police.(all of them laugh)

Suddenly,an big red light appears and sucks in Carl,Clover and Sam into space

Carl:(after falling on spaceship's floor)W-where are we?(looks at one boy)JT?

JT:Carl?What are you doin' on here?And who are those two?

Carl:Idk,i got sucked into this trash.They are Sam and Clover,and we are spies.

JT:Isn't one of you missing?


Clover:But,what is this place?

An unnamed alien:This is spaceship of Flixir Ester.

Carl:Flixir Ester?Who is he?Or she?

Unnamed alien:She captured the galaxy's most wanted superheroes.

Clover:We are superheroes?Yay!

Unnamed alien:Acctualy,she wanted Carl Shennyson!

Carl:That's me!

Unnamed alien:Don't be very happy.You are the MOST WANTED EVER.Do you even know what she will do to you?


Unnamed alien:She planned to slice you in half,or better to say,murder you.

Carl:Well,that sounds scary,but...(slaps Xtratrix,but it declines)..Okay,maybe she will kill me.

A big shadow shows up

Flixir's robot servant:Carl Shennyson.(talks to Flixir)

Flixir:Well,well,well.Who do we have here?(spins 1 time around Carl)Carl Shennyson.What a nice catch.It's your time to die!(looks Carl face to face)Any last words?

Carl:Can we do this somehow else?Like fight?Me and your robot?

Flixir:Okay,but if i win,you and your friends will stay without your heads!

Carl:(freaks)Okay,but what if i win?

Flixir:Freedom,along with your friends.

Carl:Let's start!(face to face with Flixir again)


Carl:(looks at how many people is watching the battle)Wow!So many people!

Clover:(while tied up with Sam)Yea,easy for him!

Sam:Don't worry,i hope he will win!

Carl:(looks at his opponent)Uh....Hi?

Giant alien:Hi to you too!(punches Carl,and he crashes into wall)

Carl:(falls on floor)Oh my God!(Xtratrix activates Alert Mode)Huh?

Xtratrix:Big danger is aviliable.Please wait a couple of seconds.(beeps and touchpad slides down)

Carl:WORK!(rotates Xtratrix's core)C'mon!(transforms)Finnaly!(arms go yellow and grow bigger,legs go small,and two horns grow on his head)Armodrillo!(drills through alien's foot)

Giant alien:OW!But i am made of rock,it doesn't hurt so much!

Armodrillo:(transforms)Heatblast!(while levitating,charges Xtratrix and it shoots fire from it)He can do that?COOL!(transforms)Clockwork?Oh...and he can't fly,can he?(falls on floor)Ouch.(transforms)Heatblast again?Come on!(transforms)Ultimate Echo Echo!Sonic....DOOOOM!(shoots sonic vaves into Alien)

Giant alien:(breaks,but not full)You thinked that will stop me?(grabs Ult.Echo Echo and transforms him)


Giant alien:(sees that Karateman is barefeet)(smiles)He-he!(tickles Karateman's feet)

Karateman:Stop it!

Clover:(looks at situation)With this one,he will never win.(sees that Carl transformed into another one and smiles)Or will he.

Armodrillo:Why do you keep transforming me in what i already have turned,Xtratrix?(drills into alien's body)Eggh,he doesn't eat healthy!He eats mud?(falls into the stomach)Yuck!(drills his main gravitation core)There,now,bai-bai!

Giant alien:I don't feel so good!(destroys and falls in pieces)

Armodrillo:(while falling)Oh,i need a fly alien!(transforms)Ripjaws isn't one of themmm!!!(transforms)Rubixo!(builds into helicopter)There we go!(crashes into pieces and they fall on land)Ugh...(rebuilds and looks at Flixir)Now,my friends!

Flixir:Nice match.But anyway....KILL THEM!(points at Sam and Clover)

Sam:Oh no!

Clover:Carl,do something!

Rubixo:And you bet i will!(transforms)

Flixir:(evil laugh)MUAHAHAHHHAAHAH!(gets possessed)Huh?

M-Tech(Flixir):It worked!


Clover:What the...

M-Tech(Flixir):I possessed Flixir.So now,i control the whole spaceship!Servants!(they turn around)I changed my mind,self destruct!

Servants selfdestructs

M-Tech(Flixir):Prison bracelets,short circuit!(bracelets break)

JT:(runs into fight stadium)Did i miss something?(looks at M-Tech)M-Tech.I unlocked him that alien!



Clover:Shouldn't at least you untie us?

JT:Okay,whatever.(unties Clover and Sam)



M-Tech(Flixir):How about...STEP ASIDE!

JT:Why would i?

M-Tech:(Flixir):(pushes JT and missile misses them)Now do you know why?(red and blue lightning comes out of M-Tech)AAGH!(M-Tech and Flixir seperates)

Flixir:No!My commands!

M-Tech:Now,bai-bai!(trys to kill Flixir,but she teleports)Oh crap.

JT:Now what?

M-Tech:I think it's school time!

At school

Carl:(talking to Monica)Hey,Monica!I was wondering...would you come out with me?Mon

Monica:Well,lemme see,now it's 8 AM..So,call me maybe at 10 AM,okay?

Carl:Sure!(drools and slams the door of his locker)



  • When Carl asks Monica for a date,Monica used a lyrics from song "Call Me Maybe".
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