General Information
Species Praemiumsapien
Home World Micoterra
Body Humanoid
Powers and abilities
Abilities Enhanced Strength

Enhanced Agility
Limited Flight
Explosive Projectiles
Sonic Explosions
Rolling Fists

First Appearance Enter: The Plumbers

Wind-Up is the Ne-O's DNA sample of a Praemiumsapien from the planet Micoterra. He is one of the aliens in Genesis: Chronocle.


He is a relatively short alien - about the size of the average human child, or a better comparison, Ditto. He has a metallic blue barrel-like torso. He has two long grey arms, two short grey legs and a short grey neck. His hands resemble a pair of red boxing gloves. Instead of feet, he has two black vacuum-like structures. He has a round light grey head which resembles a typical bomb. He has a fuse at the top of his head which always appears lit, but never really goes below its burning point. He has two white eyes with round black pupils and a normal-looking mouth.


Wind-Up has a similar personality to Jury Rigg, which includes a twisted sense of humor. He is hyperactive and has a craving to use his explosive powers to destroy things, which makes him hard to control. His species also lack the ability to feel fear.

Powers and Abilities

Wind-Up can shoot small bomb-like projectiles from the holes in his hands, which can cause damage to the surroundings and to enemies, however, they do not present any great harm.

His boxing glove-like hands can be spun freely and can be used to punch enemies with great force.

His arms, legs and neck are not jointed, allowing Wind-Up to swing them around freely at any direction.

Using his vacuum-like feet, he can stick onto any solid matter.

He can use his vacuums to project a weak electromagnetic pulse, which allows him to levitate and slightly fly, and further enhance his agility.

Similar to Whampire, he can create a massive sonic explosion from within his body, which does not injure him but instead can be used to blast everything within radius to a massive range. However, unlike Whampire, he can do this when he's not surrounded.


Wind-Up's craving of destruction can make him uncontrollable and possibly endanger his surroundings.

Larger and strongest opponents who can resist explosions are a major threat to him.


  • Enter: The Plumbers
    • Wind-Up makes his debut and is used by Nick to quickly reach Vulk.
  • The Chase
    • Wind-Up is used by Nick to create a massive sonic explosion to blow away the surrounding Mechamanders.
  • The Breakout: Part 2
    • Nick used Wind-Up to blow through the door in order to escape from the Exilists.


  • His name is pronounced "Y-nd-ahp", wind with an "eye" sound.


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