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Mrs.Cooper: Class make sure and have fun!

Kids run out of the classroom.

William and Cory are still in the classroom walking out into the hallway.

Cory:This is boring.

William:Yeah a halfday. It's kinda stupid

Cory:But, at least this summer vac. will rock right?

William:I hope

William and Cory walk outside

William:Hey wanna wait here til our parents arrive.


Rumbling starts.....




A metor hits the ground

some ground breaks off and throws at me and cory


William flies off .

A watch flies in the air and equips to William

Cory:What the heck is that watch?


William hits the watch while about to hit the ground.

A blue flash starts.



Corys face looks confused.

Cory:Hey william why is your hair black? and whats that blue thing where your heart is at?

William:uummmm.........what the (H WORD)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cory sees a robot

Cory:What is that william

William turns his head.

William:Oh deadly.....ALIEN ROBOTS ABOUT TO FIRE AT US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-commercal break-

Robots shoot at us.

cory gets blasted.

his pose looks like he is bowing

Cory turns into concrete

Cory:Your so ganna pay.

Cory jumps in the air and smashs two alien robots into another

William looks shocked O_o

William:What the-


Cory gets blasted


Cory:Ow hey can you try to help?

William: hmmmmm...........I wonder.............if i have powers? Lets see...........becuase my hair is black.

Trys to fire a laser


Cory:(thinking:the watch......of course!)

William: Its working its working!

fart noise.......

blue flash

Back to normal hair and the watch on the hand.


Cory smiles and says: Your no help right now.


The watch went on me so when I must of hit it. I became super!

I gotta try again


Clicks watch

Transformation clip of william going to a terraspin


Cory:There you go!

Terraspin spins

all of the robots mash together.

Williams mom:William you there.

Terraspin:Crap its my parents!

-commercal break-

Cory:Maybe you can turn into a turtle?

Terraspin:I will try..............aaaaaahhhhhh...


Terraspin thinking:Huh it worked

William's Dad:Hey william where are you. I downloaded roblox!

Terraspin Thinking:Oh cool

Cory:Um hes behind

Terraspin goes fast as he can to a bench

Terraspin thinks:Hurrry!!!! Stupid form!

Terraspin gets behind bench

Blue Flash

William gets up

William's mom:Why were you behind the bench?

William: I do not know.Wait uh I - was playing tag

William's mom glares

William's mom:Okay........

Walks to cory

William:Bye cory

Cory:Bye william.