General Information
Species Florauna
Home World Flors Verdance
Body Humanoid Plant
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Chlorokinesis
Explosive Pods
Body Alteration
Plant Merging
Sharp Flytrap
Sharp Teeth
Sharp Thorn Claws
Vine Generation
Vine Ensnarement
Thorn Generation
Gas Immunity
Hypnosis Immunity
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Digging
Enhanced Durability
Enhanced Agility
Enhanced Flexibility
Voice Actor Jim Ward
First Appearance TBD

Wildvine is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Florauna from the planet Flors Verdance in Puzzle Piece: Infinity.


Wildvine looks like his OS self with the RB vest covering his chest which also has the Omnitrix on it. He also has vines on his chin that act as facial hair.

Transformation Sequence

  • Wildvine Transformation: Vines burst out of the Omnitrix wrapping around Dalton’s arms as they eventually ensnare his entire body. The camera pans to a blue eye that is revealed to be his shoulder. A flytrap collar opens up revealing Dalton’s transformed face with vine-like facial hair. His hands blossom from the vines as the camera moves to his chest which stores the Omnitrix. The Omntrix grows dark green plants that in case his chest in a vest.  The camera turns around to his back as explosive pods bloom from his back.

Powers and Abilities

  • Chlorokinesis- Wildvine can control plants and generate vines to attack his enemies or ensnare them in a trap.
  • Explosive Pods- Wildvine can produce explosive pods that can have a various amount of uses


  • Vines- Wildvine's vines can get tangled up with each other making it hard for him to fight until he is untangled.
  • Plant Being- Due to his plant-like nature, Wildvine does not do well with fires or the cold.
  • Electricity- Wildvine is weak to electric-based attacks.


  • In Primal Rage, Wildvine debuts to fight Animo's bird and frog and frees Dr.Kelly.
  • In Oh, Brother, Wildvine was used to help Lily defeat Darkstar by using his explosive seeds with Lily's magic.
  • In Slumbertown, Wildvine was used to fight off Sublimino



  • This design is a combination of OS design mixed with the RB version with 5YL facial hair details.
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