Wilsforce is an alien in Shun 10 and in Rex 14.

General Information
Species Wildapien
Home World Trexox
Body Humnoid,tree
Powers and Abilities
Abilities he can control plant life.Shot acid and change his arm form.His lags can grow biger.
First Appearance Ninja super strike


Shun 10

His body looks like a tree.his body and legs are brown. he has black underpants and a black head too.His hand are green like vines and they look like vines

  • Ninja super strike
  • back in trouble
  • in the watch

Rex 14

In Rex 14 he has an Omnitrix symbol his head and on his pants are blue with white line coming from both sides and apart from that he looks like the one in shun 10.

Ben 10: Forces United

Fright Fest: He Appeared and Defeated Ghostface Power Hungry: He Appeared and Tried to Fight Tragor but was Defeated

Powers and Abilities

he can control plant life. Shoot acid and change his arm form. His legs can grow biger.


Fire can burn him. He can be frozen.



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