Wild Chill is combination of Wildvine and Big Chill.This is an alien from the Fusamatrix.

Species:1/2 Negrofriggian 1/2 Florauna


He has Big Chill's torso with wings and Wildvine's legs and has one of Wildvine's Venus-Fly-Trap mouth piece.

Powers and Abilities

He has Big Chill's ability to fly, and turn intangable. He has all of Big Chill's ice-based powers. He also has Wildvine's chlorokinesis and exploding seed pods.
Wild Chill (by Turu17

Wild Chill (By Turu17)

Combo Move: Ice Vines: Wild Chill digs his vines into the ground. The vines then will come out of the ground and constrict the foe. At the last minute, the vines freeze over and the enemy is left frozen.


Since his powers are voluntary, being caught off guard can cause him to get hit, phyically or with energy. He also has trouble phasing through cetain energies. He will become weak if he is out of the sun too long or is deprived of water.


  • Both of his "parents have two home planets.
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