Wiki Fusion
General Information
Species N/A
Home World N/A
DNA source 10 Aliens and 10 User Souls
Body Armored Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Collective Arsenal
Tenth Strike
First Appearance BTFF RPG
The Wiki Fusion is an alien produced by fusing the DNA of 10 aliens and the souls of 10 users inside the metaphysical realm of the Ben 10 Fan Fiction Wiki.

This alien appears and is playable only during the final boss fight of the BTFF RPG.


After barely surviving the Nega Demon's final attack, CaT suggests that the current party should fuse (despite not really knowing if they could even do that). The gambit works as the team merges into the Wiki Fusion, and, after a long battle, manages to defeat the final boss and unfuse.


The Wiki Fusion combines the abilities of each of its components, gaining each alien's and user's special moves. In addition, it has an exclusive ability known as Tenth Strike, which deals damage equivalent to 1/10 of the opponent's maximum health, no matter what.

It also has the highest possible stats in the game, putting it on an even playing field with enemies that would usually be unbeatable.


The Wiki Fusion is a humanoid alien covered in white and black armor. It wears a helmet that obscures its face, and has Intergalactic Peace Symbols on its head, chest, shoulders, and knees.


The Wiki Fusion has no weaknesses.



Their Transformations (In Order)


  • The Wiki Fusion could theoretically be created with any ten users and aliens, but its ability set would vary according to the specific abilities of its components. The exception to this is the Tenth Strike ability, which would be available regardless of the specific components.
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