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Widow's Peak is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Dominum Pupa from the conjoined Spinam Moons of Nemunimos III. He is a free-to-use alien, and exists within the Earth-216 universe, the main universe of Multiverse vs. Tennyson.


Widow's Peak's appearance is represented as a thin, gangly humanoid alien with arachnid-like features, such as multiple eyes, four of varying size on each side of his face, arranged in the shape of horizontal diamonds, with the upper eye closet to the nose being the largest and the eye farthest from the largest being smallest, sharp-toothed, interlocking jaws resembling mandibles, a large secondary abdomen resembling that of a spider's extending from the back of his pelvis, a bright-green-colored hourglass symbol on the top like a black widow, and a thorny layer of pitch-black, dark-green-highlighted, quill-like hairs covering the outer-sides and back of Widow's Peak's body with the exception of all of his extremities not counting the tips of his five fingers on each foot, alongside flattened, non-bristled hairs visible on the sides of Widow's Peak's face, neck, chest, and the top of his hands and feet. Underneath the thorns and visible through the body parts that primarily lack them, Widow's Peak is covered in smooth, jet-black skin with a glossy sheen.

Standing approximately 6'6 feet tall, Widow's Peak's complexion appears to be skeletal and jagged because of both that of his outstretched body structure and the sharp, ridged hairs sticking out of his body, the hairs on his scalp almost resembling a spiked hairstyle with a visible point in the middle of the "hairline", and he additionally possesses retractable spinneret-like appendages in the center of both of Widow's Peak's palms, alongside these same organs from within the pointed end of his secondary spider-like abdomen.

Widow's Peak's outfit is that of a basic jumpsuit composed out of a self-healing, fiber-like material almost akin to green-colored carbon fiber, although said outfit is entirely sleeveless with very short pant-legs only spanning around a third of each of his thighs, along with a mostly-uncovered upper-back to expose most of Widow's Peak's protruding hairs, and with bright-green bands on each wrist, the Omnitrix symbol on the top of the band covering his left wrist.

Powers and Abilities

Widow's Peak's primary ability is to utilize the sharp hairs sticking out of his body, able to detach them from his skin when he embeds them into a solid object through physical contact with his body parts, or pull the larger ones off his body to throw them like sharpened projectiles. Although they lack effect on inorganic matter, outside of being sharp enough to embed themselves into wood and stone by about a inch in depth, the hairs will take effect upon penetrating organic matter, releasing a potent neurological toxin stored within the thin length of each hair and affect nearby nerves, giving Widow's Peak limited telepathic control of the affected nerves through the ability to manipulate and control motor skills.

Able to eventually and fully control all of the motor skills upon an individual being pricked by enough hairs, Widow's Peak can fully control their movements like a marionette with mental thoughts alone, typically doing so in the form of synchronized movement, able to force them to fulfill commands and actions. Widow's Peak's motor-skill manipulation even applies to individuals who are unconscious, catatonic, recently deceased, or somewhat inorganic/cybernetic in nature, as long as they possess a still-functional nervous system. Additionally, Widow's Peak can control up to around three separate victims at a time, although if focus is lost on any of them, they can temporarily regain control of their actions.

Widow's Peak can formulate basic comakinetic constructs from the the largest patches of spiky hairs on numerous parts of his body, including the back of his head, upper-back, and the outer-sides of his arms and legs, typically in the form of additional limbs and dozens of hairs clustered together to form much larger spikes used to poison individuals as fast as possible with the briefest of contact, or for simple offense. Although the constructs can break apart easily from hairs getting lodged in physical matter, they can be, said above, greatly used to rapidly release as many hairs as possible for the highest chance of infection.

Widow's Peak's hands and secondary arachnid-like abdomen can release streams, concentrated blasts, or spurts of silk, able to form webbing. However, due to the spinnerets that produce them being very close to the miniature poison-filled glands surrounding each of Widow's Peak's hairs, centuries of evolution have caused the two organs to somewhat merge together to allow Widow's Peak, allowing him to fire streams of webbing so potent with biological poison that they are extremely acidic, around the same strength as a Polymorph, which can melt through metal and stone with ease.

The poison inside Widow's Peak's hairs are very slightly regenerative in nature through a chemical reaction that causes rapid blood clotting if the poison is openly exposed to blood, thus allowing Widow's Peak to help fresh wounds heal quicker than piercing them with his hairs and closing veins faster.

Widow's Peak has enhanced degrees of strength, durability, agility, flexibility, reflexes, vision, and overall motor skills, the ability to scale vertical surfaces such as walls through the stickiness of Widow's Peak's bare skin, visualized through the glossy sheen that would be visible if he lack hairs entirely, a form of "electrical" vision that allows Widow's Peak to see neurological impulses inside beings to aid in controlling their motor-skills, and an immunity toward poison and acid, which includes his own.


Stated above, Widow's Peak's neurological poison lacks any sort of effect on inorganic matter and beings lacking neurological systems. In addition, Widow's Peak's ability can be negated by those immune to poisons, or those who can control Widow's Peak, such as either forcing him into an unconscious state, or confusing/disorientating him, first before he activates his motor-skill manipulation ability. If the hairs are also pulled out fast enough, thus limiting the amount of poison that entered the system, it could also require Widow's Peak to infect them further to fully get the effect of full neurological control.

Also stated above, Widow's Peak's basic comakinetic constructs are fragile due to automatically breaking apart the hairs embed themselves into physical matter and thus dislodge from his body. The weakness of Widow's Peak's hairs automatically disconnecting from his body upon stabbing into matter can be exploited easily, such as forcing him in a cramped environment with very little room. In addition, although Widow's Peak can quickly regrow dislodged hairs, if he loses too many, he'll have to wait for them to fully regrow back.

Widow's Peak cannot use his silk to create constructs unless the surrounding matter they are connected is immune to their acid, as normally, the silk would dissolve the matter it's connected to and cause the whole construct to lose support and fall apart. Because of this, Widow's Peak's silk lacks any sort of mobility-aiding means, purely used for offense, and some potential degree of defense.

Widow's Peak's wall scaling ability through his sticky skin is not as strong as other wall-climbing aliens, and if he loses both focus and footing, this can cause him to fall off of whatever he's climbing. Water exposure can also moisten his skin and cause the stickiness to temporarily vanish, leaving Widow's Peak not being able to climb walls until he dries off.




Widow's Peak is a free-to-use alien, so feel free to use him in your own series.

  • Widow's Peak is set to appear sometime in Multiverse vs. Tennyson.


  • Widow's Peak's name references the distinct, V-shaped point that the center of some people's hairlines comes to on their forehead. In this case, it not only references both black widows, the inspiration of Widow's Peak's dark colors and hourglass symbol on his spider-like abdomen, and the "peaks" or the points of his thorny hairs, but the fact his ability is centered around hair.
    • Also, yes, I gave Widow's Peak a widow's peak... so you should get on your knees and pray to the sheer raw power of my godlike originality.
  • Widow's Peak's species name of "Dominum Pupa" is the Latin translation of "puppet master" and references his motor-skill manipulation ability.
  • Widow's Peak's home planet name, primarily the "Spinam" part is the Latin translation of "thorn", "spine", "prickle", etc, all words referencing the sharpness of his hairs.
    • The choice of making the Spinam Moons conjoined references how Widow's Peak's powers activate when his hairs essentially "conjoin" with organic matter and release nerve poison.
  • Ben 23's nickname of Widow's Peak would be "Itsy Pricksy", a pun on the "Itsy Bitsy Spider" and the word "prick", again referencing his sharp hairs.
  • In the earlier stages of development, Widow's Peak originally had basic body manipulation powers, namely in the form of generating multiple limbs and appendages, and amorphously control his hairs. When the idea of body manipulation was somewhat given to another alien, Widow's Peak's powers were changed to also focus on them being more hair-related.
  • Widow's Peak was almost considered to be made into an Anur System alien in favor of them being created the day before Halloween 2020, but without a specific horror movie reference and generally feeling they wouldn't fit, the creator, WTB decided against it.
  • Widow's Peak was created as the creator, WTB's entry for the fourth Spooktober Horror Contest.