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Why Am I Here? is the sixteenth episode of the first season of Back in Action: Alien Universe.


Mosquito, a prisoner of the Plumbers, regales his inmates with the story of how the Plumbers got him as they find themselves on the run.


Part I

[We open with four aliens in the Null Void on the run from a trio of Plumbers, hopping from rock to rock as they reach the edge of each one.]

Plumber #1 (in the center of the trio, male voice): When we catch you, you're not going to be happy! You guys are only prolonging your sentence!
Thep Khufan/Alien on the Run #1: Put a sock in it, red spot Plumbers.
Plumber #1: We're warning you now! Stand down before we use lethal force!
Thep Khufan/Alien on the Run #1: You talk so tough yet you can't even keep up with a Thep Khufan, Uniculic, whatever Overwatch is, and a Loboan. I mean, I get the Loboan part, but the rest of us?
Plumber #1: Grr--Hold your fire!

The three Plumbers stop in place, halting their fire at the four aliens on the run, who are now standing at the edge of a rock with no nearby rock to jump to. They all turn around.

Thep Khufan/Alien on the Run #1: Great, now what are we going to do?
Overwatch/Alien on the Run #2 (member of Streak's species): Wait, I've got a plan.
Thep Khufan/Alien on the Run #1: Well, use the plan already.
Overwatch: Calm down, Bandit, I will.

Behind the group of aliens on the run, from the edge of the rock, comes a small Plumber fighter ship locked onto the four aliens.

Fighter Ship Plumber: You have till the count of three to put your hands in the air before we open fire.
Bandit/Thep Khufan: Overwatch!
Overwatch: Almost...
Fighter Ship Plumber: 3...
Loboan/Alien on the Run #3: What are you planning over there, Overwatch?
Overwatch: Calm down, guys.
Fighter Ship Plumber: 2...
Loboan/Alien on the Run #3: I don't think this is exactly a time to calm down. They're about to shoot at us.

The leader of the trio of Plumbers on the rock signals them to begin moving closer to the aliens on the run--Overwatch, Bandit, the Loboan, and the Uniculic.

Fighter Ship Plumber: 1...
Loboan/Alien on the Run #3: 'Watch, please!
Overwatch: Just about ready...
Fighter Ship Plumber and Plumber #1 (in unison): FIRE!

The Plumber in the fighter ship as well as the trio on foot begin firing at the group of aliens. While Bandit, the Loboan, and the Uniculic duck for cover, Overwatch remains standing. The group, after realizing they are not being hurt, look around, only to find that Overwatch had conjured portals around the group. The portals had returned the fire to the Plumbers, destroying the fighter ship, but dealing no damage to the Plumbers on foot as their suits had protected against such weapons.

Plumber #2 (on the left of the leader): Nice try, but of course we decided upon wearing suits that protect against our own ammunition.
Overwatch: Oh yeah? But did it protect against portals? He moves his portals in the air to underneath himself and his group. Releasing his mid-air suspension, he, the Loboan, Uniculic, and Bandit fall into the portal. The Plumbers attempt to run after them but fail as the portal closes behind the group.
Plumber #1: Great. More of this dimension to scour.
Plumber #3 (female voice): Shall we take my lead this time?
Plumber #1: I guess, Karin. Just make sure we find them, or it'll be our hides Magister Tennyson will be dealing with later.
Karin/Plumber #3: Will do. She presses a button on her suit as her body shifts into that of a Kineceleran's. Her helmet becomes transparent, revealing the Kineceleran face of Karin Frikton. Let's do this.

[We open on another side of the Null Void on a small rock with several fallen buildings atop it. Overwatch, Bandit, the Loboan, and the Uniculic appear on the edge of the rock, all having to re-balance themselves to prevent falling off. They walk closer to the center of the rock, where they find what appears to be an abandoned city square.]

Loboan/Alien on the Run #3: You were lucky there, 'Watch.
Overwatch: Yeah, and because of that, I saved us from having to go back to Incarcecon. You should be thanking me, Harry.
Harry/Loboan: Yeah, I don't think I'll be thanking you till we're out of the Null Void.
Overwatch: Hey, at least you don't have to stay in that form anymore.
Harry: Hmm...maybe I don't...Taking a seat on the edge of a fountain with muddy water and cracks in the stone it was made of, his Loboan body becomes human. His hair recedes to only atop his head, where it is purely black. His eyes change from red to blue, and sets of clothing appear on him. He dons blue jeans, converse sneakers, a blue shirt, and a red hoodie. He throws the hoodie over his head. Ahh, it's been a long time since I've been able to just take a break.
Uniculic/Alien on the Run #4 (thin humanoid with a mosquito's stinger for a tail and two toes): It's been a long time since any of us had a break, Harry, but we haven't gotten it yet, not with the knowledge that those Plumbers are still searching this dimension for us.
Harry: Always got to put a guy down, don't you?
Uniculic/Alien on the Run #4: Sorry for looking at the whole situation.
Harry: Kidding, Mosquito. You're right; we haven't escaped this place yet.
Bandit: It's unfortunate. Overwatch's abilities should allow interdimensional transport, but of course he's the only member of his species that is trapped in the dimension he's in.
Overwatch: Well, excuse me for having shortcomings. It's not like you don't have your own, Bandit. Thep Khufans aren't exactly the strongest.
Bandit: Hah, so you think.
Overwatch: Your species got taken over by ghosts; I do believe that makes it fact that you guys aren't the strongest around. Being made out of paper doesn't help you much either.
Bandit: At least we can use our physical features to fight. Tell me how useful that tail of yours is in battle.
Overwatch: I've got my portals for self-defense, Bandit, or did you forget what happened a few minutes ago? I wouldn't be surprised. Maybe having short-term memory would give more of a reason for aliens not to look down on Khufans.
Bandit: Grr, you wanna fight, Overwatch?
Overwatch: Time and place, Bandit, time and place.
Bandit: How 'bout right now, right here.
Overwatch: Oh, alright! His hands begin to glow as he prepares his portal, but Mosquito comes in the way of the two as they come face-to-face.
Mosquito/Uniculic: Calm down, you two.
Bandit: He started it.
Overwatch: What?! How did I start it?
Mosquito: Stop, now.

Bandit and Overwatch glare at each other for a moment, then turn around and cross their arms.

Bandit: The battle wasn't worth the effort anyway.
Mosquito: What part of "stop" don't you understand?
Bandit: Grr, if any of you want me, I'll be finding a safe place to nap. Wake me if the red spots find us.
Mosquito: Will do, Bandit.

Bandit begins his trek to the other side of the small rock, while Mosquito turns to Overwatch, still appearing angry with his arms crossed and hovering in one place.

Mosquito: He's gone, 'Watch.
Overwatch: You know what, I just don't care. I'm gonna find my own place to relax too. He opens a portal and attempts to step into it, but Mosquito holds him back.
Mosquito: Maybe you should just stay here at the square with Harry and I. The greater number of us patrolling the rock, the less likely we are to be defeated when or if they find us.
Overwatch: Hmm...(uncrossing his arms and floating over to the fountain where Harry is seated) so long as Bandit's nowhere near me, I guess I'm fine with that.
Mosquito: Alright.
Overwatch: It's surprising, though. A few months ago, I was living the first world life, and now I'm using primal instinct at every turn.
Mosquito: I feel you, 'Watch. I was this close to defeating Ben Tennyson. It was a year ago, just after he'd become famous on his home world, where I was living.

Overwatch and Harry look over to Mosquito with Bandit becoming visible in the background, also looking on.

Harry: With not getting to relax in a while, I really haven't gotten the chance to hear a story in a while. Regale me.
Overwatch: If you're telling a story, I guess I'll listen in, too.

Bandit steps out of the shadows a few feet away and comes closer to the fountain.

Bandit: Better be worth my time. The red spots draw closer every waking moment, and I believe one of them was a Kineceleran.
Mosquito: So, you all really want to hear my story, huh?
Harry: Yeah, we've all told you ours--some of us more than once--
Bandit: Shut it, Harry.
Harry: Alright, alright, but you get what I'm trying to say. Mosquito, tell your story.
Mosquito: Alright. So, [our screen turns to black] why am I here?


Part II

[We open in Azmuth's headquarters, where is standing on the keyboard for his computer.]

Azmuth: I'm telling you, the evolutionary function can't just be enhanced. It's not of my own creation, and while I may be the smartest being in all of 19 galaxies, that function is luck work. The fact that it works still leaves me dumbfounded.

The other Galvan that Azmuth is speaking is hovered up onto the keyboard on a circular physical holographic platform. The Galvan walks onto the keyboard leaving the platform to fade to nothing. The Galvan's most prominent feature, lying on its back which is facing Azmuth, is the Omnitrix symbol. The Galvan Grey Matter spins around to look Azmuth in the face.

Grey Matter: Alright, then what about letting the user create alien fusions--including of more than two species--at will?
Azmuth: That little feature you found with my prototype's original form was an accident, a bug. The purpose of the Omnitrix is to walk a mile in another's shoes, and the shoes of a tri-species fusion is one to big for your own good.
Grey Matter: Are you trying to say fusions like the sort don't exist? Don't you know of the hybrids that exist today, whether it be between a Piscciss Volann and an Anodite or a Pyronite and--while still astonishing--a Galvanic Mechamorph? Letting the user create fusions will give me--err, the user--the chance to see the perspective of those hybrids.
Azmuth: Hmm...debatable. But there is so much more the Omnitrix could be used for in the case of understanding others' viewpoints.
Grey Matter: Hmm...then I have something you can't deny. How about we translate the Vulpimancer language?
Azmuth: Impossible, Ben. Galvans have tried for years, but their language is far too complex.
Grey Matter: Now *that* is impossible. Has not a single Galvan realized that all languages have patterns in speech, that there are certain terms used in every statement, ones that mean one thing or another. You know, words? The Vulpimancers' language is bound to have these as well. I mean, without patterns, one can only imagine the language would be impossible for a native speaker to translate. Azmuth: Hmm...maybe you're right...
Grey Matter: I am right. We should get to work immediately.
Azmuth: But we'll need a Vulpimancer.
Grey Matter (dropping his head into his palm): For the smartest being in a few galaxies, you're not that bright, now are you?
Azmuth: What do you intend to--Grey Matter pops his Omnitrix symbol out. Oh, I see. How dim of me to have forgotten the Vulpimancer DNA lying within the Omnitrix. My apologies; I thought I had removed him from the Omnitrix.
Grey Matter: You were going to remove him?
Azmuth: Yes, because his language could not be understood.
Grey Matter: You definitely aren't bright then. Now, when I transform, just give me some things to say that may have similar letters or words or whatever else, and I'll repeat after you. We can then find the speech patterns in the language.
Azmuth: Yes, yes, I understand now. I am not a complete dimwit, or else my title would be far from suitable.
Grey Matter: I can already see it is. He hops off of the keyboard, smacking the Omnitrix tower on his back down mid-jump, transforming him into Wildmutt, who stands firmly on the ground staring at Azmuth.
Azmuth: Are you ready?
Wildmutt: Roars.
Azmuth: Ahh, we have a lot to get to.

[Let us rewind time, to a year prior in Downtown Bellwood. One of Computron's minions towers over a portion of the city, terrorizing portions of it by flipping cars over, tossing cars into buildings, and outright destruction of buildings through simply bringing its arms down from rooftops straight to their foundations. We pan down to the DX Mark 10, which slowly arrives at the scene, parking nicely at the side of the road. Ben alone emerges from it, and upon seeing the minion before him, he immediately enters his battle mode. He transforms into Diamondhead.]

[Mere moments later, we find Diamondhead walking away from the Computron minion, who is paralyzed. As Diamondhead walks away, an explosion breaks out from the minion due to several diamond shards that had pierced the robot's armor and forced self-destruction. Smoke engulfs the area, with Diamondhead breathing it in and coughing it back out. He clears the smoke a bit by shooting shards through assorted areas at an alarming rate. He yawns as he looks up into the night sky. He heads back to his car with Mosquito dropping from the skies behind him. Diamondhead averts his attention to the being whom he'd never seen before.]

Mosquito (past): Are you the alien shapeshifter of legend, the one who triumphed over the Highbreed, Ben Tennyson?
Diamondhead (steps over to his car): Uhh...yeah. What, are you here to give me a trophy? I haven't gotten one in the quite the while.
Mosquito: That is not the reason behind my presence.
Diamondhead (reaching his car): You want an autograph, right? Reverts to human and begins to unlock his car door. Mosquito slides over to the car, standing by the front of it as Ben opens his door. Having only barely opened the door, though, Mosquito shuts it tight.
Ben: Hey, what's your deal? You're not going to get an autograph out of me if this is what you're going to do to me.
Mosquito: I don't want an autograph.
Ben: A picture, alright, whatever. You're still not getting i--
Mosquito: I don't want a photograph.
Ben: Alright, then what are you doing here?
Mosquito: My name is Mosquito.
Ben: That's...nice. Mine's Ben, and I'd like to get into my car. Attempts to open his door but fails again. Dude, could you please get off my car?
Mosquito: I'd like be miiiine, Tennyson. His stinger, which proves to be as flexible as that of a scorpion's, becomes visible over his head.
Ben (sweating, smiling awkwardly): So, err, what about that autograph?
Mosquito: No, you can keep it. I want you--no, your body, (his tail extends to come very closer to Ben's face) as a trophy.

Mosquito swings his tail down on Ben, but he manages to dodge the attack through jumping for cover behind his car. As Mosquito walks around the corner, Ben transforms into Four Arms, who grabs and spins Mosquito by his tail. He then releases Mosquito, letting him fall dizzily on the back on the ground. Four Arms pounds Mosquito into the ground.

Four Arms: Keep away from my car, buddy. He attempts to return to his car door, but Mosquito proceeds to get back up, albeit writhing in great pain. You want some more? Really? I mean, I'm pretty tired, and you look pretty beat up, man. If you go right now, I won't call the Plumbers--unless you want to go one of their hospitals.
Gwen (message over Omnitrix intercom): Ben, Azmuth wants to see us. It may be about what happened on Perplexahedron.
Four Arms: Err, can't you just tell 'em it wasn't our faults that Aggregor got that piece of the Map?
Gwen: He says it's urgent. In case you didn't remember, Aggregor has the last piece of the Map now.
Four Arms: Ugh, you're right. Can't a hero just get a break, though. Transforms into Cannonbolt.
Cannonbolt: Alright, guy, you have a decision to make. Do some time or walk away free. Mosquito swings at Cannonbolt in spite of the amount of pain he's dealing with. Some guys just never know when to back down. Cannonbolt hops onto Mosquito's body, crushing him on the ground by continuing to roll in place. He eventually hops off of Mosquito unrolled. He taps the Omnitrix with the tip of one his fingers. The Plumbers have been called, and now I have to go. Opens his car door, reverts to human, and gets in his car, speeding away down the Downtown Bellwood streets.

[We return from the flashback to the abandoned site in the Null Void where Mosquito tells the story of his defeat under Ben Tennyson to his fellow escapees--Bandit, Overwatch, and Harry.]

Mosquito (present): So he would defeat me every time I'd have a chance to beat him.

[We now observe several scenes of Mosquito being defeated in different environments: Ripjaws smacking Mosquito away with his fin underwater; Upchuck in front of Mr. Smoothy's with a full stomach mid-regurgitation of a beam at Mosquito; and Ghostfreak's wide-open chest revealing the freakish innards of his body to Mosquito, as well as his partner Zombozo in the background, both blinded by the frightening sight. Our view returns to present Mosquito in the Null Void.]

Bandit: What's your point? I thought you said you nearly beat him. So far you haven't gotten close.
Mosquito: That's where the story gets good, because that's when I met my new master.
Bandit: A "master"? You trying to make fun of my kind now, too?
Mosquito: Apologies, but no, please, allow me to move on, Bandit.

[We are in the middle of a desert where Ben lay asleep on his back atop a pile of metal. In the distance, watching from just below the peak of a hill, is Mosquito with goggles directed at Ben. Thanks to his natural abilities, he is laying invisible on his stomach.]

Mosquito (past): Time to make my move.

Mosquito puts his goggles down and attempts to get up and fly over to Ben, but he is held back by another being. Mosquito loses his invisibility as he looks at the very visible broad-shouldered, tall alien with the enlarged head of a fly that had kept him from running after Ben.

[The story-telling Mosquito of the present narrates for a single line.]

Mosquito (present): And so he introduced himself.

[We return to the flashback.]

Broad-Shouldered Alien: You do not want to go forward with that plan.
Mosquito (past): Oh yeah? Why n--? Soaring over the two's head is Jetray, completely disregarding his surroundings and focusing only on the travel to his destination. H-how did you know?
Broad-Shouldered Alien: I've dealt with the Tennyson boy before. I'm an aging adversary as it is, doomed to die shortly. Without a child, I want my secrets to be passed down.
Mosquito: What kind of secrets? Do they pertain to Tennyson?
Broad-Shouldered Alien: Indeed.
Mosquito: Then I'm in.
Broad-Shouldered Alien: So what is your name, young one?
Mosquito: Mosquito. Yours?
Broad-Shouldered Alien: I've been referred to by many names in the past, but for the current situation at hand, call me 'Master Destroyer'.

[We return to the site in the Null Void, where Mosquito is attempting to continue the story but is unable to when he realizes his listeners' focus is now only on something behind him. Strong winds begin to blow in everyone's direction, most notably affecting Harry's black hair, ruffling them as well as Bandit's papery skin. Mosquito turns around to find a Plumber ship sitting above them.]

Mosquito: Oh, no. Overwatch!

Overwatch, restored from his petrified state by Mosquito's addressing him, shakes his head, begins to hover over the ground and forms a portal while the Plumber ship is slowly opening to allow the dwelling Plumbers to flood to them.

Overwatch: Everybody, in as fast as you can!

Harry and Bandit resume their normal states as well, getting to their feet. Bandit and Overwatch rush into the portal while Mosquito and Bandit stay at the scene.

Bandit: Go, Mosquito! I can hold open a shield for you so you don't get hurt. His skin uncovers his power source, a gem that is made of mana. Through it, he projects a hexagonal mana shield before him, Mosquito, and the portal. Go, and I'll head in after you!

Mosquito walks into the portal, sitting beside Overwatch and Harry in anticipation of Bandit following them to the portal's exit. When Bandit closes his shield and turns around to head into the portal, he is blasted and effectively paralyzed. The Plumber ship is opened and ready to let Plumbers out. Overwatch begins to slowly close the portal as Mosquito drags Bandit's body inside over his shoulder. The first and only Plumber exits from the Plumber ship. They are not a mere human, but rather a Kineceleran. It is none other than Karin Frikton rushing at super speeds. Overwatch closes the portal at a faster and faster rate, until finally, with Karin just in front of where it had been, nearly having her foot taken in the portal without her, the portal is closed. While Karin should droop her head after the loss of the escapees yet again, she removes her badge from her pocket, revealing sets of coordinates in the Null Void.

[We are inside the Plumber ship, which is closed and ready to fly back off into the endless dimension known as the Null Void. Karin enters the cockpit with her badge out before her fellow Plumbers. She puts it on their dashboard.]

Plumber #1: What's this?
Karin: Cooper, what else could it possibly be?
Plumber #1: So you stuck them?
Karin: The Thep Khufan, yes. They managed to get away, but these are their coordinates. We'll find them as soon as you two get this thing back in gear.
Cooper/Plumber #1: Of course, Karin.

[We watch from the abandoned site, the Plumber ship blasting off at extreme speeds, becoming almost nonexistent in regards to their size from this view in no more than a couple of seconds. Meanwhile, the now re-abandoned site begins to shake. Cracks appear from the center of it as it begins to crumble from the weight it had just experienced holding. Bits of the rock fall from its position and begin to float through the endless space of the Null Void.]


Part III

[We open inside a shipwrecked steel vessel in the Null Void Mosquito with Bandit slumped over his shoulder, Harry, and Overwatch are roaming. Harry, while using his human form, battles large arachnid-type aliens with similar powers to Loboans--sonic screams--by splitting his face practically in two to create sonic scream-capable openings on him. With his powers, he destroys the arachnid-type Screechers. Harry finds a small room with a functioning entrance. He leads the team inside, pulls the door shut using the strength he obtains from briefly transforming his arms and hands into his Loboan body's, and seats himself in the middle of the room. He motions Mosquito to drop Bandit's body carefully in the corner, leaving Overwatch and Mosquito to sit adjacent to him.]

Mosquito: What are we doing in here?
Harry: It's a better place than any to wake Bandit back up. His eyes flash purple.
Mosquito: Your eyes...
Harry: I--I sensed something. In a matter of seconds, he enters his full Loboan form. He faces Bandit's body while standing on all fours. Move to the side, you guys.
Mosquito: What are you doing?
Harry: Move, Mosquito.

Despite the level of skepticism in him, Mosquito moves into another corner of the room with Overwatch, observing as Harry uses a sonic blast on Bandit, reducing him to a pile of his paper skin. Harry reverts to his human form.

Harry: There, he's fixed.
Mosquito: FIXED?!
Harry: Yes. Those Plumbers paralyzed him, but not by normal means. They tagged him, meaning they were tracking us. There's no way of telling how long we have until they track us to here, but until then, you should--
Mosquito: HE'S IN A PILE, HARRY!
Harry: He's fine, or did you forget that Thep Khufans can do that?

Bandit can be heard mumbling through his papery skin for a bit. He stops, making an audible "Oh", then reshaping his pile of paper into his mummy-like humanoid form.

Bandit: Don't ever do that again.
Harry: Apologies, but it was the only way I saw fit to remove your tag.
Bandit: I realize that. Don't ever do that again.
Harry: Alright.
Mosquito: Alright, so maybe he is fine...
Harry: Which means you owe me something, and I want you to pay up now. Continue your story.
Mosquito: With the Plumbers on us?
Overwatch, Harry, and Bandit (in unison): Yes.
Bandit: I mean, err, if you want to, I guess.
Harry: Ooh, Bandit coming out of his emotion-free shell.
Bandit: I believe the term is "emotionless", and if I were that, you would be dealing with an entirely different, and far more imbecile, form of myself. Now, Mosquito, if you don't mind...
Mosquito: Of course. After months of training with Master Destroyer, he finally told me I was ready, that I could finally take on Tennyson. I felt accomplished; I knew I was ready for a span of time, but now I had all the proof I needed.

[We resume our place in the cockpit of the Plumber ship in the Null Void containing Cooper Daniels, Karin Frikton, and one other Plumber. Karin is leaning over the dashboard just next to the unnamed third Plumber, staring out the windshield as Cooper and the Plumber fly the ship when her badge's tracking system hologram disappears. She fails to realize this for a minute, but after skimming the badge for a second, she realizes the missing hologram. She slams her fist on the dashboard.]

Karin: Stop the ship, right now.

The ship's lightspeed travel comes to an abrupt stop.

Cooper: What is it, Kar--He realizes the missing tracking hologram. Oh, no.
Unnamed Plumber: What, forget to charge your badge last night, Karin?
Karin: You think this is a joke, Magister?
Unnamed Plumber: I don't, but a joke can lighten up anyone's mood if they let it.
Karin: Let's see how a joke lightens up Magister Tennyson's mood when we come back empty-handed.
Unnamed Plumber: What a buzzkill, right, Cooper?
Cooper: Err, I'm with Karin on this one; this isn't good. What happened to the tracker?
Karin: They obviously realized we were tracking them and dealt with the tag.
Cooper: So how are we going to get to them?
Karin: our badges have some form of accessible memory, so I can look back on the logs, maybe see the coordinates I was tracking?
Unnamed Plumber: It does, but you can't get just get through it. With Plumbers' badges being stolen like crazy, you need several levels of identification that require about a half-hour to get through.
Karin: We don't have about a half-hour. They could be on their way to Amevo right now, looking for another one of those portal makers to get them out of the Null Void. We need alternative means of getting through the identification.
Unnamed Plumber: That was just what I was hoping you'd say. What would you say to me getting us through in only a couple of minutes?
Karin: What would you say if I asked you if this required hacking?
Unnamed Plumber: I'd say yes.
Karin: Then there's your answer. Get to work, Magister.
Unnamed Plumber: Oh, I'm not the one hacking it.
Karin: We don't have time to play games or find another Plumber.
Unnamed Plumber: No, no, Cooper's the one doing it.
Cooper: Me?! Why me?!
Karin: Cooper, you're right!
Cooper: Again, why me?!
Unnamed Plumber: Why not? You're a technopath; you could probably even break that thing in a few seconds.
Cooper: What are the risks?
Unnamed Plumber: Nothing, so long as you disable its wireless connections before you begin cutting it open.
Cooper: Alright...His eyes glow blue as Karin's Omnitrix symbol floats over to Cooper's face, taking itself apart and presenting the pieces in their smallest forms to Cooper.

[Our view is brought to the past, where Mosquito's flashback resumes. Ben lay in his bedroom, watching a new episode of Sumo Slammers late at night with a popcorn bowl at the ready when he is disturbed by the humming of his phone vibrating across his nearby desk. Refusing to take his eyes off of the TV, he reaches for his phone with one hand, keeping nearly all of his focus on Sumo Slammers. Soon enough, a commercial break is reached and Ben rushes to put his popcorn bowl to the side so as to grab his phone. He picks up the call to hear none other than Mosquito's not-too-familiar voice.]

Mosquito (past; over the phone): Hello, Ben Tennyson.
Ben: Hey, who's this?
Mosquito: You don't remember me? I'm hurt, truly.
Ben: Yeah, you're hurt, hurry this up, I'm pretty sure they're about to come back from commercials.
Mosquito: I don't think our last fight served enough justice. I wasn't ready yet, but now I am, after so much training, one could argue I'm even better than you.
Ben: That's great, could we talk more after this is over?
Mosquito: No, I'd prefer it if our battle took place now, or else the ones who bore you will meet the fate you will have.
Ben: What do you mean "the ones who bore me"?
Mosquito: What's a more common term...ahh, your "parents"; they shall meet the fate you'll--
Ben: Unless you're down the hall sipping tea with them, you don't even have my parents.
Mosquito: Check again, Tennyson.

In spite of Sumo Slammers still running in the background, Ben rushes out of his arm and down the narrow hallway to the living room. As he leaves, Sumo Slammers returns from its commercial break.

[The living room is barren. The front door has been smashed down, leaving many outside taking pictures of the wreckage.]

Ben: I really need to pay more attention to my surroundings when I'm watching TV.
Mosquito: You really should.
Ben: Mosquito, where are my parents?
Mosquito: We're at your secondary school, just enjoying a talk in the principle's office.

Ben drops the phone, entirely forgetting about ending the call. He transforms into Four Arms to put the front door back in place, then into XLR8 to race down the streets to his high school.

[XLR8 arrives at his high school, but when he attempts to slam through the front doors expecting them to be unlocked, he finds that they are tightly shut. He turns around and analyzes his surroundings with utmost attention. His visor slides over his face.]

XLR8: Come out, come out, Mosquito. I'm not going to fall for tricks like this.
Mosquito's Voice: It appears that you already have, Tennyson.
XLR8: Where the--

XLR8's Omnitrix's hourglass begins to glow purple, a tidbit XLR8 takes a moment to realize.

XLR8: What the...
Mosquito's Voice: Surprise...

XLR8 is suddenly teleported from his location to another, inside a dark warehouse where a small area is lit. This area features his parents, tied up hanging over a pool filled to the brim with an unknown substance as well as octopus-like aliens. Mosquito steps into the light.

XLR8: What's in that pool?
Mosquito: That's none of your business.
XLR8: Alright, then I'll ask something that must be my business: why are you doing this?
Mosquito: I've told you before, Tennyson; I want you as a trophy.
XLR8: And what makes you think--(transforms into Four Arms)
Four Arms: That you'll be getting me.
Mosquito: Because my master says I am ready to take you on.
Four Arms: I don't know who your master is--
Mosquito: And that's good, because that's none of your business.
Four Arms: What a surprise. Regardless, I don't care who he is, but I do know that whoever he is, he hasn't defeated me. There's only one person that's been able to beat me, and that's Ghostfreak.
Mosquito: He hasn't beaten you because he's been plotting, and he's also been very sick due to old age. But thanks to you, he shall be reborn.
Four Arms: So Ghostfreak is your master...How'd you manage to bring him back to life?
Mosquito: I don't know who this "Ghostfreak" is, but I don't think so.
Four Arms: Grr...(taps his Omnitrix symbol and begins relaying a message) I need hel--Mosquito whips Four Arms across the room with his tail, smacking him into the wall. Carl and Sandra simply watch, attempting to scream through the braces covering their mouths.
Four Arms (getting up off the ground): Mom and Dad!
Mosquito: The ones who bore you--your parents--seem to be fairly important to you. You can't give your all without a suffering a lost, now can you? His stretches his tail over to Sandra and sucks all the blood out of her, leaving a shriveled up form in her place. He does the same for Carl. Mmm, what a great appetizer. Now for the main course.
Four Arms: I thought you said you wanted me as a trophy.
Mosquito: I do, but I can suck the blood out of any of your transformations, reverting you to human. I'll subsequently suck all the power out of your aliens, until they are all lost, and finally you will remain.
Four Arms: I'm gonna guess your master's Animo, then, since only he could pass on the knowledge of telling your whole plan to whomever you're fighting.
Mosquito: Wrong answer. Mosquito's attempts to whip Four Arms once more, but he reverts to human and slips into a confined space in an unlit portion of the warehouse. Mosquito is left searching the area for Ben.
Ben (sitting in a tight space, speaking over intercom into his Omnitrix): I'm going to need some help right away.
Unnamed Alien (over intercom): I'm on it, Ben-Ben Tennyson.
Ben: And hurry it up, please.
Unnamed Alien: Of course.

Mosquito finally finds Ben's hiding place. Just before smacking his tail down on Ben, Mosquito is blasted in the back with three sharp objects. He turns around to find a Highbreed standing before him. Behind him, the green glow and the transformation sound accompanying the activation of the Omnitrix by Ben ignites. Mosquito averts his attention once more, turning around to where Ben had been hiding to find nothing in its place. He turns back around, scared, to find the Highbreed even closer to him than before.

Mosquito: A...High...breed...
Highbreed: Yes, and I believe you are doing harm to a fellow comrade.
Mosquito: Tennyson is your "fellow comrade"?
Highbreed: Yes, (bends over and comes close to Mosquito's face) do you have a problem with that?
Mosquito: Err, no.
Highbreed: Good, then submit to the Xenocytes.

The Highbreed removes a Xenocyte from behind him and places it on Mosquito's head. Before long, the Xenocyte encompasses most of Mosquito's body but just before completing the transformation, the Xenocyte is entirely destroyed by a blast from an outside source. As Mosquito falls onto the ground unconscious, the source of the blast becomes evident, with Benvicktor standing off to the Highbreed's side.

Benvicktor: We only had to take him down, not turn him into a DNAlien.
Highbreed: Old habits never die, Ben-Ben Tennyson.
Benvicktor: I guess, Reiny. Where's the backup?
Reinrassic III/Highbreed: What backup?
Benvicktor: The backup I asked for when I called you? Please don't tell me you came alone.
Reinrassic: You asked for help; I assumed the Highbreed Supreme himself would be sufficient.
Benvicktor: Well, yeah, but...are you sure that you brought no one?
Reinrassic: Apologies.
Benvicktor (sighing): Whatever. We can do this alone.
Reinrassic: Do what? Your adversary has been neutralized. Are there more?
Benvicktor: Just one, this guy's master. I'm guessing he was introducing him, but he hasn't come out yet.
Reinrassic: Do you wield Vulpimancer DNA? Maybe with one of them, we may seek out this "master" of his.
Benvicktor: Yeah, you're right, I do. Let's get my parents untied, and after you get them a safe distance from here with Mosquito, I'll start searching.
Reinrassic: Your parents? Benvicktor points to the wrinkly paper-thin bodies of Carl and Sandra seated in the chairs behind them. Oh my.
Benvicktor: Mosquito sucked the blood out of 'em, and I think their bones, too. I think I can make them better as soon as we get their blood back and I transform into Anos.
Reinrassic: "Anos"?
Benvicktor: My Anodite transformation.
Reinrassic: There is much to explain, I see. Let us commence with your plan and you can explain more later.

Benvicktor nods. The two rush over to Carl and Sandra and slowly pull their ropes they're bound to their chairs by down to the floor, being careful not to pull the lightweight bodies with them. They then begin to slowly lift the thin bodies up, Benvicktor lifting Carl and Reinrassic lifting Sandra. Having lifted Sandra only a few inches off the chair, Reinrassic is blasted, dropping Sandra's body, which falls much like paper would. Reinrassic stands still, though, realizing he isn't hurt. Benvicktor relieves his father, reseating him in his chair, looking into the darkness where the blast continues to be shot at Reinrassic from.

Benvicktor: Well, well, I'd have to say that whoever's back there must be Mosquito's master.
Master Destroyer's Voice: Aren't you a little detective? Reinrassic's body begins to glow blue and also becoming paperthin, he is sucked into the darkness through Destroyer's blast. Master Destroyer steps out of the shadow.
Benvicktor: Clancy...
Clancy/Master Destroyer: Correct. The blue skin across his muscular body topped with the head of a fly begins to adopt the white color of Reinrassic's skin, completed only by black markings on his wrists and lower arms. His Higbreed stomach becomes visible, and his head decks off the transformation with black horns stretching from his eyebrows off of his head. Ahh, what a wonderful, more powerful form.

Albeit weak, Mosquito is able to regain consciousness, but only barely. He looks up at Master Destroyer in his new form.

Mosquito (weakly): W-what's going on? Master, this isn't part of the plan. Did--did I read the plan wrong?
Clancy: No, boy; you read the wrong plan, the one in which you actually succeeded in. This is my plan, the one where I am the one who comes out triumphant. Now, what are the weak points of the Uniculic species? Oh, yes. Blasts one of five claw darts off of his fingers into Mosquito's upper back, Mosquito crying out in pain from the impact. Benvicktor then tries to stop Clancy by electrocuting him, but he redirects the blast into the Omnitrix, transforming Benvicktor into Diamondhead. Number two. Blasts another claw dart into Mosquito's barely visible foot, followed by Diamondhead attempting to impale Clancy with a diamond shard, only to be foiled by Clancy's ability to absorb the shard into his body. Diamondhead then transforms into Four Arms. And finally, number three. He blasts the tip of Mosquito's tail-stinger, completely paralyzing Mosquito. And look at that, two fingers to spare. Four Arms preps to punch Clancy, but just as he begins to swing his left set of arms, Clancy blasts Four Arms in the chest with his last remaining darts--one above Four Arms' Omnitrix symbol, the other on the Omnitrix.

[From Four Arms' perspective, we collapse onto our side with Clancy watching our drowsiness escalate to unwilling slumber.]

Clancy (barely audible as Four Arms dozes off): Night, night, Tennyson.

The last sound running through Four Arms before dozing off is Clancy's endless maniacal laughter.


Part IV

[We open with Wildmutt being presented to a board of wise and elderly Galvans by Azmuth. Azmuth and Wildmutt both stand on a stage where the lights shine solely on them. With Azmuth having completed his presentation, the board of Galvans discuss among themselves their views on the presentation. After exactly ten seconds of discussion, they stop and turn back to Wildmutt and Azmuth. The spotlight is now on the board of Galvans who look to the pair on stage. The Galvan in the center, whose robe is cyan blue, speaks.]

Galvan Board Director: We have reached a verdict on your newest invention, Azmuth.
Azmuth: Whatever the verdict, I know that it is in favor of the people of the region.
Galvan Board Director: Corect. We've decided, of course, upon allowing the Vulpimancer translation pattern to enter the two required testing stages needed to be incorporated into the Board's acclaimed Universal Translator.
Azmuth: Thank you, Herbos, sincerely.
Director Herbos/Galvan Board Director: You are welcome. It's always nice to have people who aren't as arrogant as that one who used to run in here showing us all of his newest accomplishments, which, of course, later turned out to be components of your Omnitrix.

Wildmutt transforms into Ultimate Wildmutt.

Ultimate Wildmutt: You wouldn't happen to be referring to Albedo, would you? Each Galvan on the board drops their jaws. What?
Director Herbos: Azmuth, what is this--this, this, this alien?
Azmuth: It's a product of Albedo's foolishness and Ben Tennyson's need for the Omnitrix to act as as much of a weapon as possible.
Director Herbos: You mean Albedo had a hand in the creation of your latest work?
Azmuth: No, but he did in my previous one, the Ultimatrix, which in reality was never truly completed. After Albedo got a hold of the blueprints, I never had the chance to complete it myself and simply moved on to the current model: the Assault Omnitrix, which sports an--
Galvan on the Board #2 (wears pink robes): Evolutionary function?
Azmuth: Precisely, Enerica.
Enerica/Galvan on the Board #2: If it works properly, then I must say it's fabulous.
Director Herbos: I, err, partially agree. Azmuth, if ever you wish to propose this be adapted for, eh, public use...
Azmuth: I don't think I want to give the universe the option to have access to their evolved forms, sorry. But do not mistake this for disrespect, Director. I thank you for taking into consideration the translation sequences.
Director Herbos: Mmm, yes...I've seen it all in my day, now. I can now go to re--

The Omnitrix tower pops out of Ultimate Wildmutt's chest unintentionally.

Max (over Omnitrix intercom): Ben, we need you back home pronto.
Ultimate Wildmutt: I'm kinda in the middle of something right now.
Max (intercom): The issue's in the Null Void.
Ultimate Wildmutt: Are you sure this can't wait?
Max (intercom): Albedo's involved.
Ultimate Wildmutt: Alright. Transforms into Jetray.
Jetray: Guess it's time to spread out from using the classics and start going with the new guys. It was nice meeting you, but I've gotta jet.

Jetray soars into the skies above him, flying safely out of the building through an opening on the roof likely made for Galvan ships.

Director Herbos: Err, yes. As I was saying, now I can rest in peace.
Azmuth: What do you mean, Director Herbos?
Director Herbos: I'm stepping down as Director of the Board in favor of a much younger successor of whom I'm sure you've had the "pleasure" of being an acquaintance.
Azmuth: The emphasis on the word "pleasure"? Why? Is your successor Albedo?
Director Herbos: No, no. He would be a reckless leader of the Galvans. We need someone who's sure to lead, someone who won't abandon her people. Someone who's shown that she can manage a crowd, who's been on the field like anyone else. She's about your age, and while she couldn't be here in person, I thought you could meet her via a holographic call.

A full-body hologram featuring a female Galvan in white robes appears over the table the Board is seated at.

Azmuth (gasping): Zennith.
Zennith: It's nice to see you again, Azmuth. I wish I could've been there for you to congratulate me, and so I could have been in the presence of Ben Tennyson, the one you get to be around ever so often for just having invented the very thing he's known for.
Azmuth: I do not wish to speak to you, Director.
Director Herbos: You'll treat your new Director with respect, Azmuth, just as you would any other director.
Azmuth: I don't believe she has been sworn in yet, as this would be a broadcasted event. As far as I'm concerned, no such event has occurred. When she's the true Director, I'll speak with her, but for now...
Enerica: Azmuth, please.
Director Herbos: No, he is right. He does not have to treat the regular Galvan Zennith presently is with some higher-ranking respect.
Azmuth: I'm pleased you agree since I must be on my way now.
Zennith: Azmuth, can we please just have a moment to--
Azmuth: Please contact me when or if my assistance is needed in the Vulpimancer translation sequence to Universal Translator implementation.

Azmuth pulls out a small white remote with a single plain blue button in the center of it and two green bulbs sticking out of the top. With the push of the blue button, he is teleported away from the area. The full-body hologram of Zennith that had previously faced Azmuth position on the stage turns around to face the Board.

Zennith: Are you sure it was in your best intention to reintroduce us like this?
Director Herbos: I felt it was. But as you can see, you two are not meant for each other. He no longer seeks your love, your caring. He hasn't in over a millenium, yet you still love him. Why can you not simply let her go?
Zennith: I can't for the same reason you can't let go of Mom.
Enerica: Wait, your successor is your daughter, Director?
Director Herbos: Yes, Zennith is my female offspring...the egg of my beloved.
Zennith: I have to be on my way. I have to prove myself as Director, so I must prepare my speech and ready the public. Her hologram fades to blue dust spreading across the room.

[With Herbos left to contemplate his resignation, our attention moves back a year to where our flashback had left off. In the large warehouse, we now watch from Mosquito's perspective, where we are paralyzed but are able to perfectly see and remember the events that unravel before us, starting with the appearance of a large platform rising out of the ground at the end of the warehouse. A large and wide transparent tube stretches from the roof of the warehouse straight down through the platform and into the ground. Clancy appears on the platform, just to the right of our field of view. He becomes completely apparent, walking to our left of the platform. He throws down a small black box which quickly transforms into a large high-tech control panel sporting an assortment of buttons in different colors featuring even the rare neon glow or flash. After pressing a few buttons, a small circular hole appears at the front of the tube. Flying through the tube and stopping with his Omnitrix symbol slightly sticking out of the tube through the hole is an unconscious Four Arms. With Four Arms' Omnitrix protruding out of the tube, Clancy pulls a long grappling device out from a cabinet in the control panel and latches it onto Four Arms' Omnitrix. After a large amount of a green fluid is drawn from the Omnitrix into the control panel, Clancy begins his fiddling with the Omnitrix's controls. First, he accidentally changes Four Arms' uniform from two golden sashes and black pants to his ten year old self's. He quickly reverts this, and then with the press of another set of buttons, unintentionally reverts Ben to Diamondhead.]

Clancy: Ahh, yes. I can just cycle the boy through his most recent transformations until I find the never-used form accompanying my own species' scan. He begins cycling, changing Diamondhead into Benvicktor, followed by XLR8, Ripjaws, Upchuck, Cannonbolt, and Jetray, until he finally stops, bored after a short search for the transformation. At this rate, I will not finish before I perish in the vicinity, and there's nothing that says my species has even been unlocked. I'm going to need some outside assistance, Viktor.

A creature with pale skin steps onto the platform from the right of our field view. Two large coals stick out of his back, placed just inches away from each other. A scar runs down his six pack-sporting stomach from his chest. He bears no hair and dons a brown belt, black pants, black shoes, and fingerless black gloves on his large hands. One of the two eyes on his face is much larger than the other, human eye. He walks up to Jetray's body, ripping off the device latched onto his Omnitrix symbol. He pulls Clancy over to him and runs his finger around the rim of the Omnitrix symbol, popping Jetray's Omnitrix tower out with green circular lights on the rim of the Omnitrix.

Clancy: I find your inheritance of the memories of whomever last held onto that body to be fascinating.
King Viktor: Thank you.
Clancy: Now, what exactly are you doing there?
King Viktor: Override mode. It's normally activated by voice command, but this is the only way to activate it by an external source without causing any feedback to come into play.
Clancy: Intriguing. What is the purpose of entering this "override mode"?
King Viktor: It's defaulted to not scan for samples automatically, rather waiting for the user--Ben Tennyson--to activate Scan Mode while the transformation feature is not in use. I presume this was done so he doesn't end up getting samples of some of the scum of the universe while he's on his intergalactic excursions.
Clancy (whispering, to himself): If he's trying to avoid scum, then he better remove the human DNA.
King Viktor: You should note that I have impeccable hearing capacity. Speaking under your breath will not save you.
Clancy: Please do not hurt--
King Viktor: I have no reason to hurt you. In case you had not noticed, I am not human, at least, not anymore. I am a Transylian, as is the classification for the body I currently control. I agree with your view on the humans as well, but it's no reason to discriminate. After pressing a few select spots on the hourglass of the Omnitrix symbol, he pushes down lightly on it so as to not revert Jetray to human. Upon the tower's closing, the green lights disappear and the hourglass's color becomes yellow. There, now just stand there and it should scan you, seeing as you're the nearest thing that's not in the active playlist.
Clancy (the Omnitrix's yellow scanning bar raising from his legs to his head as he speaks): Yes, the Transylian is in the watch's active sample...
King Viktor: Do not blame me for that; that is the fault of the last inhabitant of this body, whom I should note is slowly taking over my consciousness. It won't be long before I've completely lost control of this body, and Xarion will be no more.
Clancy: That's great. The Omnitrix's hourglass reverts to its natural green color, its holographic scanning bar receding into the symbol on Jetray's chest. Is it ready?
King Viktor: I would assume so. He smacks the Omnitrix with the side of his right fist, transforming Jetray into Bugbite who appears as the broad-shouldered, blue-skinned alien with the head of a fly. His black and white striped uniform is now a sleeveless green shirt, and short black pants, with no shoes covering his two-toed feet. The Omnitrix lay on his chest. Here you go, Clancy.
Clancy: I prefer Master Destroyer. Clancy shall be my child's name, the name of the reborn me.
King Viktor: Whatever.
Clancy: So how will this work?
King Viktor: Simple. He walks over to Clancy's control panel and opens up a cabinet in which assorted weapons and pieces of technology are contained. He pulls out a large cylindrical object made out of metal. What is this?
Clancy: Stomach Pump; it rips anything out of one or many of the stomachs of any being.
King Viktor: Perfect.
Clancy: We need to get a reborn me in him; how is a stomach pump going to help?
King Viktor: A little bit of rewiring will show you how useful this pump can be. He pulls out one side of the pump, making all of the objects' innards visible. He twists and turns wires in all sorts of ways for a few minutes until the one side of the object that's still properly screwed on begins to glow blue. He replaces the other side on the object and sticks it onto Bugbite's Omnitrix. Let's hope that this thing ignores the Omnitrix and goes straight into his stomach.
Clancy: "Let's hope"? What happened to the perfect plan you had?
King Viktor: Recycled it; there was no telling what form of improvisation would've been needed so the use of all available resources for this part of the plan seemed necessary.
Clancy: I see...Well, get to it; I can feel my energy waning already. There is no telling how much time remains...

King Viktor removes the rewired stomach pump from Bugbite's chest, revealing an orange hourglass on the Omnitrix, as well as the return of the glowing lights on the Omnitrix's rim which also take on an orange color. King Viktor then rips a section of the tube keeping Bugbite from causing any harm, then removes Bugbite's body from the tube, tossing the unconscious body on the floor on his back.

King Viktor: There's nothing even preventing the user from going into labor, so the sample has entered the early stages of reproduction. I can accelerate this, (pops a syringe out of many pockets on his belt) but I'll need a blood sample.
Clancy: Anything to get me out of this weak form. He pulls up his striped sleeve, allowing Viktor to stick the syringe into his arm almost painlessly. Viktor then sticks the needle into Bugbite's stomach, augmenting it substantially in a matter of a few seconds. The child is ready?
King Viktor: The child is ready.
Clancy: It's unfortunate that all Dipterath mothers are forced to perish upon delivery of their children.
King Viktor: Quite.
Clancy: So, we just rip the child out of him then?
King Viktor: Yes, but you're going to do it, since you get to take home the body inside, while I take with me the body of the Tennyson.
Clancy: Yeah, I guess I sh--wait, what? What do you mean *you're* taking him with you? Tennyson shall be my prize. I organized this entire plot so I could have Tennyson whether I perished or not, and I shall have him.
King Viktor: No, you're already getting a reborn life thanks to Tennyson; you should be proud. You're going to be the technical child of Ben Tennyson as well as of yourself, not to mention that now Tennyson's got a transformation that greatly resembles you.
Clancy: None of that is enough, Viktor. Now let me take the body with me.
King Viktor: I don't think that's going to happen.
Clancy (chuckling): Do you really want to start a fight over who's getting this body? I mean, you seriously don't want to see me at my full potential.
King Viktor (bending over to close up on Clancy's face): Is that an attempt at a threat?
Clancy (getting on his tippy-toes to push Viktor's face away from his own): Depends on how you interpret it, but I'd say "yeah."
King Viktor: Grr...He blasts Clancy's control panel with an electric charge.
Clancy: What are you doing?! That control panel controls a great amount of this place, including this very platform and that tube.
King Viktor: I've realized that.
Clancy: Yeah, you've realized that a moment too late.
King Viktor: No, I'd realized it before I blasted it. Now, you're going to give me the body or I'm going to take it and leave you here to die.
Clancy: What? You're going to take the body with the unborn child? You're going to sell it on the black market?
King Viktor: Brilliant idea; I think I'll do that.
Clancy (eyes beginning to glow): You'll have to get through me.
King Viktor: I'll take that as a "no" to letting this be a peaceful operation then.

Clancy throws himself at King Viktor in an attempt to control his mind through physical interaction, but King Viktor blasts Clancy as well as his control panel with yet another charge. The warehouse begins to quaver.

Clancy: What have you done?!
King Viktor: Whether it's the so-called foundation of this place or not, I'm not leaving here without two bodies--yours and Tennyson's.

Water begins to rise out of the tube, flowing slowly onto the platform then spilling onto the floor of the warehouse.

Clancy: You possess electrokinetic abilities! Why are you attempting to flood the place? You're putting yourself in the opposite of your comfort zone!
King Viktor: I can sustain myself fairly well so long as I don't use my powers.
Clancy: Doesn't a scare spark your abilities?
King Viktor: I will not share that information; you're simply attempting to exploit my shortcomings.

The water begins to flood in the room much more rapidly, touching the control panel and rendering completely unusable. Regardless, Clancy, who slips upon turning around, rushes over to the control panel attempting to activate something.

Clancy (to himself): C'mon, c'mon...
King Viktor: What a dimwitted fool! Are you expecting to kill yourself right now?
Clancy: No, I'm trying to reverse this.
King Viktor (laughing heartily): If I would've sparked some sense into you before I added water into the equation, you wouldn't be over there trying to save us in the most imbecilic way possible.

Smoke from the control panel begins to fill the area from the platform. Clancy and Viktor can be audibly heard coughing, and at just the right of the smoke, in an area yet to be filled by the gray dust, Humungousaur can be seen standing upright staring straight into the smoke. He transforms into Ultimate Humungousaur and uses his missiles to blast into the smoke, creating even more to engulf the area. It spreads over to us, covering our face and filing into our eyes. We begin to cough and cough until finally, our vulnerable body has had too much of the smoke. We pass out.

[We wake up hours later, still partially paralyzed but majorly having regained control of our body. Appearing at the left of us, towering over our bodies as we lay on our back on the ground, is Terraspin who quickly transforms into Echo Echo then into Ultimate Echo Echo. Joining him, to our right, is Reinrassic III.]

Ultimate Echo Echo: Are you awake?
Mosquito (slurred due to a small portion of his mouth being paralyzed): Yes.
Reinrassic III: You are under arrest for attempt at murder of both Ben-Ben Tennyson and myself. Do not worry about your accomplice, as he has already been dealt with.
Ultimate Echo Echo: You're also likely to go on trial for the murder of King Viktor.
Mosquito: But I haven't even been able to move this whole time.
Ultimate Echo Echo: Neither have I; I didn't even wake up till recently.
Mosquito: But you're the one who used some hulking dinosaur creature to defeat this "King Viktor" and my master.
Reinrassic III: Now he suffers paranoia; his fate should be in Highbreed jurisdiction, but knowing the ever-present bias towards all other species in the galaxy among my people, I'll leave him to the Plumbers.
Ultimate Echo Echo: For now, you will stay at a jail that's a little less brutal than the two forms of Incarcecon. You better hope you make it through that trial. He transforms into Streak and opens a portal into the Null Void where several Plumbers are waiting for Mosquito to be dropped off.
Streak: Reiny, mind lifting him in there; Streak's not exactly the strongest guy around.

Reinrassic nods in response and lifts Mosquito's partially paralyzed body through Streak's portal and into the arms of a Plumber on the other side. Before the portal closes, we hear the last of Reinrassic's and Streak's conversation.

Reinrassic: We will need to find the one called "Clancy" as soon as possible. Regardless of the bias on my home world, I want him under Highbreed jurisdiction.

Streak raises one of his hands and faces its flattened palm to the portal. Right before Mosquito's eyes, the elliptical portal shrinks to a nonexistent size.

[We now see a still scene of Mosquito sitting at a wooden table before an alien judge, with a Highbreed to the left of the judge and Ben Tennyson to his right. To Mosquito's own side is his lawyer, a Cerebrocrustacean. Farther down the line, seated a table parallel to Mosquito's own, is Gwen Tennyson who is shown to be shouting at the judge as the lawyer siding with her cousin Ben.]

Mosquito (present, narrating the still scene): And so in the following weeks, I would be tried and found guilty. Even despite the fact that he had been the one to kill this "King Viktor", something used against me several times during that trial, Ben Tennyson vouched for me, so I was merely sent to the Null Void's Incarcecon instead of the one way out in the middle of space. I wouldn't be so lucky up there; I wouldn't survive.
Overwatch: Wow, I--I had no idea that Super Ben could be so cruel.
Harry: Yeah...are you sure it was Ben that you saw? That Highbreed did say you were suffering from some bit of paranoia.
Mosquito: I'm 100% sure, Harry.
Harry: even if Master Destroyer ended up betraying you in the end, you still were stabbed in the back even more, but by the greatest superhero in the universe.
Mosquito: More like greatest *supervillain* in the univ--

Harry abruptly jumps out of his spot and up onto his two feet.

Harry: Someone's nearby...Overwatch, open a portal and check outside.

Overwatch hovers over to one wall and creates a miniscule portal fit only for his eye to peek out of.

Bandit: In spite of the fact that we're about to be sent back into our cells, I must say that you're a great storyteller, Mos'.
Mosquito: No problem.
Overwatch: Uhh, guys, you might want to look out here.

Harry shoves past Mosquito and Bandit to reach the small portal. He pokes his eye through it to observe a Kineceleran in red clothing standing right outside of the large ship. The Kineceleran finds a bat-like creature--a Null Crumbsucker--pasting together a wall at the entrance of the ship and deals a powerful blow into it. It rips apart the body of the Crumbsucker, tossing it off its rock as it falls to its doom at the bottom of the Null Void. The Kineceleran proceeds to scratch through the wall the Crumbsucker had made using its claws.

Harry: That's that Kineceleran Plumber girl from before. She's probably here to tag us all. We'll all be her playthings pretty soon.
Mosquito: No way, Harry. This ship might be falling apart, but we can get out of here. Overwatch, open up a portal to somewhere else. We can teleport across the dimension all day.
Overwatch: I don't know if I can...I have my limitations...
Mosquito: What do you mean?
Harry: She broke through the wall! She's coming inside!
Mosquito: Armor up, Harry.

Harry, still watching through Overwatch's small portal, gradually transforms into his Loboan form.

Overwatch: As I was saying, I can't keep opening up these portals every five seconds.
Mosquito: You're going to have to if you expect us to get out of here without having to deal with final penalty.
Overwatch: We're already going to face final penalty, Mosquito; we're just prolonging it.
Mosquito: 'Watch, please don't say that, man. We have to get out of here, and you're our ticket for that. We need you; you can do this.

Despite the words of encouragement, Overwatch sighs. He walks over to the back wall of the room and stretches his arms apart. He slowly opens up a circular portal to the other side of the Null Void.

Bandit: What's that sound outside?
Harry: Sounds like the Kineceleran. Removing himself from the small peephole and walking over to Overwatch. Hurry up, 'Watch; she's on her way.
Overwatch: Stop pressuring me. I've been opening portals up all day. I just want a break...just one break...

The door that Harry had made to keep them in the room starts to get punched in random places.

Harry: She's here...
Bandit: 'Watch, you hurry this up, now. I don't care how much we're pressuring you. It's open that portal up or we all suffer for it.
Mosquito: Bandit!

The Kineceleran continues to bash the door at a faster rate.

Bandit: We don't have much more time!
Harry: Dude, open the portal!

Overwatch releases his arms completely. The portal closes and he turns around.

Bandit: What are you doing?
Overwatch: I can't do this.
Mosquito: 'Watch, yes, you c--
Overwatch: Oh, stop it, Mos'. You act like you care for us, for our self-esteem, but in reality, you don't even know that one of us in this room is a girl.
Mosquito, Harry, and Bandit (in unison): WHAT?!
Harry: We all yelled but him...Overwatch, are you...are you saying that you're, err...
Overwatch: Yes, I'm a girl. As opposed to you humans, and even you Loboans, the genders of my people don't differ much physically. Mentally, though, the females don't possess as much raw power to open portals back and forth. If I had to name a sole reason why females even exist for my people, it's so we can be consider a sexually-reproducing species.
Mosquito: 'Watch, we didn't know...
Overwatch: And that's the problem. You keep pressuring me and pressuring me. I only decided to get into this escape because I want to try and get a clean slate when I get outside. I would change my name when I finally got away from the Plumbers, but it's too late now.

The door is finally broken. It falls onto the ground, nearly taking over all the space on the floor. The red Kineceleran looks into the eyes of Mosquito, Bandit, Overwatch, and Harry.

Harry: You.
Karin/Red Kineceleran: Me. Harry growls and runs on all fours after her, but she dodges him then tosses him straight into a wall. I'm not here to fight; I'm just here to come to an understanding.
Bandit: A Plumber? Come to an understanding with escapees? Does this involve us paying you corrupt people to keep us free from your control?
Karin/Red Kineceleran: A Plumber? What are you talking about?
Bandit: We're not stupid, red spot.
Karin/Red Kineceleran: You can't possibly be referring to me.
Bandit: Why not? You're the same Plumber who tagged me earlier.
Karin/Red Kineceleran: I've never seen you in person a day in my life, Thep Khufan. To prove it to you, I'll show you this.

Karin reverts from her Kineceleran form to her human one, only to reveal the negative version of Ben Tennyson--Albedo Ben. In simultaneous response, Overwatch, Mosquito, and Bandit gasp aloud.

Mosquito: Ben Tennyson. After you put me on Incarcecon for a crime you committed. Sarcastically. What a pleasure, I must say.
Albedo: You have me mistaken, Uniculic. I am not Ben Tennyson.
Mosquito: You must take us for idiots if you think we're going to believe that.
Bandit: No, Mos', he's right.
Albedo: Thank you.
Mosquito: Bandit, how could you possibly believe he's not Ben Tennyson?
Bandit: Just look at his features. From his clothing to his eye and hair color, this Tennyson is the polar opposite of the true Ben Tennyson.
Mosquito: You're lucky Bandit vouched for you; I would so remove a few of your guts if you were the real Tennyson.
Albedo: Why? Because the real Tennyson pulled off this little trick? Albedo transforms into Negative Ultimate Humungousaur.
Negative Ultimate Humungousaur: Seem a bit familiar, Mosquito?

Mosquito's eyes dilate, and the memories of Ultimate Humungousaur blowing up an area of the platform come into play like a movie. When he sees the scenes this time, though, the color of the glow following the transformation from Humungousaur to Ultimate Humungousaur is red, and the Omnitrix is missing from both aliens' chests.

Mosquito:'re the one who killed King Viktor.
Negative Ultimate Humungousaur: Precisely.
Bandit: But why do it? Just to get Mosquito in jail?
Negative Ultimate Humungousaur: No. It was so I was able to take Clancy--a Dipterath--out of the area. We needed his knowledge of Ben Tennyson.
Bandit: Who's "we"?
Negative Ultimate Humungousaur: That brings me to my next point. He transforms into Negative Obsorber and blasts rings that are large enough to surround Mosquito's and Overwatch's body. He pushes the two into the back wall leaving Bandit free to listen closely.
Negative Obsorber: Now, you see, Bandit, I work for an entire army of Thep Khufans who call themselves the Armada. High up in the ranks of this army is the Commander of the main league of the army from your home world, Thep Khufan Commander Tersce. We want to reach the ultimate goal of destroying the Earth so we can finally prove that Thep Khufans aren't the weakest species in the galaxy. With weapons and knowledge alike, we intend to prove this. But we can't do this operation without a bit of help. Everyday, we recruit new Thep Khufans, and after seeing some of your work today, I want to invite you to the Armada.
Bandit: Does it involve me getting out of the Null Void?
Negative Obsorber: Yes, we're always traveling through space in the third dimension.
Bandit: Then I'm in; anything to get out of here.
Negative Obsorber: Good...Walks over to Overwatch and absorbs her powers. He then forms a portal to the Tertiary Wing. This is where you go in.
Bandit: So you really came here just to pick me up?
Negative Obsorber: Well, we came for a little more than that. Rips off Mosquito's ring and opens another portal next to Bandit's. Mosquito, Clancy is dying due to the nature of his rebirth, and we need someone with his knowledge to get us through the rest of our operation. We'd like to invite you to be his replacement.
Mosquito: Clancy's dying?
Negative Obsorber: Indeed.
Mosquito: I have one demand.
Negative Obsorber: If it's not ridiculous, it will be met; if it is, I will call the Plumbers and have them to take you to the mainstream Incarcecon right now. Do you wish to proceed with your demand?
Mosquito: Yes. I'd like to watch Clancy die before my very eyes. After what he did, I'll never forgive him, not even help him.
Negative Obsorber: It seems like that's some fiery lust for revenge coming out of you. I like it. Your demand will be met. Because I'm feeling a bit proud of this, Bandit, do you have a demand?
Bandit: Yes. I'd like you to let my friends--Overwatch *and* Harry--let free. I want them kept away from the Plumbers at all costs. If I even hear one thing about them being found, I will leave your "Armada", since it seems like I'm some great guy to have on your team.
Negative Obsorber: Hmm...Walks over to Overwatch and tears her ring off. Alright...but they won't be on the ship with you.
Bandit: That's fine; they didn't like me and I didn't like them, anyway.
Mosquito: Suuure, Bandit.
Bandit: Let's just get this over with.

[A few minutes later, we watch as Bandit steps into his portal, Mosquito into into his, and finally, Harry and Overwatch into a third portal. As Negative Obsorber preps to close the portals, he hears footsteps around the corner.]

Negative Obsorber: Elena, is that you?

[The exact source of footsteps becomes obvious. Standing in the doorway is the glowing purple Anos.]

Negative Obsorber: Tennyson.

[Our view changes as we join the Armada. On the other side of the Null Void, Karin's ship lands at the Null Void Incarcecon to drop off the unnamed third Plumber at his station there. With the ship docked at the Plumbers' entrance, Karin asks of the Plumber one thing before he leaves.]

Karin: I didn't exactly get your name. You're a pretty resourceful Plumber who should be commended for his work. I know you're a Voluminore-Climous hybrid, but I don't know your name.
Unnamed Third Plumber: Wow. I guess I can understand why you don't know my name; I'm pretty secretive in hopes that people'll work to find that stuff out. The name's Io.
Karin: Io...That's a great name.
Io/Third Plumber: Thanks. I've got to get to my shift. If you two ever need me around, I'm always here. This mission was actually kinda fun. Hops off of the ship and lands at the entrance of the Null Void Incarcecon.
Karin (waving): Will do, Io, will do.

[We watch from Io's perspective as Karin flies off with Cooper at lightspeed into the Null Void. Io proceeds to walk into the Null Void Incarcecon, only to be met by a duplicate of himself, the real Io.]

Real Io: I cannot believe you.
Fake Io: Who are you? A copy of m--
Real Io: Don't pull that. I know who you are, Ms. Validus. If you pull anything like what you did tonight, which was quite detrimental to my status in the Plumbers, I will tell everyone your secret. I could tell everyone now, too, but I haven't blackmailed somebody in a while.

The real Io makes a gesture signifying "I've got my eyes on you" and walks to another side of the building. Meanwhile, the fake, which turns out to be Elena, transforms into a Baron form much like many other guards in the building and rushes to a bathroom. Inside, she calls the Commander, who immediately picks up.

[As Elena begins to speak, we pan over to the Tertiary Wing. We find Mosquito being brought into a small room on the ship where Clancy, who is very small and resembles a small portion of Highbreed DNA, is about to die.]

Elena (to Commander, over intercom): Commander, the mission was a success. [Mosquito walks towards the tube and watches as Clancy becomes absolutely lifeless. He ceases movement entirely as a Thep Khufan scientist removes him from the tube. Another Thep Khufan sneaks up on him from behind.] As far as I'm concerned, the Uniculic replacement and the Thep Khufan are in place. [Thep Khufan shrinks Mosquito to a portable size and pumps him into the tube Clancy had previously died in, where he regains his full size. Mosquito proceeds to pound on the walls of the tube, screaming with no sound being heard on the outside. The Thep Khufan that had imprisoned him approaches. After a red flash, he is revealed to have been Negative Benmummy, now in the human form of Albedo Ben. Albedo waves to Mosquito then turns back and walks away.]
Thep Khufan Commander (over intercom): Then we continue with procedure. Mosquito will continue to power the ship's backup systems. We're going to need them fairly soon. Dismissed.




Aliens Used

(by 17 y/o Ben)

  • Grey Matter
  • Wildmutt
  • Ultimate Wildmutt
  • Jetray
  • Anos (cameo)

(by 16 y/o Ben)

  • Diamondhead (x2)
  • Four Arms (x3)
  • Cannonbolt (x2; second time: cameo)
  • Ripjaws (x2; both times: cameo)
  • Upchuck (x2; both times: cameo)
  • Ghostfreak (cameo; first re-appearance by 16 year old Ben)
  • XLR8 (x2; second time: cameo)
  • Benvicktor (x2; second time: cameo)
  • Jetray
  • Bugbite (unconscious; original form; accidental transformation, selected by King Viktor)
  • Terraspin
  • Echo Echo (briefly)
  • Ultimate Echo Echo
  • Streak

(by Albedo)

  • Negative XLR8
  • Negative Humungousaur (cameo)
  • Negative Ultimate Humungousaur (x2; first time: cameo)
  • Negative Obsorber

Disguises Used (by Elena)

  • Io
  • Incarceron Baron


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  • This is the second episode to not feature Ben in the first part (the first being Man in the Stone Mirror).
  • This is the third episode to not feature Rath in it (the first being Limited and the second being New Girl).
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