Who is Truly Ben's Most Powerful Alien?
Season 1, Episode 5
Air date TBA
Written by Jay
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Who is Truly Ben's Most Powerful Alien? is the fifth episode of Ben 10 Theory.

This theory will debate which alien truly is the most powerful, deciding between eight different aliens:

  • Alien X
  • Atomix
  • Clockwork
  • Gravattack
  • Nanomech
  • NRG
  • Upgrade
  • Way Big

Hello, internet! Welcome to Ben 10 Theory, telling you that Humungousaur is just Four Arms but worse and that a new Ectonurite resides in Ghostfreak. You might be wondering why the writing style is different, it's because this series was revived by me, Jay!

First of all, let's check out their power sets, shown power level, weaknesses and defeats against opponents.

Alien X

It's easy to see why Alien X can be seen as extremely powerful. Celestialsapiens possess the ability to do literally anything. Alien X has done numerous feats, such as defeating the Rooters, Galactic Gladiator and even saving the universe. However, he has one fatal drawback: he needs to decide within his three personalities. If, say, Serena does not want to harm anyone, then nothing will happen.


Atomix possesses many abilities, most notably to control nuclear and explosive energy into devastating ways. He has defeated and overpowered Ultimate Humungousaur and killed Zs'Skayr. His weaknesses counter his abilities, though. First of all, he is overconfident, and will not retreat. He can also cause a complete meltdown, and will run out of energy quickly.


Clockwork possesses the ability to stop time to a limited extent, as well as age opponents to dust. He can also function without some of his parts. He revived many alternate Bens and paused Mad Ben in time. However, he is slow and very large, and his head key is a weak spot.


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