White Wedding
General Information
Species Kekkonsapien
Home World Hanayoma
Body Feminine Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Infatuation Bouquet
Calming Aura
Limited Blindness
Love Sensing
Calming Song
First Appearance TBA

White Weeding is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of an Kekkonsapien from the planet Hanayoma.


White Wedding is a tall feminine humanoid with white skin dressed in a white weeding dress. He wears a bridal veil, he has green eyes and a jagged mouth, and some green flowers are present on his veil. He has slender legs under the dress with what appears to be short heels white and green shoes. He wears white long sleeve gloves, and he always holds a green flower bouquet with a green ribbon.

He wears the Omnitrix symbol onto his left shoulder.

Powers & Abilities

Whoever catches his bouquet after he tossed it, will be infatuated depending on the sexuality.

He has a aura which can calm an entire room in a second.

His white coloration could be painful if you look at it for too much, resulting in limited blindness.

He can senses when somebody is in love with somebody else.

He can sing a song which is similar to Mendelssohn's "Wedding March".


He's not very fast due to how big his dress is.

If his dress is torn apart he'll feel horrible pain.

His love inducing powers doesn't affect lifeforms which lack sentience.


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  • His names comes from the song made by Billy Idol called White Wedding.
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