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White Path
White Path
General Information
Species Albipath
Home World Witholdugeter
Body Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Path Changing
White Hole Creation
First Appearance Unknown

White Path is a Albipath from the planet Witholdugeter in Variable X.

It is one of Evan's aliens.


White Path is a red humanoid with two fingers on each hand and no mouth. He has a path on him, and two dark orange legs. A white circle is on White Path's chest.


White Path can change where any path, road, etc. goes. This is helpful when he needs to get somewhere quickly. He can make his white circle turn red, then a white hole will appear. A white hole is an opposite of a black hole, white holes spit things out of it from a certain area. Albipaths are skilled at making white holes, as their planet was made with things that came from white holes. White Path can also change his path to be a map of any place with several paths.


With a path on him, he cannot move very fast.