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White Chocolate is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Scelerisqueterran from the planet Dulcis Lepus. He is a free-to-use alien, and exists within the Earth-216 universe, the main universe of Multiverse vs. Tennyson.


White Chocolate's appearance is represented as a 7-foot-tall humanoid with rabbit-like characteristics, including stark-white fur, a rabbit-like face complete with circular, bright-green eyes, a small, black nose, and short whiskers, long, slightly-droopy ears, a cotton-ball-shaped tail, and long, three-segmented legs, each baring a large, three-toed foot. His white fur has a sleek, almost-wet-appearing texture, while the underside of his droopy ears appear to be constantly dripping with a damp substance with an appearance and consistency akin to molten sugar. His chest, upper-back, outer-shoulders, the middle of his forearms and shins, thighs, palms, fingertips, heels, and toes, are designed with glossy, dark-brown stripes, and White Chocolate additionally bares four fingers on each hand.

White Chocolate lacks an overall outfit, but has a pair of bright-green bands around each wrist and ankle with a crinkled appearance almost resembling candy wrappers. The Omnitrix symbol is located on the top of White Chocolate's right wrist, atop the wristband covering it.

Powers and Abilities

White Chocolate's primary ability is to cause solid objects to break down at a molecular level into a semi-solid, sludge consistency through physical contact, typically through the palms or soles. White Chocolate's abilities can work on both organic and inorganic objects, can break down even objects considered to be indestructible and unbreakable, and can generally weaken any form of defense or fortitude. Broken-down objects are slimy in texture, display elastic qualities, but will tear if under too much stress, and can reflect vibrations. The longer a specific object is affected by White Chocolate's melting ability, the more liquidized their consistency becomes, to the point they lose their elastic characteristics and no different than water.

White Chocolate's anatomy is composed of a pseudo-organic, glucose-comprised substance that expresses somewhat of an immunity toward extremely-hot temperatures, as White Chocolate will not feel pain from any fire-based attacks, but his body temperature will rapidly increase if exposed to too much heat and begin bubbling, but before that, White Chocolate will not suffer any ill side-effects. White Chocolate can move within the magma of the inside of a volcano, and will feel very little to none discomfort.

The sugary substance making up his entire body is noticeably quite sticky and adhesive, allowing White Chocolate to lob globules of the sugary substances like projectiles and scale up walls just by using his hands and feet. Similar to the state of objects he breaks down, White Chocolate is capable of limited elasticity, able to stretch, phase through molecularly-melted objects due to their non-solid form, and allow White Chocolate to briefly extend and retract parts of his body, and has an immunity to any attacks that are generally sound-based, as his body can also reflect them with ease.

White Chocolate can regenerate by "absorbing" molecularly-melted objects. For example, if White Chocolate is blasted apart in an explosion and splattered across a nearby ground, White Chocolate can activate his ability and use it on small sections of the ground beneath him, eventually regenerating his entire body and leaving small craters.

White Chocolate also possesses enhanced durability, due to his resistance to vibrational attacks, enhanced agility, enhanced stamina, enhanced hearing, due to his long ears, enhanced jumping strength, due to his long legs, and additionally has the ability to briefly be able to breathe in the vacuum of space. White Chocolate also has some degree of enhanced strength, but described above, it mainly comes from his legs in the form of his jumping and kicking strength.


White Chocolate's molecular melting ability has no effect on already-liquid or gaseous substances, or very large areas, like the ground beneath where White Chocolate is standing, besides a small section.

Despite being immune to extreme heat, unable to feel pain from it and being immune to be dissolved or singed by it, White Chocolate is somewhat vulnerable to extreme bursts of heat, such as explosions, and thus, can be blown apart by them, described above.

White Chocolate is also very vulnerable, much more vulnerable, to ice-based attacks, as they can freeze his semi-solid body and cause him to break apart.

Besides being rather adhesive and easily frozen, White Chocolate's sugary projectiles do no damage, and only generally used to ensnare and slow down enemies.

White Chocolate's means of regeneration recovers a nearby solid object to be corroded and absorbed to allow White Chocolate to heal. Also, the process of regenerating extreme wounds, such as missing limbs, can typically take up to a full 40 seconds.




White Chocolate is a free-to-use alien, so feel free to use him in your own series.

  • White Chocolate is set to appear sometime in Multiverse vs. Tennyson.


  • White Chocolate is named after a type of chocolate, that as the name suggests, is not brown, but white in coloration and lacks any cocoa ingredients. The name reflects both White Chocolate's primarily-white coloration, and his candy-based appearance and abilities.
  • White Chocolate's design of a rabbit is inspired by the Easter Bunny, a folklore figure and symbol of Easter, a holiday represented namely by its candy theme.
    • Coincidentally, White Chocolate was created on April 12, 2020, the same date as Easter.
  • White Chocolate's species name of "Scelerisqueterran" is a combination between "Scelerisque" the Latin translation of both "chocolate", again referencing White Chocolate's candy-inspired gimmick, and "thermal", a reference toward White Chocolate's resistance to extremely-hot temperatures, and the species suffix of "-terran", as the species of Scelerisqueterrans are Earthly wanderers who roam the surface of their home-planet.
  • White Chocolate's planet name of "Dulcis Lepus" is a Latin translation of the words "candy" and "rabbit".
    • Delcis Lepus was originally a moon, but was changed due to a simple planet feeling more fitting for the species of Scelerisqueterrans.
  • Ben 23's nickname for White Chocolate would alternatively be "Dark Chocolate", as his version of White Chocolate would have swapped colors, instead being primarily dark-brown with white stripes.
  • White Chocolate was an unnamed fan-made alien idea the creator, WTB has had for around a year, but wasn't created until now due to an inability to come up with a good name and additional abilities.
  • White Chocolate's pseudo-organic, sugary "flesh" are entirely edible to humans, and have the taste of a mouthful of liquid sugar with the consistency of honey.
  • In the Earth-216 universe, White Chocolate's planet of Delcis Lepus exists within the same galaxy as Nemunimos IV, the home-planet of the Nemunias, the species of Ben's DNA sample, Pesky Dust.