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The White Ardor is the moon of the planet Khoru, home to the Khoruans. Its gleaming white glow beholds great power for the Khoruans, and when it is in "Full Ardor" state, it can even temporarily leave a Khoruan mutated into a werewolf-like state.

It has not been excavated by any being in the last one hundred years, as it is believed to be home to the Ardorworm, a dangerous creature bent on killing whatever ends up on the surface. The last 3 Plumbers sent up there were never heard of again, after they laid their feet on the White Ardor.


Despite the risk of being attacked by the "blood-thirsty" Ardorworm, there have been at least 6 visitors and/or inhabitants to the white pearl in the sky that stands over the planet of Khoru as a holder of power and awesomeness for the Khoruans.


  • Ardor means "a person's spirit and vigor." This is important because it gives life, spirit, and vigor to the people of Khoru (the Khoruans).
  • It used to be known as "Lunar Cedice," after the first Khoruan to venture onto the moon, Cedice, in June of 7 B.C. It would later be known as "Ardor" in 20 A.D. before being changed yet again to its current name in 1000 A.D.