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Whirlwind is a alien in the series Simien 10. He is one of Simien's aliens. He is a tornado-based alien. Whirlwind is confirmed to appear in Sem 2.10 as one of the aliens.

General Information
Species Escrocker
Home World Aimsir
Body Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Air Controlling, growing, creating tornadoes


  • Aerokinesis, controlling air
  • Changing size.
  • When he grows bigger he becomes stronger and faster.
  • Sucking stuff into his hands and shooting it back
  • In the episode "Home sweet Home", it was shown he could duplicate, though it was very hard for him to do it.


  • If his arm is put under his tornado leg, he will suck his body into himself, making himself a ring that he is stuck being in.
  • If he duplicates himself too much, he will feel alot of pain and once almost died.
Sickness powers

In the episode "Sick of Plants", Simien gets sick and turns into Whirlwind. When sick, Whirlwind gets another power:

  • When sneezing he releases alot of air making anyone in front of him fly backwards

    Whirlwind's lego version

Species and Planet

Species: Escrocker

Region: Mulinellonon

Planet: Aimsir


He is completely gray

He has only eyes on his face

His torso and legs are a tornado

Instead of legs Whirlwind has a tornado funnel (making his body and legs together a complete tornado)

His head is a spinning ball of air

His whole body is spinning constantly

Alternate versions


Psychlone is Whirlwind's ultimate (evolved) form. Psychlone has Whirlwind's powers and more. Psychlone can duplicate, absorb materials and become a tornado of it, and has telekinesis through aerokinesis. Psychlone is a evolved Escrocker from Aimsir.

Amazing Whirlwind

Amazing Whirlwind is a different evolution of Whirlwind. Amazing Whirlwind has appeared only in Sem 2.10. Amazing Whirlwind can make smaller tornados and turn both him and the mini tornados into other materials such as fire or water. He is a different evolved Escrocker from Aimsir.


Simien 10

"Double Vorkus Trouble"

"Sick of Plants" (sick version)

"Vorkus's Ghost"

"Mysteries Part 1"

"Bad to Good"

"Honey, I shrunk the Aliens"

"Secrets of the Polytrix"

"The Mega Omi Crossover"

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Sem 2.10

"The Return of Alshedo (Part 1)"

"Revenge of Vulpin"

Dark Tales of Dark Possesions (goes amazing)

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