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Where The Dimensions Fight Part 1 is the 1st episode of Season 1 of the series Kai 20: Aliens In Danger.

Where The Dimensions Fight Part 1
Season 2, Episode 1
Air date 11/07/2016
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Villainous 4
Where The Dimensions Fight Part 2


(Kai's room, he is shown in his bed.)

Kai:"This is so boring, it's been an year and nothing has happened!!!"

Kai:"I really need a hobby..."

Kai's Mom:"Honey, there is someone that is here to see you!!"

Kai:"Wonder who it is...Please be something with action."

(He runs downstairs.)

Kai:"Professor Paradox?"

Paradox:"Ah Kai.... Good to see you."

Kai:"Why are you here?"

Paradox:"Just came to make a visit."

(He goes up to Kai and whispers.)

Paradox:"Kai meet me at your room, I have something I need to tell you."

Kai:"Please be something not boring."

Paradox:"Believe me it isn't."

Kai's Mom:"Do you need privacy?"

Kai:"Yeah mom."

(Kai's mom, goes to the Kitchen and closes the door.)

Paradox:"I guess there is no need to go to your room now."

Kai:"I guess..."

Paradox:"Kai as you may or may not know there are alternate timelines and dimensions out there..."


Paradox:"And, did you knew yours is the Main one?"

Kai:"No....How does that have to do with anything? "

Paradox:"Paradox:"You know may not know Kai, there were other Timelines who were thought to be the Main Timeline before yours was discovered. In fact, 3 were found before yours they all fight to see who's the real Main Timeline Kai."

Kai:"That's dumb."

Paradox:"Let's just say, it takes a while since this universe has many timelines and Dimensions, one of them enraged to not be part of the timeline created the Alternate Timeline Tournament."

Kai:"Again, that's dumb."

Paradox:"Yeah...I guess...Anyways you need to come with me to gather a team of Kais to the tournament."

Kai:"How many members?"

Paradox:"Up to four."

Kai:"Ok then are we going or not?"

Paradox:"Why the rush?"

Kai:"I have better things to do."


Kai:"Let's just go."

Paradox:"But first..."

(Paradox stops time and opens a portal.)


(As they get into the portal, the dimension they get into is a huge coliseum is shown.)

Kai:"Aren't we gonna get the Kais first?"

Paradox:"They already are here, you just got to choose."

Kai:"Alright...Take me to them!"

(Later on a room of sorts.)

Kai:"Ok so..."

Paradox:"I got to get going, enjoy it!!"

(Paradox teleports away.)

Kai:"You got be kidding me."

Kai:"Anyways let's start."

Kai:"Ok who are yo-Oh god!"

(A Fat Kai eating a bucket of ice cream is shown.)

Fat Kai:"Hi!!"

Kai:"Ok where are you from again?"

Fat Kai:"Timeline-3."

Kai:"How...Why...Why are you so fat??"

Fat Kai:"That's offensive, tho it is coming from me I'll forgive you, I mean me."

Kai:"Anyways, what's your go-to alien?"

Fat Kai:"UpLoaded, It made me the champion of the Demon Spheres: AlphaVerse champion!"


(A Portal appears and take Fat Kai into his dimension.)


Kai:"Ok next, oh nice jacket."

(A Kai with a red jacket with the number '13' and golden stripes on it is shown.)

Kai 13:"Hi, I am you from Dimension 23."

Kai:"Ok, Ben told me about that dimension, so what's is your go-to Alien?"

Kai 13:"CrystalClear."


Kai 13:"Ya know diamond guy."

Kai:"Oh DiamondBreaker, I guess that's good, anyways how do I know more about you?"

(A random file appears out of the portal.)

Kai:"Getting weirder."

(He reads it.)

Kai:"Oh, that's a problem...So there won't be any press or cameras here...But I guess that isn't important."

Kai 13:"Why not I want them to capture my awesomeness."

Kai:"Ok you can go, just shut up."


Kai:"Ok, what the.."

(Kai 200 appears.)

Kai:"Why are you here, you aren't any alternate me."

Kai 200:"Yeah but they wanted to put me in here as well."

Kai:"Ok, then are you coming?"

Kai 200:"Sure, but I got to go to my Kid's 10th birthday in about 5 hours, so let's hurry this."

Kai:"Alrighty, last one!"

(A Kai Cyborg appears.)




Kai 13:"It's been an hour, how are we so uninteresting!!"

Kai:"I dunno."

(A Kai with a cat-eared hair-style and purple jacket is shown.)

Kai:"Ok and who are you?"

(Reads file.)

Kai:"Kai from Dimension-83...Interesting."

(Reads file even further.)

Kai:"Ok you are in!"


(They get into a huge arena with billions if not trillions of Kais watching.)

Kai 13:"We are getting an audience after all!"

Kai:"Yeah not sure about those Kais..."

(A Joker colored Kai is shown as well as a Rock-star themed one and a Zombie one)

Jokai:"Prepare to lose."

Mad Kai:"No we shall take the place as Main Kai!!"

Zombie Kai:"UHHHHH!!"

Kai*gulp*:"We are done for."

(As the teams are getting to the arena, Kai and his alternate counterparts are organizing a strategy, will they be able to win???)

(A Shadowy figure is shown.)

???:"This will be fun..."

???:"Let the games begin!!"


Noteworthy Events

Major Events

  • Kai knows about the tournament.



  • Kai Carson (Earth-1020)/Timeline 66
  • Kai Carson (Earth-1020)/Timeline 100
  • Kai Carson (Earth-1020)/Timeline 99



  • This is the first episode of the series to feature no alien.
  • Credits to CreeperDNA for helping me with checking the spelling.