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this is the first episode of the second season of jac 10 alien force

jac 10 alien force
Season 2, Episode 1
Air date 23rd may 2013
Written by jacob mason
Directed by jacob mason
Episode Guide
the end is near


when jac has to go to moratesie (chromastones planet) to defeat vilgax ben unlocks the master contrall and will have to use the aliens to destroy him.


the episodes starts as vilgax walking into a room

(vilgax) "oh man where is six six he is suposed to be here a hour ago

(drone)"sir news are that he is in prison by jac tennyson but we are finaly ready to capture asmuth

Theme song!

(sarah, walking in): why are you not fighting jac sserpant is looking for you

(jac)"allright ill go just keep peter away ill be there

(jac, transforming): gooooopp! this could get messy

(sarah)"ugghhh i hate goop hes gross

(goop)"well i did not make this watch ok so i didnt make goop (jumps out of the window to the emeny

(sserpant) jacssss you,ve camesss i have waited for this

(goop): uh well no i will defeat you and you will go to the nollvoid ok (shoots)

sserpant is defeated

(goop): well that was too easy whos up for a milkshake

later that day

(drone): lord vilgax as the call is redy we need you to call ben to kill him

(vilgax) : yes the many times ben fought me this one will be easy but if i fail i will destroy evryone wahwahwahwahwha

later jac was with sarah talking about stans death and then vilgax called

(Vilgax) "jac tennyson you have met me for the last time meet me at moratesi and fight me or ill use this ray to destroy earth and you and come alone or die waheahehhhh