Carl 10: Altermaverse
Season 1, Episode 14
Air date October 29,2012
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Caroline 10: Genderswitch
Carl 10: House of Horror I


Opening scene shows Astro fighting Dr.Frank along with Clover,Sam,Britney and Alex

Britney:And please tell me again,who is your friend(Carl)?

Sam:Long story!But Carl,in fact...he is our fan.


Clover:Ugh!My hair is all...(Astro falls on her)HEY!


Clover:What now?

Rubixo:Can you believe me?

Clover:No.Take Britney!(drags Britney on her place)

Rubixo:After all,she is the smartest!Do you believe me?


Rubixo:Okay then.(grows,shapeshifts into armor suit around Britney)

Britney:What the?

Armor builds to end

Britney:Oh,so...(runs to Dr.Frank in the suit)Here,we GO!(punches Dr.Frank in the face but suit's arm brakes)

Rubixo:Crap.Still need something good!Okay,you can exit the suit now!

Britney:How??I am in a giant suit,on top!

Rubixo:Nevermind.(starts breaking in pieces and they fall down)

Britney:(while falling to the land)WOOOOAH!!!

Rubixo rebuilds into helicopter and saves Britney

Rubixo:(lands and breakes in pieces again)Again?(reforms back)

Clover and Alex:Aaah!!(laser zaps them)

Rubixo:(jaw drop,breaks again)DARNIT!(rebuilds)

Clover:Let's get them!(attacks Sam)

Sam:Clover,get off me!

Rubixo:(jaw drop)Wait,where is Alex?(turns back and realizes that Alex is attacking him)Aaagh!

Alex:(holds Rubixo's shoulder)Going somewhere?(punches him in the face) Rubixo:That is it!(Dr.Frank stabs something in his back)Huh?(starts being destroyed)NO!(transforms back and falls on land,half-dead)Ughhh...

Sam and Britney:Carl!(they try to run to look at Carl,but Clover and Alex stops them)Crap.


Carl:(waking up from 4-houred coma)Oh,WHAT?Where is everyone?I am in a desert?(transforms)Sanderwrath!(Clover gets up from the sand)CLOVER?


Sanderwrath:(WTF face)Oh right,they turned evil!(traps Clover in his hand,which turns into a tight basket)

Clover:Let me GO!

Sanderwrath:NO!TALK!Where are Sam and Britney?

Clover:You'll never find out!

Sanderwrath:Listen,i am doing this only for your good!NOW TALK!

Clover:Nope.I won't talk!(shoots a bit water on his arm)Now what?

Sanderwrath:(his right arm turns into mud and falls on floor,but regenerates)Well,there was something i always wanted to do....(smiles,and traps Clover again)


Sanderwrath:You'll see...:3(removes Clover's boot and starts tickling her feet)NOW TALK!

Clover:(laughs)NEVER!(laughs very loud)

Sanderwrath:Yea,this may have no affect on badazzes.(stops tickling Clover and throws her down on floor)

Clover:(while stopping laughing)I will never tell you!But i could kick your butt!

Sanderwrath:(transforms)AranoHawk?Well,okay!(releases sleeping gas)He can do that?COOL!(releases more of the sleeping gas to Clover)Like it?

Clover:Oooh....(passes out)

AranoHawk:Now,lemme see.(takes out her compowder)Girly,but whatever.How do they use this thing?(opens compowder)Eh......TOO GIRLISH!(Jerry's hologram shows)

Jerry:What's the problem,Carl?May i help you?

AranoHawk:Alex and Clover turned evil!I stopped Clover,but i don't know where is Dr.Frank,Alex,Sam or Britney!I just fell in coma!

Jerry:Oh my!Wait,from which device are you calling me?

AranoHawk:(blushes and sighs)Her compowder....

Jerry:Oh.Try to locate them by using the compowder!(Jerry's hologram dissappears)

AranoHawk:Yea,and like you helped me!(trys to locate Sam,Alex and Britney)They NUCLEAR REACTOR??It still exists?Well,whatever.(catches Clover and flys off)

Scene of Sam and Britney's problem

Sam:(waking up)W-where are we?(looks around and trys to move,but realizes that they are tied up)

Britney:(also trys to move)We nuclear reactor?

Sam:Clover and Alex.They turned evil.(roof breaks)Huh?

AranoHawk shows up

Sam:Carl!Wait,what are you doing with Clover?

AranoHawk:She attacked me in the desert,so i tryed to find out where are you two.I tryed to tickle her,but it doesn't have affect on badazzes.-,-


Alex,Dr.Frank and his servants knocks the door down

AranoHawk:Back off!(releases sleeping gas to them,and they fall asleep)There we go!(unties Britney and Sam)

Sam:Oh thank you!(hugs AranoHawk)

AranoHawk:(blushes and passes out,but stands up fastly)


AranoHawk:Time to override this trash!(transforms)Rigging Yawn!(shrinks and falls into the machine,overriding it)

Britney:This will take long,right?

Rigging Yawn:(from inside)Nope!(machine tears down,he jumps out and reverts back)There!

Sam:But what with Frank and Alex?

Carl:Okay,again(transforms)AranoHawk!(makes a rope out of his hair gel and ties up Dr.Frank,his gang,Clover and Alex)Now,the WOOHP will take them in jail.

Sam:Nice job!

Carl:(reverts back)Anyone for pizza?




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