Genesis: Chronocle
Season 1, Episode 5
GCEP05 What It Takes
Air date January 3, 2015
Written by NickFusi0n
Directed by NickFusi0n
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What It Takes it the fifth episode of the first season of Genesis: Chronocle. It was released by Sci100 as a favor for the writer.


Nick struggles to find balance between his personal life and between his hero duty against an oncoming threat.


Music-icon Soundtrack - The Crisis

Previously... on Genesis: Chronocle...

[Unknown] Now that you're here...

[Splixson] Ah! Not that guy again!

[Vulk] Do you know him?

[Splixson] Duh! He's the jerk who put this thing on my neck and shot my ship down!

[Wind-Up] ...BOOM!

[The camera zooms out and shows a long-distance shot of the forest. Almost a moment later, a massive explosion occurs from where Wind-Up was standing. The scene shows the Mechamanders being blown away, some even blown apart and exploding]

[Vulk] Nick!

[Wind-Up changes back]

[Nick stands up, looking exhausted]



[He crashes into the ship, leaving a yellow trail behind him. The ship falls to the ground and crashes on a plains field. While it's falling, Thousand Arrows descends down and transforms back]

[Figure] Greetings, Nick Stone.

[Nick] Not him again! I TOLD YOU he wasn't dead!

[Figure] I'll have you know that in two weeks, I will sent an army of my Mechamanders into your precious town, and if you don't show up, I'll destroy everything. Thank you.

[The broadcast stops]

[Vulk looks at Nick]

[The camera shows a close-up of Nick, with an angry expression on his face]

Theme Song
Time... Space... two omnipotent forces. Forces that must be kept in balance at all costs, and if not... The End is still premature.

[The scene shows a close-up of the Ne-O. The camera zooms out slowly to reveal Nick's hand, followed by his entire arm, and then his whole body. The camera moves behind him and shows Aubrey and Vulk standing by his side. In front of them is a gigantic castle-like structure and the sky is a burning red color, giving the appearance of a sunset]

[It then shows a frontal split-screen shot of all of them as they all jump towards the castle as the scene freezes, showing the castle in front of them]


Created by NickFusi0n

One week and five days later...

[Nick is staying in his room and sitting on his desk. He isn't doing anything]

[Suddenly, Vulk walks up behind him]

[Vulk] Are you doing alright?

[Nick] Alright? ALRIGHT?! Remember what that guy said? He's going to attack THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW!

[Vulk] Nick, I'll have you know that we have the plumbers. They'll take care of him.

[Nick] Okay, fine. How many plumbers are in the base below Inferno Tides' forest, huh?

[Vulk] I don't know, about 70?

[Nick] SEVENTY?! He's going to send HUNDREDS of those Mechamanders and possible destroy the entire town... and I can't do anything...

[Vulk] Of course you can! You have the Ne-O don't you?

[Nick] Yes but... none of my transformations are strong enough to deal with an entire army. I mean, Thousand Arrows could possibly take them down, but he's too tricky to use...

[Vulk] And don't even think about using your Praemiumsapien form. Remember what I told you in the ship.

[Nick] I know... I know.

[Vulk] Look, the point is, we got your back. Even if you don't want it, we'll give you all the help we can.

[Nick] You don't get it. He wants ME to show up. I don't know what his problem is or what he wants with me, but I can't let others get in trouble because of my problems.

[Vulk sighs]

[Nick's phone suddenly rings]

[Nick] Ugh.. one sec.

[He picks up]

[Nick] Hey Aubrey...

[Vulk walks out of the room]

[Nick] I'm sorry we haven't talked much lately. I've had a lot on my mind going . Plus school...

[Aubrey, on the phone] Listen, I know that you can have problems, but... at least tell me what's going on.

[Nick] It's nothing you should worry-

[Aubrey] Anything that has to do with you, I worry about. When will you understand that?

[Nick sighs]

[Nick] Look... I just need... time. That's all.

[Aubrey] Remember you're not alone...

[Nick suddenly lifts his head and looks back at where Vulk was]

[He turns back around]

[Nick] I know... thank you. I'll call you back, okay?

[Aubrey] Okay.

[He hangs up]

[The scene switches to Aubrey, putting her phone down and looking a little saddened]

[Scene switches back to Nick, who also puts his phone down]

[Vulk] You could tell her, you know.

[Nick] AH!

[He turns around to see that he is back in the room again]

[Nick] What.. even heard of privacy?

[Vulk] Not really. Loboans share everything.

[Nick] Well I'm not a Loboan.

[He stands up and walks past him]

[Vulk] Nick, wait.

[Nick stops walking and turns around]

[He sighs]

[Nick] ...What is it?

[Vulk] Listen, I may not be human to understand what you're feeling for this partner of yours, but I do know what it's like to care about others.

[Nick] You don't that. You don't know ANYTHING.

[Vulk] You're wrong. I don't have to be a member of your species to see and understand that you care about this "Aubrey". If you really care about her, it's natural that you should trust her as well.

[Nick] You don't get it. You're an alien, I have NOTHING to hide from you... but... Aubrey, or just my own life in general... what will they think of me when they see that...

[He looks at the Ne-O]

[Nick] I'm a monster.

[Vulk] You're not a monster. You can become one, but you never used your powers for evil, and you never...

[Nick] Never... what?

[Vulk] Nevermind... it's not important.

[Nick] Oh great, more of that time-travel nonsense. We're here talking about trust and you won't even tell me the most of the important things you know. Like, what's this Chrono Conflict you and Skorost were talking about?

[Vulk] If I could tell you, I would, but I can't.

[Nick] You know what? This is a waste of time. I'm not even gonna ask why.

[Nick walks away and goes out of the room]

[Vulk stays still and quetly speaks]

[Vulk] Because if you knew what would happen, you wouldn't do what's right...

[Nick walks out of his house and takes his phone again, he dials up Cal]

[After a few moments he responds]

[Cal] This is Cal Binger. I am not available at the moment. If it's something important, please leave a message or if not, call me later. Thank you.

[Nick] Hey, it's Nick. Do you have time today at dawn? I need to talk to you about something.

[He puts his phone down and the scene shows him walking away]

[The scene then switches to a shot of the sunset, then Nick sitting on a bench in the park]

[Nick is staring at the sunset. Suddenly Cal walks up from the side]

[Cal] You called?

[Nick] ...Yeah.

[Cal leans on the tree next to the bench]

[Cal] So, what's up? You seem more down that usual.

[Nick] ...Yeah, I guess so...

[Cal] Did something happen with Aubrey?

[Nick] Not exactly... maybe... sort of, I can't explain it.

[Cal] Okaaaay.. and you need me because...?

[Nick] I was just gonna ask you... if everyone else depended on you but you just know that you aren't good enough... would you stand up for them?

[Cal] Woah, are you writing a poem or something?

[Nick] No no... I just need-

[Cal] Or is it the swimming competition. I thought you didn't sign up for that.

[Nick] Well... actually I did, and yeah its the swimming competition, you're right but... I just don't know what to do.

[Cal] Look, I've seen what you can do. Just because you don't believe in yourself that doesn't mean that others don't believe in you.

[Nick] How do you know that? Say, you've seen how good I am, and maybe a few others, but I mean.. EVERYONE depends on me... I'm just.. scared I will let people down. That I won't do what's right when it's the time to do the right thing...

[Cal] Well, it's true that you've let people down before when they were depending on you, and those were all your mistakes.

[Nick] Wow, thanks a lot.

[Cal] But, what's the point of making mistakes if you don't learn from them?

[Nick] Cal, that's not what I'm talking about.

[Cal] Then what ARE you talking about, dude? If you don't know yourself then why do you even bother asking me? I'm not you and I'm not a mind reader. If you're not sure of yourself and you think you will let other people down, fine, just walk away. But if everyone is depending on you, that means they expect to see a strong person who stands up for them and NOT a quitter.

[Nick looks up slowly]

[Cal] I have to go or I'll be late for dinner... see you next week.

[Cal walks away and Nick looks at the sunset then at the Ne-O]

[Cal stops walking and turns back around]

[Cal] Oh and... you're not alone.

[He then walks home]

[Nick stays still for a minute but then stands up and looks at the sunset again]

[He then walks away]

[At night, he walks in his house and sees Vulk]

[Nick] Vulk! Don't go to sleep late tonight!

[Vulk] Hey-what's the matter?

[Nick] We're going to the plumbers' base tomorrow. Gonna make a plan...

[Vulk looks at Nick, confused]

[Nick] Together.

[Vulk] Oh, so you snapped out of it, huh?

[Nick] The advice friends give is the best one there is... I'm sorry I didn't listen to you earlier.

[Vulk] That's okay. I'd be doubting myself too if I were you.

[Nick] Well, you can be sure of one thing. And it's that I'm not doubting myself anymore. I don't know how, but somehow we will stop this, all of it.

[Vulk] That's what I like to hear!

[Nick nods]

[Nick] Tomorrow, we'll set this up!

[The camera shows a shot of Nick's house. It's nighttime. It slowly transitions to the same shot but in daytime]

[Nick is in the backyard, waiting for Vulk]

[Nick] Come on, we'll be late!

[Vulk approaches and changes to his normal form]

[Nick] You ready?

[Vulk] Yeah.

[They enter the ship and it flies off]

[The next scene shows them entering Plumber Base. They exit out of the cargo door]

[Skorost approaches and greets them]

[Skorost] Greetings, Vulk and Nick. What brings you here again?

[Nick] We're here to make a plan.

[Vulk] Tomorrow, the organisation the plumbers have been tracking for weeks will finally make their move. They will send an army of Mechamanders to Inferno Tides, and they have their conditions...

[Nick] I have to show up. If I don't, they will destroy the entire town.

[Skorost] My... and what are you suggesting?

[Nick] Nothing really.

[Vulk] Wait, what?

[Nick] I don't need a huge plan or strategy. I just need backup. I'll face them alone and try to take them all out. If I fail, you guys bust out everything you have and use it against them.

[Vulk] That's it? That's your big plan?

[Nick] As I said earlier, I'm not going to put anyone in danger. If they're after me, let them come and get me. But...

[He turns around and looks at Skorost]

[Nick] I also need a favor.

[Skorost] And what may that be?

[Nick] If a huge battle breaks down, it's possible that the town is gonna be left with some damage. I'll try to avoid it anyway I can, but I don't know how it's gonna go down.

[Skorost] And you want us...?

[Nick] To evaculate everyone from Downtown to the less-crowded areas, like the park.

[Skorost] Alright, we'll take care of it.

[Vulk] And... what about your aliens? Which one are you going to use?

[Nick] Actually, I have a plan for that too, but that can wait.

[Vulk] Okay.. just one question. What do I do while the action's going on?

[Nick] I need you to be with the citizens. You can lead the other plumbers across town and after you're done evacuating, you can patrol and make sure Mechamanders don't come out of nowhere.

[Vulk] Well... if you're sure, then I got your back.

[Nick] Thanks, and I'm pretty sure.

[Skorost] My my, Stone, your strategic skills have definitely improved...

[Nick] Uhm... thanks... I guess. Oh, just one more thing! How are you guys gonna blend in with the locals while evacuating them?

[Skorost] No need to worry about that. We got a supply of ID Masks for times like these when our alien plumbers need to be around humans.

[Nick] Awesome!

[Vulk] Yes, indeed. Magister Skorost has contingency plans for everything.

[Nick] Seems fair enough.

[Suddenly a shory gremlin-like creature with a mechanic's outfit and crimson red skin runs up to Skorost]

[Creature] Magister Skorost! We got an incoming transmission?

[Vulk] There's a Planchakule in the plumber base? I'm surprised it hasn't been taken apart yet...

[Creature] HEY!

[Skorost] What is it, Bol?

[Bol turns around and and presses a button on his remote-like device. On a big monitor, the figure from before shows up]

[Nick] YOU!

[Figure] Greetings Nick Stone. I am sending this to the Plumber Base underneath Inferno Tides' forest, because I know you are there. Just in case you didn't get the picture, my army will come for you tomorrow at 7 AM. And if you're not there-

[Nick grabs the remote from Bol and shuts down the broadcast]

[Vulk] ...Are you sure about this?

[Nick] Grr... fine then. He wants 7 AM? He's got 7 AM.

[Skorost] We will provide you with the backup and evacuation. But you be careful out there okay?

[Nick] I will, thank you.

[Vulk] Shall we go back now?

[Nick] Yeah, I got someone I need to see.

[The scene switches to the ship landing, cloaked, in Nick's backyard. The next scene shows Nick walking away from the house and dialing Aubrey on his phone]

[Nick] Aubrey, it's me. Do you want to maybe.. hang out this afternoon? In the park?

[Aubrey] Uhm, let me check my schedule.

[After a few moments]

[Aubrey] Okay, is 3 PM good?

[Nick] Yeah, works for me. See you then!

[Aubrey] Okay, see you!

[She hangs up and looks a little confused]

[Nick puts his phone back in his pocket and walks towards the park]

[After a few hours]

[Nick is sitting on the same bench as yesterday. Aubrey is coming. He stands up]

[Nick] Hey!

[Aubrey] Wow, you're early...

[They hug]

[Nick] Yeah, kinda...

[Aubrey] Soo.. where do you wanna go?

[Nick] Actually, I was hoping we could talk...

[Aubrey] Really? I mean... sure!

[They both sit down at the bench]

[Aubrey] So what's the matter?

[Nick] I just wanted to apologize for avoiding you lately... I know I already said this but... I had a lot on my mind going on the past two weeks, and I just needed some time...

[Aubrey] I understand that, but... what exactly is going on?

[Nick] Well uhm... it's... the swimming competition...

[Aubrey] Oh... really?

[Nick] Yeah, I actually signed up and... had a lot of stress going on.

[Aubrey] Nick...

[He holds his hand]

[Aubrey] Thank you for telling me.

[Nick] Yeah... no problem.

[Aubrey] But... I know you're lying.

[Nick] What? No I'm not! Why would you think that?

[Aubrey] Because I know you. And by the way, I checked the competitors list yesterday at school... your name was not on there.

[Nick] But...

[Nick sighs]

[Aubrey stands up]

[Aubrey] I have to go.

[Nick] Aubrey wait!

[Aubrey] Just call me when you're ready to tell me the truth.

[She starts walking away]

[Nick stands up angrily]

Music-icon Soundtrack - Distant Memories

[Nick] You think I don't want to tell you?! You think I'm doing this for my personal gain? Trust me, I would tell you if I could, but I can't! And if you think you're the only one with problems then just forget it!

[Aubrey turns around]

[Aubrey] Oh... thanks a lot, Nick...

[She walks away]

[Aubrey] Thanks a lot...

[Nick] Aubr... ARGH!

[He angrily kicks away a pebble and sits down on the bench, holding his head in his hands]

[It's already nighttime. Nick approaches his house and walks in]

[Vulk] So... how did it go?

[Nick] I don't wanna talk about it...

[Vulk looks confused]

[Nick goes in his room, slams the door shut and locks it]

[He lies on his bed, staying still]

[He turns around, lying on his back and stares blankly at the ceiling]

[Flashbacks of him meeting Aubrey. They walk past each other in slow motion, but only Nick looks at her. Another flashback of them going out the first time, then another one of them in the cinema, laughing. The flashback then changes to when the Ne-O attaches itself to Nick's wrist. Followed by him turning into Protosect for the first time. He blasts the rogue Chronosapien with a green energy beam. The final shot shows him and Vulk speaking, before the flashback ends]

[Nick turns around and slowly falls asleep, looking saddened]

[The shot shows Nick's house, at evening. It transitions into the rising sun]

[Nick is still sleeping]

[Vulk knocks on the door]

[Vulk] Get up! Time to go, Nick!

[Nick gets up and looks out his window, then sighs]

[He unlocks the door and walks out]

[Vulk] How are you doing?

[Nick] I'm fine... let's go.

[Vulk looks confused again]

[The scene shows a shot of the Downtown street. Nick is standing there]

[He looks at the Ne-O]

[Nick] Vulk, are you guys ready?

[Vulk, in his dog form, is next to a plumber wearing an ID mask. They are evacuating the people]

[Vulk] Yeah, we got this! How much more time?

[Nick looks at his phone, it shows 6:57 AM]

[Nick] Three more minutes.

[He puts his phone back in his pocket and looks ahead]

[Nick] Then it's on.

[Vulk] Good luck.

[Skorost comes in on the line]

[Skorost] I'll have you know that Bol has engineered a device which emmits an electromagnetic pulse which will block all transmissions, so no one will see you transform.

[Nick] Thanks... well...

[Skorost] Good luck, Nick Stone.

[The communication turns off]

[Nick looks at his phone again, it's 6:59]

[Nick takes a deep breath but then looks to the side. He sees Aubrey exiting out of the door on a building]

[Nick] ...Aubrey?!

[Aubrey] ...Nick?

[He runs up to her]

[Nick] What... how? What are you doing here?!

[Aubrey] Excuse me?

[Nick] You're supposed to be evacuating with the others!

[Aubrey] Evacuating? I was over at my cousin's! What evacuation are you talking about?

[Nick] No! Look, you CAN'T be here now!

[Aubrey] What are you talking about? Are you STILL avoiding me?!

[Nick] No...

[He looks over to the side, then at her again]

[Nick] You can't be here NOW.

[Suddenly the Mechamanders approach. There are hunders of them. They start walking down the street]

[Aubrey grabs Nick's hand]

[Aubrey] What... are those things?!

[Nick] Listen... we need to get out of here! You're in danger!

[Aubrey] What are you talking about?! What are those things?!

[Nick] There's no time, we have to go!

[Aubrey] But-

[Nick] NOW!

[He grabs her hand and starts running the opposite direction. The Mechamanders chase them down. After a few minutes, they hide in a backalley between two buildings]

[Nick] We should be safe here...

[Aubrey] Safe?! Do you know what those things are?! Why are they after us?!

[Nick] They're not... after us... they're after me.

[Aubrey] What? You? If this is some kind of excuse I swear I'll-

[Unknown] NICK STONE!

[Nick looks towards the alley entrance]


[Aubrey then looks at Nick]

[Aubrey] Nick.. what is going on. What's-

[A Mechamander approaches the backalley and closes in on Nick and Aubrey]

[Nick] Oh no...

[Aubrey hides behind him]

[The Mechamander gets extremely close to them]

[Nick looks at Aubrey]

[Nick] Promise me you won't tell anyone...

[Aubrey] What are you talking about?!

[Nick then walks forward towards the Mechamander]

[Aubrey] What are you doing?!

[In slow motion, Nick raises his wrist and snaps the Ne-O. He then slams it down]

[Aubrey stares as a blue light appears]


[Aubrey stares in awe]

[Venomoeba aims his hands at the Mechamander. The Mechamander leaps at him but he shoots an acid blast at it, melting it apart. He lowers his arms and changes back to Nick]

[Nick runs up to Aubrey]

[Aubrey] Nick.. what is-

[Nick] I'm sorry, but I have no time to explain. But we have to get out of here, NOW!

[He once again grabs her hand. They run out of the alley and back onto the main street. Nick looks over to the side and sees hunders of Mechamanders approaching]

[He looks back at Aubrey]

[Nick] Aubrey, listen to me. I can't explain everything right now, but if I make it out of this, I promise I will tell you everything... I'm sorry. You have to go evacuate with the others. Downtown is a dangerous place right now.

[Aubrey] I don't know what's going on but... I'll trust you.

[Nick] Thank you.

[He hugs her briefly and stands up against the Mechamanders]

[Nick] Now go! They're mine.

[Aubrey runs towards the opposite side, but she then stops and hides behind the edge of a wall, watching Nick]

[Nick] Okay you... you want me? COME AND GET ME! Access Recognition Mode, Code 5XZ73JX4.

[Ne-O] User Recognized.

[Nick] Activate random DNA selection, code 7435.

[Ne-O] Random Selection Mode is now activated. The next transformation will select a random DNA sample from available database.

[Nick] Okay... here we GO!

[He slams it down and a bright green light appears, then a small explosion, covering the ground in smoke]

[The Mechamanders stop moving and look at the smoke cloud]

Music-icon Soundtrack - "Let it Rip (Launchviper's Theme)"

[From within the smoke cloud, a pitch black armored-looking humanoid figure with glowing neon-green spots on its body emerges and ascends into the air with the jets on its legs]


[Aubrey stares in awe]

[Launchviper looks at his hands]

[Launchviper] Okay.. this will do.

[He ascends higher and uses his jets to move at high speeds. He rains down missiles from the sky onto the Mechamanders and blows away a huge portion of them. He then retracts his limbs and freefalls like a bomb, creating a crater and blasting away Mechamanders. He then gets up quickly and leaps at them, crushing them and kicking them with his legs. He frequently switches over to rockets and blows up the surrounding ones. All of this damages the road and the buildings around it]

[Launchviper] No... there's too many!

[A Mechamander jumps up and tackles down Launchviper. He gets up and blasts it away but more keep coming, too many to count]

[Launchviper keeps trying to defend himself, kicking them away and shooting missiles at them, but they outnumber and surround him. He looks exhausted and gets down on one knee]

[Suddenly, a similar ship to the one Nick as Thousand Arrows destroyed approaches and from within it, the Figure appears]

[Launchviper] Y... you...

[The scene switches to Vulk]

[Vulk] Nick?! Nick! Can you hear me?!

[Figure] You have failed, Nick Stone.

[Launchviper] What... WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME?!

[Figure] Well, that wouldn't TOO simple to answer now wouldn't it?

[Launchviper collapses and changes back]

[Nick blacks out and is unconcious]

[The Figure takes Nick and they all teleport. The Mechamanders, everything. Downtown is left severely damaged]

[Aubrey walks out from hiding]

[Aubrey] Nick! NICK! Oh no... he's gone! What have I done... this is all my fault...

[Vulk] No, it's not.

[Aubrey turns around and sees Vulk in his dog form]

[Aubrey] You're... Nick's dog, right? Did you just talk or am I losing it?

[Vulk morphs into his regular form]

[Vulk] I suppose he didn't explain it to you didn't he?

[Aubrey] What the... what are you?

[Vulk] I don't have time to explain either, but Nick risked his life and got himself captured to save you...

[Aubrey] I know...

[She looks in the opposite direction]

[Aubrey] And it's all my fault...

[Vulk] You're wrong. Nick tried to protect you, and he did. But in return...

[Aubrey] He's gone now...

[Vulk walks up to her and puts his hand on her shoulder]

[Vulk] Well... are you just going to stand there and grief? Or are you going to help me rescue him?

[Aubrey] Me... but... how?

[Vulk] Come with me.

[Aubrey looks confused for a second, but then nods]

[The scene zooms away from them]

Major Events

  • Launchviper makes his debut
  • Aubrey discovers Nick's secret
  • Nick is captured by the Organisation.



  • Mechamanders
  • Mysterious Figure

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