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What If?
Creator Kira
Co-Writers Ask me
Artist(s) and Others Ask me
Seasons 1
Episodes 12
Created on 11/11/19
Rating TV-PG
Preceded By None.
Succeeded by None.

What If? is a series by Kira that looks into what would happen if certain key events were changed in canon.


After an argument with his father, Ken Tennyson wishes he was never born. Suddenly finding his father gone and his Earth falling apart, Ken is taken by Paradox and shunted into an alternate Earth which constantly creates and destroys its own timelines, with each new one differing from the last ever-so-slightly at some point, sometimes creating dire consequences.


  1. What If... Ben Was Never Born?
  2. What If... Albedo Won?
  3. What If... Race Against Time Continued?
  4. What If... Max Had the Omnitrix?
  5. What If... Argit Had the Omnitrix?
  6. What If... Ben Never Took Off the Omnitrix?
  7. What If... Cash Never Took Off the Gauntlet?
  8. What If... Ben Never Took Off the Ultimatrix?
  9. What If... the Nanites Infected the Omnitrix?
  10. What If... Cartoon Network Was Japanese?
  11. What If... the Omnitrix Didn't Have a Failsafe?
  12. What If... Ben 10 Was Fanfiction?


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Omnitrix Wielders

  • Ken Tennyson (Earth-913)
  • Ben 23 (Earth-913)
  • Gwen 10 (Earth-913)
  • Bad Ben (Earth-913)
  • Benzarro (Earth-913)
  • Nega Ben (Earth-913)
  • Albedo (Earth-913)
  • Mad Ben (Earth-913)
  • Argititrix (Earth-555)
  • Retro Ben (Earth-555)
  • Omnigauntlet (Earth-555)
  • Ultimate Ben (Earth-555)
  • EVO Ben (Earth-555)
  • [DATA MISSING] (Earth-555)
  • Jeffery 10 (Earth-555)


  • Eon (Earth-913)
  • TBA


OmniArmours (Chrono Spanner)

  • HeatArmour
  • DiamondArmour
  • WildArmour
  • XLRmour
  • StinkArmour
  • GreyArmour
  • GhostArmour
  • FourArmour
  • RipArmour
  • Adaptation Armour

Alternate Ben Omnitricies

  • TBA


  • This stems from the idea of having a What If series with a continuous narrative.
  • Ken's OmniArmours are based on the Rider Armours from Kamen Rider Zi-O.
  • This was thought of before the Marvel series.
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