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It is sung by a mysterious singer. It is in Ultimate Zon (episode).


It has same as "Becuase this one belongs to you" Song in Bolt the Superdog.


Singer: What happened to Good Old Friends?

Ahmad and Charbel are watching Zon buying DVDs from out of the Shop.

Singer: They were beside wherever you went...

Flashback: Ahmad, Charbel and Zon playing Football at the Beach.

Singer: Then in a Flash Like they never met you before...

Ahmad and Charbel siting beside the ball, sad

Singer: After Years of Friendship, they dumped you in the trash...

Flashback: Ahmad trying to reach a Cookie Jar. Zon helps him.

Singer: When they got... what they lacked... They considered you some ash...

Ahmad trying to reach the cookie Jar, sad, he stopped and looked at the ground.

Singer: They left you alone and went somewhere else or...

Zon having an Interview. Flashback: Ahmad, Zon Charbel walking on the Street.

Singer: They were just... using... you...

Ahmad Charbel coming away from the window in the snow.

Ahmad patted on Charbel's Back.