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Whampire JITE.png
General Information
Species Vladat
Home World Anur Vladias (destroyed)

Anur Transyl

Body Vampire-like Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Enhanced Strength

Enhanced Durability

Enhanced Agility

Enhanced Reflexes

Enhanced Speed



Sharp Fangs

Sharp Claws

Energy Absorption (via sucking)

Corruptura Projectiles

Hypnotic Invulnerability

Voice Actor Adam Sandler

Whampire is the Simplicitrix's DNA sample of a Vladat from the planets Anur Vladias and Anur Transyl.


Whampire is a vampire-like alien with white skin and sharp yellow teeth. He wears a black and red jumpsuit with the chest plate. Whampire wears black gloves with red fingers, has red markings on his suit and wears a red mask with spikes on it. Whampire’s head is rather large and has red eyes. Whampire also has red flaps under his hands similar to a bat.

Whampire wears the Simplicitrix symbol on his stomach.


Whampire possesses hypnokinesis from his eyes and can also control other people or aliens by shooting Corrupturas at their foreheads. He can also suck energy/feed off the energy of living beings. Whampire also has the ability to fly. He is immune to hypnosis.


When the Simplicitrix times out, Whampire’s Corrupturas break apart, setting its victim free.

He is vulnerable to light and will be injured, and possibly die, if affected.


  • Credits to creator of Whampire picture.