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General Information
Species Vladat
Home World Anur Vladias (formerly)

Anur Transyl

Body Vampire
Alternate Counterparts Whampire Ben Tennyson
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Enhanced Strength



Sharp Fangs

Sharp Claws

Energy Absorption

Sonic Explosions

Corruptura Projectiles

Hypnosis Invulnerability

Infra-Red Vision

Bat Transformation

First Appearance The Four Return


Whampire is a vampire-like alien with greenish-white skin and sharp yellow teeth. He wears a black and green jumpsuit, with the chest plate looking somewhat similar to that of Big Chill's. He wears black gloves with green fingers that possess sharp claws, has green markings on his suit, and wears a green mask with spikes on it. His head is rather large and features green eyes. His head spikes are part of his suit and they do not cover any part of his body. Whampire also has green flaps under his arms, resembling those of Jetray or the wings of a bat. Whampire wears the Ultimatrix symbol on his stomach. Whampire's Corrupturas are small, dark green, diamond-shaped objects with light green eyes, little horns, and black bat-like wings. In his bat form, Whampire becomes a small black ball with wings of the same color and size. A miniature version of his face is on the front of his body.


Just like Lord Transyl, Whampire possesses hypnosis from his eyes and can also control other beings by shooting Corrupturas at their foreheads. Whampire can absorb and feed off the energy of living beings by sucking on them. Whampire has the ability to fly. Whampire is immune to other Vladats hypnosis, due to being a member of the same species. If he is completely surrounded, Whampire is able to create a huge sonic explosion that will blow all his opponents away. Whampire can hang upside down like bats and real vampires. Whampire can see the internal structure, (example: nerves), and energy of his victims using his infra-red vision. Whampire shows having a certain level of enhanced strength. Whampire can turn into a bat-like creature.


  • Whampire, like all Vladats, can be harmed by sunlight and cannot stay in such an environment for more than a short period of time.
  • When the Ultimatrix times out, Whampire’s Corrupturas will break apart, freeing his victims.
  • Whampire cannot mind control other Vladats.
  • Whampire must resist the urge to drain the energy of other lifeforms, especially intelligent beings, making him potentially dangerous to teammates and other civilians. Jon finds this somewhat easy to do.
  • Whampire's Corrupturas can't attach to beings with wet or slippery skin, or are intangible, though they can attach to said species if they are caught off guard and are tangible when the Corruptura is shot at them.
  • Cyborgs, such as Exo-Skull, are immune to both the Corrupturas and Whampire's hypnosis.
  • Whampire can't absorb the life energy of Ectonurites, as they have none in the conventional sense.



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