Western Corn Rootworm
General Information
Species Diabrotican
Home World Cornotopia
Body Wormy
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Cornokinesis, having cowbooy guns, summoning worms
Equipment Cowboy Hat


First Appearance The Wild Westurds

Western Corn Rootworm is a Diabrotican from the planet Cornotopia in Ben 10: Stupidity Force. He is free to use. His name is based off a real animal. His Nemetrix predator is Microbird.


He looks like a giant worm, made out of corn. He has six tree root legs. He also has a cowboy hat, and two guns, and he has a COWBOY ACCEEEEEEEEENT


  • Controlling corn
  • Controlling roots
  • Summoning worms
  • Has awesome cowboy guns
  • Summoning horses
  • Rooting himself to walls and floors and ceilings
  • Shooting corn
  • Shooting worms
  • When cut in two, he can still live
  • If he sucks in water with his roots, he becomes stronger and bigger
  • Summoning cowboys


  • Microwaves (Popcorn. Duh.)
  • Indians (COWBOYS)


Ben 10: Stupidity Force

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