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Glen 10
Season 3, Episode 4
Air date lol
Written by lol
Directed by lol
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Main Plot[]

Glen suffers a wierd reacton while turning into a new alien.



Glen and the others are fighting some robot-dudes

Insecto: Time for a chance of Wolfwrath!

(tries to transform, but robot scratches his Glenamatrix, so he turns back into Glen)

Glen: Uh-oh

Marcus , fighting robot: what happened?

Glen: I don't know!

Ashley : they're swarming! let's go!

(all of them start running)

Glen: shut the door!

(door gets shut, but robots break through)

Glen: start fighting!!!!

(Ashley and Marcus use thier powers, whil Glen look for things to use as weapons)

(Glen throws a chair at robot)

-2 minutes later-

Glen: (Scratches his ears) I feel something!!!!!!

(Glen goes wild and tackles all the robots and even bites one's arm off)

Ashley: Whoa.


Ashley: what happened back there?

Glen: I dont know.

(Glen starts munching into piece of meat)

Ashley, on laptop: to make what im reading so far, you're either have a human-like infection or your turning into a Fironanian.

Marcus: for a guy like him, it's probably the second one.

Glen, growing more hair: so what do we do?

Marcus: we should go to the bottom of the Yenaldooshi cave. If you transform fully, you be stuck like that.....

Glen: Marcus? Dude?

Marcus, whispering slowly: FOREVER

Glen: so, at least i'll still have COOL powers

Ashley: look! you wont wanna live with us, you'll live a live where you hunt and cook your own food, and you'll choose not to live with us!!!!!(gasps for air)

Glen: let's go!!!!!!!!!!!!


Alien Debuts planned[]



  • Testing...
  • Testing...
  • One, two, three...