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Phineas 10
Season 1, Episode 6
Air date 19th March 2012
Written by Chisanga Kapumpa
Directed by Chisanga Kapumpa
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Welcome to the Jungle is the 6th episode of seoson 1 of Phineas 10 and the sixth overall episode.


Phineas' school and Candace's are going for a safari picknick and Candace doesn't know why her mum made her go.

However P and F are not bothered by the bugs or the fact that they are sure to get attacked by wild animals. Phineas is just looking for the sandwhiches when a lion attacks him and scrathes the Ultimatrix. Phineas is confused as it's not an earth lion. Phineas finds it burning to wear the Ultimatrix and taps it turning into a lion like humaniod alien. Candace gives him food in hope of stopping him from acting savage but he actually eats every peice of food at the picknick. Candace says he is ruining the picknick but Phineas just kicks her away. They try to fight him off but this new alien seems to be Phineas'strongest form. Phineas leaps into the forest and hides among the trees. Candace makes the most hardest choice of her life and calls Doctor D. Doctor Doof uses a new inator to defeat Phineas and removes the Ultimatrix in hopes of making him normal but grabs it and transforms into Phineasviktor(Doofviktor on him) and attempts to kill everyone but Azmuth brings the real Ultimatrix and it turns out doof's was a duplicate. Phineas becomes Lion-O and defeats Doof, scans Lion-O on the real Ultimatrix and destroys the fake one. Azmuth says Phineas was acting crazy because the duplicate lacked the parts of the real one and he couldn't control is aliens. Candace says they still can't have the picknick but Phineas says they will just get take-out and that's what they did.

Aliens Used[]

  • Lion-O(on Phineas x2)
  • Doofviktor(Phineasviktor on Doofensmirtz)


  • Phineas
  • Ferb
  • Candace
  • Perry
  • Danville High and Middleschool students


  • Doofensmirtz


  • Testing...
  • Testing...
  • One, two, three...