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Puzzle Piece: Infinity
Season 1, Episode 1
Air date 5-10-20
Written by Swineverse


Directed by SpookyLaundry
Episode Guide
A Hero is Born


[The camera opens to a sign that says ‘Paradise University’ then pans out to reveal the landscape of the school. In the center is a large clocktower, around it are various buildings. The camera zooms back in on a particular building. Inside, there were a ton of people wearing various school work shirts. They were talking to people and using laptops, handing them keys. A boy with brown shaggy hair and goatee, came up to someone working.]

???: “Hello, I would like to get registered to move in? My name is Dalton Ford.”

[Dalton hands the student his school ID card and waits. The student enters some information into the computer and walks over and comes back with a key. He hands the key to Dalton, who accepts it.]

Dalton: “Thank you so much.”

[Dalton heads out and is greeted by a girl wearing another school shirt.]

Kelley: “Welcome to Paradise!”


Kelley:“Hello, I am Kelley Strabbard, you can call me Kel. I am a student mentor. I help freshmen through their first year. So, if you have any questions feel free to ask me. Here let me give you my number.”

[Kel scribbled down her number on a piece of paper and handed it to Dalton. Dalton took it and stuffed it in his pocket.]

Kelley: “So what dorm hall are you in this year?”

Dalton: “Uhhh… it says here I am staying in Wyatt Hall.”

Kelley: “Ooooo. Sounds nice, Hope you have a great move in.”

Dalton: “Thank you so much.”

[Dalton makes his way to his parent’s car. He takes some of his stuff and makes his way to Wyatt Hall. His parents follow him as they walk to a building. He unlocks the door with his keycard and presses the button allowing the door to slowly swing open. They take the elevator up to the fourth floor and exit,taking a right into Corridor 2.]

Dalton: “Here it is. Up on the left.”

[Dalton sets down his belongings in his hands to unlock the door. He opens the door to see half of the room is all moved in. The other bed has some black bed sheets on it. Between the bed and the desk was a mini fridge with a microwave and a coffee grinder on it. The desk had a computer on it along with a printer. At the desk, was a boy playing Runescape. The boy looked over and saw Dalton. He got up and walked over to him.]

Angel: “What’s up, I'm Angel Neith, your college roommate. Do not touch my coffee or ramen and we will get along fine.”

[Dalton shook his hand and the boy went back to playing video games. Dalton set his stuff down and said goodbye to his parents. He began to unpack his stuff when Angel got up from his desk and looked over at him.]

Angel: “Hey, do you wanna go eat at The Crescent?”

Dalton: “The what?”

Angel: “The food place on campus. It’s pretty shit from what I hear.”

Dalton: “Uhm.. sure. I guess. Let’s see what kind of crap they will be feeding us for the next 8 months.”

[Dalton and Angel walk over to The Crescent Eatery. The building itself is in the shape of a crescent. The camera zooms into the front doors as they open showing a handful of different restaurants. There was Crescent Wok, Paradise Grill, and some others with fast food places. Dalton is at awe at how beautiful the place looks. Angel gets in line for Arby’s while Dalton makes his way in line for Subway. He orders his sandwich and pays with his ID card. He finds Angel sitting at a table by himself and walks over.]

Dalton: “Never knew there was stuff like fast food here. Thought it would all be school food.”

Angel: “Nope. They have some good food that doesn’t give you the shits.”

[A girl walks over to Dalton and Angel. She was wearing a wannabe reporter looking outfit to which Angel immediately laughs. The girl death glares Angel to which Angel lets off a smirk.]

Kristen: “Hello, I am Kristen. I was wondering if either of you would like to sign up for my alien sightings blog.”

Angel: “Your what? That’s the stupidest thing I have ever heard. There are no such things as aliens.”

Kristen: “Yes there is. Recently there have been sightings in some town a ways south from here. They started appearing about four months ago.”

Dalton: “That’s kind of cool, but I think I am fine. Thank you.”

Angel: “Yeah, I am fine, weeb. Now go away.”

[Kristen walks away and Dalton and Angel finish eating as the scene fades to black.]

[The scene fades back into Dalton’s dorm room. Dalton is seen getting ready while Angel is in his bed snoring away. Dalton grabs his bag making his way out of the dorm. When he does he accidentally bumps into a girl as she drops her book. Dalton picks it up and hands it to her.]

Dalton: “Sorry about that. I should really look when I exit my room. I’m Dalton Ford.”

Danielle: “No worries! I am Danielle Falcone, but you can call me Dani. It was my fault. I am in a rush to get to my Psych class.”

Dalton: “Wait, Psych 001? I was also making my way to that class. We still have an hour until it starts.”

Dani: “Yes! That’s the one! I know, I just like getting there a bit before. Do you mind walking with me?”

Dalton: “Sure. It isn’t a problem at all.”

[Dalton and Dani walk to Psych 001 together and seem to be having a great time bonding with each other. They laugh and eventually arrive at the class. They enter and see it is only them. Dalton sits and Dani sits down on his left noticing his watch.]

Dani: “Damn. That’s a cool looking watch you got there, Dalton.”

Dalton: “Uh? Oh, yeah. I got it as a graduation gift from my family. It’s like a family heirloom.”

Dani: “That’s the coolest shit ever, dude.”

[Dani had the biggest smile on her face as Dalton looked a bit uncomfortable. He tried to hush her down when the class started to walk in. The class settled in and the class started as the scene slowly shifts to the end of class.]

Dani: “Hey, Dalton. Do you wanna get lunch right now?”

[Dalton looks at his phone and shrugs his shoulders.]

Dalton: “Sure. Why not?”

[Dalton and Dani make their way across campus to The Crescent. They order their food and sit down as they continue talking throughout their meal. After they are done, they start to head out when they hear screaming coming from the library. They look over to see people running from 10 foot tall red robots. Dani screams and runs while Dalton runs and hides.]

Dalton: “These guys again? Man, they are persistent. I gotta get this over with before they completely trash my school before I even get to start.”

[Dalton presses the two gray buttons on the side of his watch as the core pops up. A hologram pops up showing a humanoid fish hologram. He turns the dials as he passes a monkey hologram and a fairy hologram. He settles on a robot hologram with a floating head.]

Dalton: “This one will do the job nicely.”

[Dalton slams down the core as a blinding green light flashes the screen. Upchuck Transformation: Dalton’s stomach glows green as his height gets smaller and smaller. His skin starts to get green and slimy. His tongue splits into three as he grabs a rock and devours it whole and spits it back up in a green disc.]

Upchuck: “Upchuck! Wait? This isn’t who I picked. I have seriously got to get this watch looked at.”

[Upchuck makes his way over to the robots. He eats some rocks along his way as his stomach glows brighter with each meal consumed.]

Upchuck: “Hey Chrome Domes, over here!”

[The robots turn their heads to look at the small Upchuck defending the school from them. The leader narrows his eyes and sees a symbol on his left arm. The leader’s eyes flash red.]

Robot Leader: “Exterminate! Exterminate!”

Upchuck:”Yeah, no. That isn’t going to fly with me.”

[Upchuck vomits three green discs at the leader all which hit except one. The stray disc hits a lamppost and falls onto another robot damaging him.]

Upchuck: “I guess that works.”

[The robots fired lasers out of their eyes. Upchuck jumps up and eats the three laser beams, he fires them back out in a green slime. They blasted one that shut down due to the damage it sustained. Upchuck smiled as he was met with another blast. This time he was hit in his stomach which caused him to puke out involuntarily.]

Upchuck: “Now, I really am gonna lose my lunch.”

Red Robot: “Exterminate! Exterminate!”

Upchuck: “Is that all you guys ever say?”

[Upchuck runs to the remaining two robots eating a red glowing orb from the destroyed robot. Upchuck’s stomach starts to grow brighter and brighter until he lets out an uncontrollable blast that causes him to spin like crazy. Both remaining robots explode within the blast and Upchuck finally loses ammunation. He looks wiped as he falls to the ground and changes back to human in a red light. A man in a white hazmat suit grabs Dalton as the scene fades to black.]

[The scene fades into Dalton on a hospital bed being looked over by a strange creature. The white hazmat suit guy from earlier is standing nearby. The creature looks over the monitors and looks to the hazmat guy nodding its head.He leaves the room, having Dalton alone with the strange creature.]

Dalton: “I swear, Xylene, I am fine. I just overstuffed myself, that’s all.”

[The gray hazmat suit guy comes in with a female squid creature and a human with white hair who looks to be around Dalton’s age, maybe a little older.]

White Haired Boy: “That’s all? That’s all?! Dalton, you ingested a neutron core from dimension 12! Those are incredibly rare! Whoever made these robots must be really intelligent. Not as intelligent as myself, of course.”

Squid Creature: “What Albedo is trying to say is, we want to run some things through the Omnimatrix’s receiver to make sure that Upchuck’s ingestion is not affecting your human form.”

Albedo: “I was going to get to that Myaxx. But yes, we want to check this and get it under wraps before The Big Man finds out.”

Dalton: “Okay sure. Whatever gets me out of here quicker.”

Hazmat: “Dalton, your impatience is most likely what got you into this situation in the first place.”

Dalton: “Not even close, Tetrax. I was minding my own business when these robots attacked. Just like when you guys first found me.”

Tetrax: “Still I want to train you some more to make sure you are doing more good than damage.”

Dalton: “What are you talking about? I did good today.”

Tetrax: “Really? Is nearly destroying your college what you call good? That is an amusing definition for the word.”

[Dalton lets out a groan as he holds his hands to his face as the scene slowly fades to black.]

[The scene fades back into Tetrax and Dalton in the woods. Tetrax leads them to a waterfall and stops, waiting for Dalton to pick an alien. Dalton stops and looks at his watch pressing the green button as the core pops up. He uses the gray buttons on the side to change from hologram to hologram. He finally settles on the fish humanoid and slams down on the watch changing him in a green light.]

{Ripjaws Transformation: Scales form onto Dalton’s skin, his jaw and teeth grow large, a lure pops out of his forehead, claws burst from his fingertips as he grows gills that soon become encased by a tube of water.} Ripjaws jumps into the water as Tetrax waits.]

Tetrax: “I see you are finally picking your aliens on situational purposes instead of brute strength. Good, but that is only half the battle.”

[Ripjaws surfaces from the water trying to surprise attack Tetrax, but Tetrax grabs him by the throat slamming him to the ground.]

Tetrax: “A surprise attack? Clever,but not clever enough. I could see your bubbles from you preparing to surface.”

Ripjaws: “God,nothing ever pleases you, does it, Tetrax?”

[Ripjaws digs his claws into Tetrax’s suit as he is thrown against a tree. Ripjaws falls to the floor as he gets up, Tetrax’s hands form into cannons as Ripjaws takes a gulp of water in a nervous attempt to relax. Tetrax opens fire at him with crystal like shards coming at RIpjaws as he ducks behind a tree. Ripjaws feels water below him as he looks down he sees that Tetrax was able to puncture his breathing apparatus.]

Ripjaws: “Lucky shot.”

[Ripjaws falls to the ground as he crawls over to the water. Tetrax runs after him, but is too late. Ripjaws gets back into the water as he is healed. He suddenly grabs Tetrax who got too close to the water and starts attacking him underwater. Tetrax’s suit gets torn as he frees himself, swimming to the surface. He emerges to the surface getting onto dry land. Ripjaws comes onto land changing back to Dalton in a red light.]

Tetrax: Excellent.

[Tetrax and Dalton fist bump each other as the camera zooms on the bump. As soon as the bump connects the scene changes into the next one.]

[Dani is seen walking in the dormortoity hallways when she stops at Dalton’s door and knocks. Angel answers the door and looks at Dani with a puzzled look]

Angel: “Who are you and what do you want?”

Dani: “Sorry, I am Dalton’s friend, this is his dorm right? I kind of lost him after the robot attack by Crescent.”

Angel: “What the hell are you talking about? Also, he isn’t here. I haven’t seen him since he left for class this morning.”

[Angel shut the door on her and went back to playing video games. Dani stood in the hallway with a sad look on her face. Just then Dalton comes limping back from practice with Tetrax. His watch is glowing red instead of green and Dani takes notice of this.]

Dani: “Dalton! What happened to you after the robot fight? I couldn’t find you or get a hold of you.”

Dalton: “Oh hey. I’m fine. I ran and then went about my day to practice.”

[Suddenly the red light on Dalton’s watch turned green without him touching it. Dalton begins to sweat nervously as Dani takes note of both.]

Dani: “Stop lying to me. I know you are lying. So tell me the truth.”

[Dalton sighs and looks over to his watch and hides it with his other hand.]

Dalton: “Listen, I will tell you, but not today. I need to sleep, okay?”

Dani: “Fine, but I expect answers.”

[Dani walks away to her own dorm as Dalton opens his door. Angel looks over then back to his game. Dalton falls onto his bed as he passes out from exhaustion as the screen fades to black.]

[The scene fades into Dalton with his alien friends and two human companions. He tells them that Dani is wanting to know what is up with him.Tetrax stood in a stern pose, if you could see his face he would most likely be very disappointed in Dalton. Albedo stood calculating all the possible outcomes of what would happen. Myaxx and Xylene looked at each other and nodded.]

Dalton: “Ugh… what am I supposed to do here? I could lose her as a friend. She’s my first friend at this school.”

Myaxx: “The best thing to do is to tell her the truth.”

Xylene: “Especially if you want her to like you.”

Dalton: “What? No! I mean I like her as a friend, but I wouldn’t date her.”

Myaxx: “Why not? Is that not how human affection works?”

Dalton: “No!”

Albedo interrupts them in a furious manner. He turns to Dalton with a concerned look of anger and worry.

Albedo: “She can’t possibly know about us! Our whole mission could be in jeopardy! What would The Big Man say? Of course, he would have prepared for this situation most likely knowing that you would not be able to keep your secret identity for long.”

Dalton: “Breathe, Albedo, breath.”

Tetrax moves as he walks over to the others.

Tetrax: “We must wipe this girl’s mind in order to protect the mission.”

Myaxx: “I say he tells her.”

Dalton: “Okay. okay. How about I bring her here, Albedo and Tetrax pose as humans as we ease her into it then I transform and Myaxx and Xylene come out? She wouldn’t freak from what I can tell. Maybe she can even be of some help. Teach you guys how to better act like humans, so you can blend in better.”

[All four look at each then look back at Dalton as they nod in agreement.]

Tetrax, Albedo, Myaxx, Xylene: “Deal.”

[The next day, Dalton arrives at the base with Dani. Dani looks puzzled as she looks around.]

Dani: “Where are we? What is this place?”

Dalton: “I will tell you in a minute. First there are some people I would like you to meet. Guys, come on out.”

[The four aliens walk out to which Dani freaks out a bit in fear and excitement.]

Dani: “Woah, aliens are real! Kristen was right!”

Dalton: “What? No. You can’t tell her she is. No one was supposed to know of their existence. You only know because I convinced them to let you help us.”

Dani: “So why does that one look human and the one in the hazmat suit? And how do you fit into all of this.”

Dalton: “Hazmat is Tetrax, he is really an alien inside that suit. The human is actually an alien from Galvan. His name is Albedo. He is supposed to look like a six-inch humanoid frog, but an experiment with my watch went wrong changing his DNA. Squidface over there is Myaxx and the three eyed one is Xylene.”

Dani: “Wait. an experiment with your watch? Is that how you fit into all of this?”

Dalton: “Yes. You see this watch allows me to change into aliens and walk in their shoes for a short amount of time. I use it to help these four do research on it’s effects to the user and fight crime like those robots at lunch.”

Dani: “So, that’s where you went and why you were so beat up when I saw you.”

Dalton: “That actually was from training with Tetrax.”

Dani: “Wait, how do you know that the watch is safe for human wear?”

Albedo: “We don't, that is why we are having Dalton test it.”

[Myaxx bumps Albedo’s side telling him to shut up.]

Dani: “If it isn’t safe then he should take it off.”

Tetrax: “The device does not simply come off like a regular wristwatch. It connects with the wearer’s own DNA making it impossible to remove.”

Dani: “So what made you choose Dalton?”

[Dalton prepares to tell a story as the camera pans up as it is about to build the setting, but fades to black instead]


Noteworthy Events

Major Events

  • Dalton arrives at Paradise University to start college where he meets
    • Angel
    • Kristen
    • Danielle
  • The following characters make their debuts
    • Dalton
    • Danielle
    • Angel
    • Tetrax
    • Myaxx
    • Albedo
    • Xylene
    • Kristen

Minor Events

  • Kelley makes her first appearance



Aliens Used


  • The episode's title shares the same name of a popular Green Day song


  • Angel and Dalton's first interaction is based on a real conversation the writer had with his roommate when they first met
  • Dalton having Subway for his first college meal is a nod to the creator liking Subway
  • The Omni-Droids' only lines are the same lines Daleks say from Doctor Who
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