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Welcome to Chronospect is the twenty-first episode of the first season of Back in Action: Alien Universe.


Part I

[The scene won't make any sense to those of you who haven't read the last few episodes. You might want to go back and read the end of Ledger Recon if you want to even remotely understand what's going on. You know who you are. For those of you who have been reading, you know who you are, and I thank you. We are back in Professor Xonode's lab/quarters, with the Commander and Mistress standing before Xonode's active portal into Chronospect.]

Thep Khufan Commander: Enter the portal first, Mercedes. I'm going to need to assure this device's credibility. Mistress shrugs then jumps into the portal. She appears through the portal. Hmm...use the energy beam. Mistress appears, aiming her gauntlet into the skies then blasting a red ray. Fine work, Professor. Assuming this isn't a trick, I commend you on your operation portal to Chronospect. Apologies for the doubt I had; it's hard to trust others these days.

The Commander steps into the portal, arriving adjacent to Mistress on a rock in Chronospect.

Professor Xonode (through the portal): Return to these coordinates, Commander, or simply call my name when you wish to leave. The connection to Chronospect allows me to hear everything in my head. It's rather annoying, but it's fun as well.
Thep Khufan Commander: Alright, Slaka. The Commander turns around and brings his attention to the large set of memory banks in the distance. Mistress flips around at the same time. We are so close, Mer--
XLR8's Voice: Oh, hey, Commander. XLR8 races into the scene, stopping right before the Commander. I see you have a girlfriend, Commander.
Thep Khufan Commander: She's not my--Oh, I'm not going to deal with your childish jokes right now. Where's that 22 year old version of yourself?
Unknown Alien's Voice (becoming increasingly louder): Right here, Tersce!
Thep Khufan Commander: What...?

From a distance, something smashes into the Commander, but rather than him just flying away upon impact, an extreme gust of wind explodes in the area, encompassing it. In the winds--and the dust from the rock that follows--there is a bright green flash into which the dust is being sucked. Terraspin becomes visible, floating with his holes breathing in the air and his limbs and head inside of his shell. He stops when the dust is cleared out, dropping his feet out, making his flipper-like hands visible, and popping his head up out of his shell. He stares at the source of the dusty explosion, dazed at the sight.

Terraspin: Whoa...

From Terraspin's perspective, we see Future Ben's fiery red form of Combustiball being shoved into the ground by only one of Mistress's hands. The Commander stands absolutely still behind Mistress with his arms behind his back.

Thep Khufan Commander: "Whoa," indeed, Tennyson. The powers Mistress is packing are--
Terraspin: No, not that; I have Combustiball! Well, I will have him! This is great!
Thep Khufan Commander: Do you really not care that Mistress has just single-handedly foiled your attempt at a surprise attack?
Terraspin: Kinda, but not really. I know she's Rojo, and I know I took one of you down when I was 10, and all I had backing me up was Grandpa Max and Gwen.
Thep Khufan Commander: Have you defeated *me* before?
Terraspin: Yes. At that warehouse, I--
Thep Khufan Commander: Part of the plan, petty human. And because you haven't dealt with me, you haven't dealt with a real Thep Khufan.
Terraspin: Well, what about on your ship?
Thep Khufan Commander: That was not a win, that was me fleeing. It nearly destroyed you, did it not?
Terraspin: Alright, but what about the second time on your ship?
Thep Khufan Commander: That was more of a win for my side, seeing as you would have perished had it not been for one of my men--Albedo.
Terraspin: Well, what about--
Thep Khufan Commander: Well, what about you stop that, Tennyson. You have never had the upper hand with me. Even while trapped inside of the Tertiary Wing's computers, I was always the wiser.
Terraspin: Well, how 'bout I teach you a lesson, "wiser."

Terraspin's head, arms, and legs fall back into his shell. He levitates and begins to blow extreme winds in the Commander's direction. Mistress tries to come in the way, but the Commander gestures her not to do so. He makes the Cyogen inside him visible.

Thep Khufan Commander: Well, this was fun, wasn't it, Benjamin? What a pitiful way to go, though, oh so-called "Hero of Heroes." He blasts ice from the Cyogen crystal in Terraspin's direction, freezing his shell and dropping him to the floor. His head, arms, and legs pop out, breaking holes at the sections that had been frozen. Terraspin attempts to get up by rocking back and forth, but his attempts at fruitless. I hope the Vigilanuum guards are more of a threat than you two *arrogant, cocky* humans. After kicking Terraspin a few feet away, he hears the Omnitrix activation sound behind him. He folds his arms behind his back and speaks to Future Ben with his back facing him. You're awake? Mistress, what are you doing over (Mistress's body on its back slides in front of him) there...You are alive right now, Mr. Tennyson, but you are most certainly not proof that I will fail in taking over the universe. After all, (squinting with his eyes curved into an expression of anger) things are never set in stone.
Atomhammer's Voice (Future Ben): I believe I am, Commander. I've done this all before, but the only difference is (points to Terraspin, who is now attempting to get up) I was doing it in his eyes before.
Thep Khufan Commander: I can arrange having your eyes in his body. Neither of you may survive, though, but you won't be "threats" anymore either.
Terraspin: Dude, brutal!
Thep Khufan Commander: How do you continue to use such a tone? Two of your family members were just killed by the Armada.
Terraspin: Wait, what? Two?
Atomhammer (Future Ben, sighing): Yes, Ben.
Terraspin: You said it was Chelsey. Who else was involved?
Thep Khufan Commander: Oh, I see the error here. Go on, now, 22 year old Tennyson tell him. Who else?
Terraspin: Chelsey's mom or dad? It wasn't Julie. Please say it wasn't Grandpa Max.
Thep Khufan Commander: None of the above.
Terraspin (sighing out of relief): Alright, that's a bit uplifting. Atomhammer, who was it?
Atomhammer (Future Ben, bowing his head in shame): Gwen.

Terraspin's eyes widen.

Terraspin: No...
Thep Khufan Commander: Yes. Two of the three Anodites you know would be willing to help you right now are dead. The third will be dealt with soon enough.
Terraspin: You better not be talking about Grandma Verdona, not unless you think you're going to get by me.
Thep Khufan Commander: That will be fairly easy, Tennyson. Like getting over a boulder. Terraspin struggles to tap on his Omnitrix with his flippers, ice on his under arms coming in the way. Get up and get him, Mistress! I'll deal with the other one.

Mistress shakes her head and jumps up onto her feet. She rushes over to Terraspin and stands over him, preparing for him to get up. Meanwhile, the Commander turns around to Atomhammer who dashes after him. The Commander swiftly pulls out a brown crystal from his back pocket. He tosses it in Atomhammer's direction. He attempts to get out of its way, but the crystal curves and hits him right in the chest. It pierces a spherical case protecting his Omnitrix symbol, then hits the Omnitrix in the center. Atomhammer keels over onto his knees, holding his chest. He reverts to human, with the brown crystal still lodged in his Omnitrix. The Commander walks over to Future Ben, as a small burst of energy knocks him unconsciously onto his stomach. The Commander reaches Future Ben, removing the crystal from his Omnitrix. While attempting to get up, Terraspin sees his future self on his stomach. The Commander kicks Future Ben over onto his back.

Terraspin: NO! His body concedes back into his shell once more, with Mistress trying to attack it. At this point, extreme winds can be heard coming from somewhere, but they are invisible. After a moment, holes are made in the ice over Terraspin's shell by the sheer gusts of wind coming from each hole. Terraspin pushes himself through the ground using the winds. Mistress looks into the hole, seeing a transformation of Terraspin into a Sotoraggian in a mainly black suit similar to Sixsix's. He flies back up through the hole, managing to shout a single thing in English with the rest of his words escaping in the native Sotoraggian language.
Sotoraggian Alien: Autosassin!

Autosassin flies through the air wielding an array of weapons: laser pistols being fired by two of his hands, with two smaller hands escaping from his shoulders tossing bombs down at Mistress. Mistress manages to dodge each and every attack, with Autosassin angrily yelling something in the Sotoraggian language. Mistress finally decides to end the battle, launching herself into the air and dropkicking Autosassin into the rock. She lands on him, cracking the rock and leading Autosassin to nearly fall off, hanging only by the ledge. Mistress lifts his body back up by the chest. She pops the Omnitrix tower up with her free hand and lodges a hairclip between the back of the tower and Autosassin's chest. She pushes the tower back down and throws Autosassin down through the hole. With the Omnitrix shut down by a malfunction caused by the hairclip, Ben as Lodestar barely manages to grab hold of another ledge using his pincer hands. The Commander becomes somewhat visible far up, staring down at Lodestar from the hole. He waves to Lodestar.

Lodestar: What are you waving at me for? The Commander grins. He tosses Future Ben's body down. Lodestar just barely grabs him by the back of his cape. His cape begins to tear as the sharp pincers of Lodestar's hands hold him. Mistress adds insult to injury by blasting a beam in Lodestar's direction. He swings himself and Future Ben to the side to dodge the attack. The blast blows up on its own under Lodestar, creating a large black hole that begins to suck Future Ben and Lodestar in. Please, no!
Thep Khufan Commander: The Rexahegen proved to be fairly useful in breaking your older self, boy. If you know what's good for you, you'll let what has to happen happen. Goodbye, Tennysons. The Commander walks forward over the rock, gesturing Mistress to follow him. Mistress looks down, smiling devilishly. The two proceed to hop from rock to rock up ahead, as Lodestar continues to struggle holding up Future Ben while trying to jump start the Omnitrix with random key words.


Part II

[We open with the black hole underneath Lodestar pulling Future Ben and Lodestar in. Future Ben's cape proceeds to tear, and his body continues to slip.]

Lodestar (looking down into the hole): When I'm older, I'm wearing that cape only until 22, then I'm taking it off! I want to turn into you, but I don't want to die!
Nearby Voice: You know he's unconscious, right?
Lodestar: Huh? Lodestar looks up to see a humanoid figure in a black robe with some green Mechamorph patterns. Are you here to finish the Commander's job?
Robed Figure/Nearby Voice: No. I have been tasked with helping you.
Lodestar: Who are you?
Robed Figure: I have been instructed not to disclose this information at this time. If you so choose, you can refer to me as "Savior."
Lodestar: Why should I trust you?
Savior/Robed Figure: Are you seriously asking that? If I was working for the wrong side, you'd be on the other side of that hole right now.
Lodestar: Oh, yeah...alright, help me, please.
Savior: Gladly. He pulls up the left sleeve of his robe and aims his black-gloved human hand at the black hole. He blasts a green beam at the black hole. It proceeds to slowly close. Just then, Future Ben's cape completely rips, the black hole still large in size. Whoa there!

The savior blasts Future Ben. A green bubble encompasses Future Ben's body and holds him in the air.

Lodestar: What are you doing? He plants his other hand on the ledge and lifts himself onto the rock. He attempts to punch the figure, but the figure immediately blocks him. Hey!
Savior: You swung at me; I should be saying that. Now, I realize you don't trust me, but I promise you that the older version of yourself can vouch for me.
Lodestar: Well, in case you hadn't noticed, he's unconscious, and he's--AND HE'S ABOUT TO FALL INTO THE BLACK HOLE! Lodestar stands on the edge and looks down to find Future Ben, hanging in a green bubble. Phew.
Savior: And that's of my doing, my saving.
Lodestar: Thanks, now could you please get him up here or something?
Savior: Of course. Making gestures with his hands, Future Ben begins to ascend until he is level with the rock. Pull him in for me, will you? I can move him only vertically.
Lodestar: Alright. I just hope Lodestar has the strength to do that. Lodestar bends over and pulls Future Ben's floating body closer to the rock, holding him around the hips with his large pincer hands. He lays Future Ben's body flat on the ground. What do you know? Lodestar can do it. Can you save future me?
Savior: I'm limited in my ability to aid in the current situation, Mr. Tennyson. Lodestar drops his head. But my array includes the power to save him.
Lodestar: You can?
Savior: Yes; I've been brought here to help, and so I shall. He bends over Future Ben's body and moves Future Ben's cape off of his left arm, revealing a bulky Omnitrix that extends upwards from the wrist and past the elbow.His hand has a black glove. The savior begins to touching points on the inactive, dark hourglass on Future Ben's Omnitrix. Hmm...this doesn't appear to be doing anything.
Lodestar: Well, that wasn't obvious!
Savior: Not the Omnitrix, though; these emergency restart commands. They should be compatible with his Omnitrix.
Lodestar: you can't do anything?
Savior: I can, but it will be just a bit longer, alright?
Lodestar: Alright. As long as he's alive and conscious when you're done.

We watch as the savior proceeds to turn the Omnitrix on Future Ben's wrist over on its back. He taps a part of the back, and a cover is revealed. He pulls this off, revealing a small compartment. A glowing green chip is visible inside.

Savior: This is the reserve battery cell. If the emergency commands aren't functioning properly, then both the main one and this one are out of power.
Lodestar: Will they need replacements?
Savior: Not necessarily. They just need a boost to get started up again. An *electric* boost, if you catch my drift.
Lodestar: Can you do that?
Savior: No, but you can.
Lodestar: My Omnitrix is in the same state as future mine. In other words, I can't transform.
Savior: Oh, yeah, sorry, forgot about that. Yours should be a triviality compared to your older self's to repair.

The robed savior stands up and presses similar locations on Lodestar's Omnitrix symbol as he had on Future Ben's. After only a couple seconds of code-entering, the whole hourglass turns white.

Lodestar (hysterically): What'd you do?
Savior: Wait for it...The hourglass's white fades to entirely red. Finally, Lodestar flashes red and reverts to human. Boom.
Ben: Whoa, you did it! Sorry I doubted you before. I'm still a bit skeptical, but you've definitely got some respect.
Savior: Thank you, I guess...
Ben: So now what should I do?
Savior: Transform into something that can spark some life back into this thing. A Megawhatt, Amperi, Transylian, or something of the like should suffice.
Ben: You call them Megawhatts, too? Guess that name really is popular.
Savior: Yes.
Ben: Alright, so, just transform into anything?
Savior: Anything that'll do the job, of course.
Ben: Awesome. He smacks down on his Omnitrix, shrinking down in size to no more than two feet tall. His skin becomes pitch black while three white descending and overlapping triangles with invisible outlines and tips facing the transformation's crotch appear starting on his stomach. His head becomes flat like one end of a battery. His Omnitrix symbol appears on his chest, with a plus (+) symbol appearing under the Omnitrix symbol. A minus (-) symbol appears on his back in the same place.
Alien: Buzzshock!
Savior: Good choice. The savior lies the battery on the ground. Do whatever it takes to turn it on. I'll take care of the rest.
Buzzshock/Alien: Alright. Buzzshock takes a firm stance and points his hands at the battery. He proceeds to unleash his full electrical power into the battery, charging the battery up at a rate of a few dozen volts a second. I'm going to need an extra hand. He slides to the left while still unleashing his electricity, with a copy of himself appearing at his side. The copy aims at the battery and brings out his own power. Both Buzzshocks: Or two!
Savior: Pay attention!
Buzzshocks (in unison, both looking at the savior): What? They bring their attention back to Future Ben's Omnitrix's battery, which appears to be much more luminescent. The Buzzshocks stop charging the battery. Is that enough?
Savior: It should be. Move aside. The Buzzshocks come into one body as the savior bends over the battery and analyzes it. It's perfect. Almost went overboard, though.
Buzzshock (twirling his fingers): Sorry.
Savior: It's fine, so long as he still lives.

The savior places the battery back into its compartment in the back of Future Ben's Omnitrix and shuts the compartment. The area becomes invisible again. He turns the Omntrix back onto its hourglass side and inputs the command he had previously tried and failed.

Buzzshock: Are you sure it'll work?
Savior: 100%.

The savior pops the tower up. He watches as the dark green patterns on its side become incrementally brighter green from the bottom to the top. When it finally reaches the top, he pushes the Omnitrix symbol down. The hourglass glows green as well.

Future Ben's Omnitrix (Future Ben's voice): Assault Omnimatrix active. Unchecked messages available.
Buzzshock (under his breath, to himself): Still using the Assault Omnitrix?
Savior: What?
Buzzshock (audibly): I said it looks like it worked.
Savior: It seems that way, now doesn't it?
Buzzshock (worried tone): It didn't work?
Savior: It did, but it's not the last step. There is just one more.
Buzzshock: And what's that?
Savior: He is still unconscious. All I have done is reactivate his Omnitrix.
Buzzshock: So...what, you want me to shock him awake or something?
Savior: No. In his current state, he could die from that.
Buzzshock: Err, I knew that.
Savior: Of course.
Buzzshock: So what are we going to do?
Savior: Transform into a Polar Manzardill.

Buzzshock smacks his Omnitrix with the side of his fist, transforming into Articguana.

Articguana: You mean Articguana?
Savior: Yes.
Articguana: Okay.
Savior: Now, just to activate this...

The savior pops Future Ben's Omnitrix tower up. Not one, but three full-body holograms are projected inches above the hourglass symbol. One single alien is forefront, while the other two are to the left and right of the main alien and in the background.

Articguana: Wait, what are you doing? That's--The savior smacks down on the tower immediately, selecting the forefront alien for Future Ben. Future Ben's body is replaced by that of Heatblast, except his body appears much more muscular than present Super Ben's, and volcano-like structures with fire burning above them appear on his shoulders. Heatblast.
Savior: I recognize it's a Pyronite, Benjamin. Now, lightly freeze his body.
Articguana: What? Why?
Savior: Pyronites react to the cold a lot better than humans since it presents the complete opposite of their natural temperature to their body. The brain should respond to this in less than five seconds, and subsequently, he should be conscious and awake again.
Articguana: better not be tricking me, 'cause I've got copies of myself somewhere else in Chronospect.
Savior: I promise. Articguana inhales greatly and exhales, bursting misty cold air in Heatblast's direction. The cold air cools down some of Future Ben Heatblast's body, but only some. You're going to need to do it a bit heavier than that.
Articguana: What if he dies or some--
Savior: You know that the Omnitrix takes precautions to prevent the user from being killed. Nothing's going to happen to him so easily.
Articguana (sighing): Alright. He unleashes much power, a full blast of ice in Heatblast's direction. Parts of his body begin to freeze over, fire becoming totally absent from most of his body. The flames in his head take longer to freeze over, but when his head shows only a glint of heat inside it, the savior gestures Articguana with raising his hand to stop freezing him. Is that all? Is he okay?
Savior: Yes and yes. He should be okay in--

Future Ben's Heatblast's eyes fly open. He jumps onto his feet, and his body quickly heats back up.

Heatblast (Future Ben, fists balled up and in a firm stance): Where am I? He looks to the savior. Oh. He unwinds, standing up straight and wiping the back of his head. It's you, "Savior." Everything's in line right now?
Savior: Yes. I believe you can trust me now, Ben.
Articguana: Alright, I guess. But what if you mind-controlled him?
Savior (sighing): If you still don't believe me, be skeptical. But the Commander's going to get away while you ponder on this subject.
Articguana: Alright, alright. Where is he?
Savior: He should be on top of the 35E building.
Articguana: How far?
Savior: 2 miles from here. Let's not waste either of your batteries on transforming. This battle isn't going to be brief, so all power needs to be preserved. Stay as you are, and follow me.
Articguana and Heatblast (present Super Ben and Future Ben, respectively; in unison): Alright.

The savior begins running north, the opposite direction of the edge of the rock where the black hole had been underneath and where Lodestar and Future Ben had previously been residing against their will.

[Ten minutes later, mere feet away from the 35E building, the savior engages in conversation with Articguana.]

Savior (to Articguana): I'm sorry about your loss, Ben.
Articguana (oblivious): Huh? He recalls what the savior is referring to. Oh...I...please, don't. I...I don't want to talk about it.
Savior: I understand. To both Bens: We're here. The savior stops, with Articguana and Heatblast, both having footed the trek, sliding to a stop at Savior's left and right sides respectively. The 35E building.
Heatblast (Future Ben): It's been a few years. I've been trying to forget what happens here for a long time. Are you sure we should do this again, Savior?
Savior: I'm positive. Everything's going according to plan.
Heatblast (Future Ben): Okay.
Savior: Door, open code GEC-96.4.
Automatic Door (deep male voice): Code accepted. Identified: Savior.

The entrance door before which the group stands before slides open. They step into the dark room and walk inside.

Savior: That's peculiar...I don't remember the lights being off last time.
Voice: That's because you shouldn't be here, Pyronite.

The door shuts behind them. As if they were on a conveyor belt, they are slid straight to the center of the room. The lights fly on, making four groups of Vigilanuums, each in their own corner and led by a single Vigilanuum holding a gun pointed to Savior, Heatblast, and Articguana.

Articguana: Oh, man.

One of the Vigilanuum leaders, a female as can be deduced from her figure, lowers her gun slowly.

Female Vigilanuum Leader: Ben? Savior, is that you?
Articguana: I recognize that voice. He faces the female Vigilanuum leader. Karin?

[The scene changes to the side of the 35E building. Two Vigilanuums are guarding a side door. Suddenly, the two are thrust into the door they're guarding. They then fall on their faces flat onto the ground. Mistress and Thep Khufan Commander Tersce become visible around the corner.]

Thep Khufan Commander: We're on the brink of victory, now, Mistress. If only you could speak at this very moment. Mistress simply nods in response. To the roof, shall we? Mistress nods again. She raises her left hand high, the gauntlet on it proceeding to glow a bright green. No, I feel obliged to take us this time. You've done a lot with that already. Mistress nods again, and lowers her hand to her side. The Commander then throws his right arm at her, wrapping it around the center of her body. He then shoots his left arm in the direction of the roof. With the arm wearing thin, he grabs onto it, pulling himself and Mistress at fast rates towards it. In very close proximity to it, he releases the roof, his left arm becoming long again. He lands on the roof, and lets go of Mistress. She is released perfectly on her feet, in the same pose as she had been on ground level. Did you enjoy that? I haven't gotten the chance to have fun like that in a while, to actually use my powers, you know? Mistress nods in response. You're a very good partner to have, Mistress. Probably even better than those who *can* articulate. His head turning to analyze the area. Now, where is that--His head stops dead ahead, staring at a pedestal atop which a glowing violet crystal is visible. The Chronogen. Come, partner. The two casually walk over to the Chronogen. They stop in front of it. Ahh, we're that close...Mistress, you take hold of it. As the partner you are, you should get the chance to hold it first. Mistress smiles. She slowly takes the Chronogen off of its place hovering above the pedestal. After analyzing it for a minute, she hands it to the Commander. Alright then, the plan is ready. The Commander hears an elevator in the background. He turns around to find a Vigilanuum standing with his gun aimed at the Commander. Huh? A Vigilanuum? Really? You alone are the line of defense in this? Please say there's something more to this.
Vigilanuum: Yes. I am Honorary Kilo Squad Leader and Plumber (his helmet becomes invisible, revealing a human head with a familiar face and black hair) Kevin E. Levin. And you are under arrest.


Part III

[We open within the 35E building, three minutes prior to Kevin's arrival on the roof.]

Articguana: Oh, man.

One of the Vigilanuum leaders, a female as can be deduced from her figure, lowers her gun slowly.

Female Vigilanuum Leader: Ben? Savior, is that you?
Articguana: I recognize that voice. He faces the female Vigilanuum leader. Karin?

Articguana lowers his hands.

Female Vigilanuum Leader: Ben, that is you. Magisters, hold it.

The leaders of each Vigilanuum group lower their weapons. Future Ben's Heatblast and Savior lower their arms.

Articguana: Karin, what's going on?
Karin/Female Vigilanuum Leader: Savior tasked us with gathering up a few willing Vigilanuums for our own squads. When we did this, we were told that there was going to be an invasion on the 35E building, so we had guards posted inside and outside of this building.
Articguana: There weren't any outside, though.
Karin: We suspected whomever would enter from that door, so we let that one go. Plus, the trap was set up from there only. It's expensive to add those things after all, and we're on a budget.
Articguana: Oh. Didn't know that.

Articguana smacks down on his Omnitrix, reverting to human.

Heatblast (Future Ben): Who are the other Magisters?
Savior: You don't remember, Ben?
Heatblast (Future Ben): It's been a while. This was a minor thing after all, especially since they're sworn not to help in anyway.
Ben: Wait, what? You guys aren't helping? What are you guys doing then?
Savior: That's not right, Ben. They are going to help, but they're not permitted to use their natural abilities, just their weapons.
Ben: Well, it's not that bad, I guess. Karin can manage without her Kineceleran powers. I'm not saying she's not great with them, but it's just speed after all. Savior: Well, that's the base of her powers, but there's more.
Ben: What do you mean?
Karin: Alpha Squad representative. Reveal yourself.
Ben: Huh? Karin points to another female Vigilanuum leader. She removes her helmet, her long blonde hair swaying as she does so, until it becomes straight along the back of her head. Some of her hair covers most of her left eye. Who are you?
Female Vigilanuum Leader #2: Hello, nephew. I'm Chelsey's mother, Lindsay. It's an honor to meet you.
Ben: You mean...I have an aunt in the Plumbers! Gwen is going to just (his voice begins to trail off) love...this...
Heatblast (Future Ben): It's alright, Ben. We're going to fix this. We're going to deal with the Commander soon enough.
Lindsay/Female Vigilanuum Leader #2: We're not done here, Ben.
Karin: Beta Squad representative. Reveal yourself. She points to a male Vigilanuum leader who removes his helmet, revealing his brown hair and a face similar to Future Ben's in human form, with the exception of having a full beard. Beta Squad representative Michael Tennyson.
Michael/Male Vigilanuum Leader: A.k.a., your uncle. I'm Chelsey's father.
Ben: That's awesome.
Michael: We feel for you, Ben. We lost our daughter. We want as much to do with this, especially the endgame, as you do.
Ben: I who's the fourth leader? Chelsey's brother or something? Cooper?
Karin: No. Cooper couldn't make it today. With the big threat eventually arriving at Earth, he thought this would be the ideal to get to work on some strong defenses, including shields. He's also hard to work on some new weapons.
Ben: So who is he? Grandpa?
Karin: We'll let him reveal himself.

The fourth Vigilanuum leader, a male, walks up to Ben with his helmet still on. He stands in front of Ben and extends his arm to about seven inches away from Ben. He makes a fist. Ben flinches, then opens his eyes to see the fist still held out. Ben smiles. Ben touches his fist to the Vigilanuum leader's.

Ben (smiling): Kevin.

The Vigilanuum leader, revealed to be Kevin, nods in response. Immediately after this, Ben's smile is lost. The whole building begins to shake, and a dent is made in one of the four doors in the room at the left, right, front, and back of the building. The trembling ends.

Karin (hand touching her ear where an earpiece is, into intercom): Virgil Squad, what was that?

Karin puts her hand away from her earpiece and projects a hologram of her soldiers over her wrist. As one of two pure Vigilanuums posted outside respond, the whole room is able to hear them.

Virgil Squad Vigilanuum #1: We heard it. We're going to check. The two Vigilanuums quietly walk to the other side of the building. They peek over and see Commander Tersce, flying up onto the roof of the 35E building with Mistress. Two Vigilanuums are knocked out on the floor in front of the right door. The right door is unprotected, and it appears that the Commander has arrived with some aid.
Karin (to the guards): Do you know who the aid was?
Virgil Squad Vigilanuum #1: No idea. It looked like a human female, with a bit of armor over her face and some black and green clothing on.
Karin (to the people in the room): Does anybody here know who the Commander is with?
Ben: I do. That's Mistress.
Karin: Mistress? I thought you said Rojo was Mistress. This girl is definitely not her.
Ben: I think the Commander got a replacement. I don't know who she is, though.
Karin: Peculiar. We'll assume she's armed and dangerous. Kilo Leader?
Kevin/Male Vigilanuum Leader #2: Yeah, Karin?
Karin: Head to the roof. Get an analysis of the situation and do what it takes to keep the Commander away from the Chronogen. We will be up there shortly.

Kevin nods and salutes Karin.

Kevin: Guys, can you move a bit?

Ben, Future Ben, and Savior move from the center of the room, each going to one of the other Plumbers. Kevin uses holes in his gloves to propel wind that allows him to send himself, on top of a circular piece of the chunk of the floor, to the roof. As soon as the wind is guiding him upwards on its own, he pulls out his weapon. Eventually, Kevin reaches the roof, bashing through a section of it.

Karin (turning off the projection of Virgil Squad): Alright, guys. We're here, at the end. We have to protect the Chronogen at all costs. If your life is at stakes, and sacrificing yourself is what it takes to get us out of this, then by all means, put your all in. Take one for the team, take one for Earth, because if you don't, Earth--and probably the rest of the Milky Way--will be doomed. Vigilanuums, you may not be from our dimension, but you know we'd do the same for you. Our whole dimension is depending on you and us now.

Every Vigilanuum in the room nods and enters a strong stance with their heads raised. They all salute Karin, who smiles in response.

Karin: Then let's do this. Karin puts on her helmet, and subsequently, Michael and Lindsay follow suit. Ben--err, Bens, gear up. We can't do this without you two.
Ben: Aww, thanks.
Karin: Ben, you have to start taking this seriously now. I hate to bring this up again, but you just lost two of your cousins. If you don't stop acting like this, then you're going to be responsible for the loss of everyone you know--including yourself.
Ben: I--Ben drops his head a bit. He immediately raises it again, engaging in a serious tone and face alike. Alright, Karin. I get it.
Karin: Good. Beta Squad, Alpha Squad, Kilo Squad, Virgil Squad, let's do this.

Ben smacks down on the Omnitrix. The glow immediately encompasses the room, and our view is distorted.

[After the glow fades, we find ourself transitioned to the roof where Kevin is standing before Thep Khufan Commander Tersce and Mistress.]

Thep Khufan Commander: Can you deal with this Osmosian, Mistress?

Mistress nods. She runs over to him, and he manages to absorb a piece of her helmet as she arrives, causing her to run smack into his hand. She collapses onto the floor.

Kevin: You need to get better backup, Commander.
Thep Khufan Commander: I'd say the same for you, but you've got an arsenal posted around the area, now don't you?
Kevin: Yeah. I'd leave quietly.
Thep Khufan Commander: That's not going to happen. He removes the Tetragen from himself again. He points it to Kevin, who begins to fire rapidly with his gun at the Commander. The Commander doesn't fire at Kevin using the Tetragen or even throw it at him. Instead, he creates a shield around himself. Try penetrating this, Levin.

The Commander turns around, the shield around him moving to his back. Kevin fires rapidly with his gun once more, but he runs out of ammo. When he tries to run after the Commander, though, Mistress grabs him by his foot. She takes him and throws him into the air.

Kevin: For a girl who just got her face handed to by my fist, you've really got an arm. As Kevin begins to fall, Mistress prepares her first for Kevin to land on it. When he gets close enough, however, he creates a shield out of the same material on her helmet. Upon contact, her hand takes on extreme pain. She manages to quickly shake it off as Kevin lands back on his feet. He turns his hands into separate objects: his left hand becomes a mallet, and his right a long, sharp sword. Let's do this. A part of the floor begins to crack right behind Mistress. It soon crumbles completely, creating a large hole. Mistress looks to Kevin. Hey, that's not me. If it was, I would have aimed at you.

A hulking mass chases Mistress down. She blasts him, strengthening the beast and making it faster. She runs and runs, farther and farther, the gap between them only narrowing, until he suddenly stops. She thinks she's gotten away when a burst of energy erupts from him and tosses her away. Kevin rushes over to her and catches her before she falls. She puts her carefully down on the floor. Kevin turns around and looks into the hole, to find Michael and Lindsay. Meanwhile, present Ben reveals himself as the beast, a large swamp green ogre alien with a head featuring only a mouth and his stomach featuring three large eyes and his spoked Omnitrix symbol sitting on a gray belt. They all raise to the roof through the hole on a mana-made platform created and sustained by both Michael and Lindsay. They step off onto the roof floor, the platform fading into nothingness.

Kevin: Ben, what is that?
Ogre Alien (deep scratch voice): Oh, this? Turns out Upchuck's got an ultimate.
Thep Khufan Commander (facing the pedestal with the Chronogen crystal on it): Well, Tennyson, that's lovely. He turns around. But I believe it's over for you.

Everybody on the roof averts their attention to the Commander. His Taydenite shield goes down and in his hand now are the Tetragen, Rexahegen, and Chronogen crystals.


Part IV

[We open on the roof of the 35E building in Chronospect. Michael, Lindsay, Kevin, and Ben as the new Ultimate Upchuck are standing before the Commander, who holds in his hands the Tetragen, Rexahegen, and Chronogen crystals.]

Thep Khufan Commander: I'd prefer it if we didn't waste anymore time.

The Commander pockets the Tetragen and Chronogen crystals, and raises his right hand with the brown Rexahegen crystal facing Ultimate Upchuck.

Ultimate Upchuck/Ogre Alien: Come, we don't have to do anything drastic, Commander.
Thep Khufan Commander: Petty. I was hoping you'd show some ruthlessness in this case. No matter.

With poor accuracy, the Commander blasts several brown beams. One finally gets near Ultimate Upchuck. He opens his mouth wide in preparation of the beam's arrival into his mouth, but the beam is overshot, flying straight over his head.

Ultimate Upchuck: Hah. You missed!
Thep Khufan Commander: Did I now? Turn around.

Being cautious with the action, he turns around and sees Lindsay, Michael, and Kevin all on the floor.

Ultimate Upchuck: What did you do?!
Thep Khufan Commander: I can't take all the credit for this. Mistress took out Levin. Speaking of Mistress...

Ultimate Upchuck is punched in the back. After falling forward, he gets up onto his feet as quickly as his weight and strength permitted. He turns to the direction where he had been punched from and finds Mistress.

Ultimate Upchuck: C'mon, we don't have any beef with each other. You know that the Commander's probably gonna betray you anyway. Just like he did with Rojo. By the way, what happened to Rojo, Commander?
Thep Khufan Commander: I destroyed her. I'm not going to let the personality of my best soldier be known to the universe. And don't think this one will be as lenient in destroying you. She's a blank slate, a human girl whose brain's been cleaned.
Ultimate Upchuck: Well, I can still take her on. Bending his fingers in and out of his palm, he gestures Mistress to come at him. In the blink of eye, she appears immediately in front of him. Whoa! He attempts to back up, but she grabs the Omnitrix symbol on his belt and throws him to the other side of the roof, just a few feet away from the Commander. The Commander steps over Ultimate Upchuck and blasts his Omnitrix symbol with the Rexahegen crystal, sniping him out of his transformation. The attack leaves Ben writhing in pain, crying out. Aaaaggh! The Commander stops blasting.
Ben (weakly): Please, no more...
Thep Khufan Commander: I'll stop for now. After you watch what's to come, then you'll be dealt with. Take him by the back, Mistress. Mistress picks Ben up with both hands and eventually takes her on with just her right hand, holding him by the back of the collar of his shirt. Follow. He walks close to the edge of the building. He kicks Kevin off of the building. That's one.
Ben (weakly):
Thep Khufan Commander: We're not done. Two long papery arms fly out from under his regular set of arms. Each new set of arms goes after and wraps around Michael and Lindsay. He extends his arms to the point where they're held not over the roof but the ground. Being at the height of the roof, though, the drop is long. Bomb's ahoy, as they say. He releases both bodies. Their bodies begin to plummet to the ground far below. And the deed is done. His arms retract to his sides. Mistress, drop the boy.
Ben (weakly at first, but immediately gaining energy): No...NO! He elbows Mistress back. She lets go of him and wobbles back and forth as she moves backwards. He transforms into Rath.
Rath: RATH!

Rath rushes for the ledge, but finds himself being blasted in the back. He thrusts his chest and feels the pain pulse throughout his body. He reverts to human immediately and falls off the edge. In his human form, he barely manages to grab a hold of the ledge. The Commander walks over to the edge with Mistress joining him shortly after.

Thep Khufan Commander: Well, look at this turn of events. Oh, wait, that would imply you once had the upper hand. Mistress, good shot despite your temporary impairment. Mistress nods in response. I want you to conduct the prelude to the victory speech. You'll be introducing me. I will rouse the entire Thep Khufan army, and I imagine the General will want to honor me somehow for this, maybe by stepping down and giving a certain other his position. Mistress nods in response. Well, let's get this over with. He puts the Rexahegen crystal away and removes the Tetragen crystal from a pocket. He forms the Tetragen into a sword only with his thoughts. What power this presents. And what little of it your young, short life will get to observe of (he is distracted by something behind Ben)--What in the world is that?!
Ben: I'm not falling for that twice, Commander.
Thep Khufan Commander (bringing his attention back to Ben): Then let me force you to. He swings the sword down with the tip headed for Ben's hand. Ben manages to quickly switch which hand is holding onto the ledge. He puts his left on the edge, with the Commander striking the roof floor. Oh, let's not play games.

The Commander removes the Tetragen sword from the ground and reverts it to its crystal shape. He uses the crystal to rapidly blast at where Ben interchanges his hands. Ben is finally forced to close his eyes and relieve his grip on the ledge. As he falls, he sets the Omnitrix up. Despite not recognizing the hologram on the watch, he throws his hand down. After falling only a few feet, however, he is caught on a platform. He flips over and gets up onto his feet. He finds himself on a vine-made structure that is extending from the ground. He turns around to the center of the vine structure to find a pod protected by fines. When the platform is level with the roof of the 35E building, the pod opens up, and the platform is extended to the edge of the roof. Ben looks to find Lindsay and Future Ben as Swampfire, whose differences include a bit of height, a bit more muscle, and the wearing of a black and white sleeveless shirt.

Swampfire (Future Ben): Ben, out of the way. Ben raises one eyebrow but follows along. He moves aside to the edge of the platform, allowing Future Ben's Swampfire to run up to the Commander and Mistress. He blasts heat in both of their faces. After he halts his blasting, he finds the Commander having covered both himself and Mistress in a block of Cyogen ice. Alright, Ben, get over here.

Present Ben shrugs and walks over to Swampfire's side.

Ben: Before you say anything...thanks for saving Chelsey's mom.
Swampfire (Future Ben): Umm...I'm welcome?
Ben: Haha...but...what happened to Chelsey's dad?
Swampfire (Future Ben): Well...Ben, I'm sorry to say this, but...
Ben: No...

Savior flies into the air from the north side of the 35E building, the direction from which he, Ben, and Future Ben originally arrived at the 35E building a short while ago after their first meeting. Savior lands on the roof of the building with Michael on his back. He drops Michael into the hole in the roof, Michael caught by some of the Vigilanuums down below.

Swampfire (Future Ben, smiling): Yep, he's just fine.
Ben: You...don't do that...
Swampfire (Future Ben): Sorry. I remember it not doing much to cheer me up either, but I have to make some things happen to move time like how it should.
Ben: Even with this conversation?
Swampfire (Future Ben): Even with this conversation.
Ben: So how are we going to deal with these two?
Swampfire (Future Ben): I'll take Mistress. You and Savior will take the Commander.
Ben: Whoa, whoa, whoa. You've taken the Commander on before, and you've obviously beat him. Shouldn't you be with me, or just, take him on on your own?
Swampfire (Future Ben): Mistress and the Commander don't realize this yet, but Mistress is currently the most powerful out of the two. The Commander may have the three crystals, but they still aren't at their full capacity yet. There's a final piece of the puzzle, a gem, that he can easily acquire that he mustn't know about.

The Commander smashes through the Cyogen block of ice from the inside.

Thep Khufan Commander: What was that? What did you just say about me?
Swampfire (Future Ben): Depends. What did you hear?
Thep Khufan Commander: I heard "Commander" and nothing more. What was it you said?
Swampfire (Future Ben): Ben and Savior, take him.
Ben: With pleasure. He transforms into Upchuck again.
Upchuck: You don't want me to have Eye Guy? Really? Alright, whatever. He attempts to punch the Commander, but he dodges the attack, swiftly moving to his side, while in the background, Future Ben's Swampfire tackles Mistress. The Commander is then attacked from behind by the Savior with a green blast. The Commander's robe is burnt through. He then spins the Omnitrix becoming his ultimate.
Ultimate Upchuck: Oooh, buurn!
Thep Khufan Commander: You will pay for that, you insolent little--The Commander, while facing Savior's direction, is hit from behind again, this time by Ultimate Upchuck ramming him down with absorbed energy. I think I've wasted enough time here. He removes the Chronogen crystal from his pocket. Both Savior and Ultimate Upchuck are awestruck. Yes, it's marvelous, isn't it? Behold. He holds the crystal tightly, and it takes on the form of an orb. Holding the Chronogen orb tightly with both hands, the Commander creates a large pulse. The area is shaken, and the closest two beings to him--Savior and Ultimate Upchuck--are thrown off. The ogreish ultimate only barely manages to catch himself before he falls off the edge, while Savior had kept his hands tightly gripped onto the roof floor. The ogre and Savior rush to right in front of the Commander. The Commander reverts the orb into a crystal. I hope you don't think coming at me together will be enough force to stop me. He quickly swaps the Chronogen for the Rexahegen crystal. He blasts at a random location in front of himself, scaring Ultimate Upchuck and Savior into scrambling to other sides of the roof.

While the Commander engages in further battle with Savior and Ultimate Upchuck, we focus now on Future Ben's Swampfire and Mistress. Mistress is holding on with both hands to the ledge of the 35E building.

Swampfire (Future Ben): Now, what was it that the Commander said five years ago? That this was a great turn of events? But that you'd have to have the upper hand first? Well, I'll have you know that you never have the upper hand so long as Paradox is around. Mistress shakes her head, pleading Swampfire not to let her fall. I'm not the same man I was five years ago. I've been forced to change and mature and learn that sometimes what was to be done has to be done. He closes his eyes and extends his hand out to Mistress. Just as she flinches, believing he is about to blast her, he flips hand over to his palm. Come on up. You don't have to meet this fate. Mistress, in spite of expecting betrayal grabs hold of Swampfire's hand. He lifts her back onto the roof. You are just so gullible. He transforms into Combustiball and rolls off of the roof heading for the ground with Mistress on him.

Our focus is brought back to the battle waging between the Commander, Ultimate Upchuck and Savior. The Commander has distanced himself from Ultimate Upchuck and Savior, standing on the opposite of the roof to them.

Thep Khufan Commander: Grr, I don't know how you managed to survive it last time, but it's not happening again. He puts away the Tetragen crystal and removes the Chronogen crystal once more. Only a bit more juice, but it will suffice.

The Commander points the crystal at Ultimate Upchuck, who keeps a firm stance and opens his mouth wide. The Savior frantically looks back and forth between the Commander and the ogre. The Commander blasts at Ultimate Upchuck, who absorbs the damage, and becomes visibly stronger. He rushes the Commander, consuming further attacks and growing taller, before he reaches him and implodes.

Ultimate Upchuck: Oh, this is my favorite Ultimate-- until I turn into anything else. I might just give this its own name; he's too unique. Munchtrosity, what do you think, Kevin? His eyes open wide. Savior? He turns completely around, looking over the edge of the roof from a safe distance. Kevin would've mocked the name. Where is he?
Savior: BEN!
Ultimate Upchuck: Where is h--He is shoved away. He observes as Savior, who took his place takes on the returned energy blast of the Chronogen crystal from the Commander. Tetrax! He inhales deeply and exhales, blasting something weak out of his stomach to distract the Commander. He rushes to Savior's side and transforms into Anos. He creates a shield around himself and Savior. He turns Savior, who is laying on his face and stomach, onto his back.
Anos: Tetrax, are you alright?
Savior (weakly): Tetrax?
Anos: I guessed. You didn't have to keep it a secret, or you could've at least done a bit better on the act. He pulls the Savior's robe off of his head, revealing a human head with Galvanic Mechamorph patterns. Julie? Wait, no...Rex? Dude, is that you?
Savior (weakly): No...

Anos touches Savior's head. After a brief moment of interaction with Savior's memories, he releases him. He steps away.

Anos: You're--you're--(Savior's Galvanic Mechamorph patterns clear from his head, revealing a face and head much akin to Ben's own human face) You're Upgrade Ben.


Part V

[We open on the roof of the 35E building with Anos maintaining a mana dome around himself and the down-for-the-count Upgrade Ben.]

Anos: Why-but you-and--you're Upgrade Ben! You're the me Paradox told my team about.
Upgrade Ben/Savior (weakly): Yes.
Anos: Why'd you jump in the way of the Commander's blast? You could've blocked it or something.
Upgrade Ben: Those blasts are powerful and won't stop until they hit a living target. Plus, you need to keep your strength up. This is your battle.
Anos: So, what's going to happen to you?
Upgrade Ben: My armor--Azmuth's Mechamorph "Aggression"--is what I'm wearing. It'll heal itself and then heal me.
Anos: How long will that take?
Upgrade Ben: It depends on how I do it, but I need to do it quickly...before the Commander uses the Chrono--

There is a large burst of energy that penetrates Anos' dome. Feeling the blast, Anos' eyes flash white. The Omnitrix takes in much of the blast's energy, quickly reverting Ben to human so as to prevent the Self-Destruct Mode from being forcefully activated. Ben falls onto his knees, while Upgrade Ben's body is reduced to a completely still puddle.

Thep Khufan Commander: Now, where's that other Tennyson?
Ben: He's...(Coughs out a bit of saliva) He's taking care of Mistress, (He shuts hi eyes, his eyelids shaking from the attempts of the tears behind it trying to break through) just like you took care of Chelsey...and Kevin...and Gwen...
Thep Khufan Commander: You are pathetic, Ben Tennyson. Tears shed for the ones you lost. You don't act; you just mourn and make their deaths even more pointless.
Ben (on his knees): You want to see me act on it? Sniffles. You got it.

Ben transforms into Ghostfreak in his thin white and black form.

Thep Khufan Commander: A petty Ectonurite? Useless, useless, usel--

Ghostfreak peels the skin over his torso, allowing black and white striped tendrils to slip out. From the core of the tendrils as well as of Ghostfreak's body, a blue beam is fired in the Commander's direction. With constant fire being unleashed, the Commander appears slowly being pushed towards the ledge of the building. The end of Ghostfreak's blast begins to harden. It turns green and takes on crystalline properties like that of the Taydenite from the Tetragen crystal. The Commander is no longer being pushed back. Ghostfreak unleashes even more of his power now, the beam becoming larger and being expelled faster than before as a result of the increased force. The crystalline property continues to spread through the beam, catching up and nearly making its way to the origin at the center of Ghostfreak's body. When it's just too close for his comfort, Ghostfreak stops firing his beam. With Ghostfreak no longer sustaining it, the large crystal that the beam had turned into falls to the roof floor, but doesn't break or chip at all due to its durability. Ghostfreak transforms into Diamondhead and blasts in the Commander's direction. Diamondhead proceeds to run at the Commander, who stands absolutely still on the ledge. When Diamondhead arrives at the Commander, he makes his arm into a sharp shard. The Commander simultaneously produces a Tetragen dome around himself.

Diamondhead: I am tired of you! He smacks down on the Tetragen dome multiple times until it is completely broken. The Commander then removes the Chronogen from behind him and aims it at Diamondhead, who immediately smacks the gem out of the Commander's hand. It flies into the air. The Commander looks to Diamondhead, removes the Rexahegen from behind him and blasts Diamondhead in any visible part of his Petrosapien body. You will not bring me down!

Diamondhead turns his hand into a rough combination of crystals and begins to rapidly fire them in the Commander's direction. The Commander takes in all the attacks, then opens up his chest and prepares to fire a beam of Cyogen ice out at Diamondhead. Diamondhead squints at the Cyogen and simply watches it as the Commander blasts him. He is frozen and thrust in the distance to the center of the roof by the sheer force of the crystal's freezing blast. The Commander reaches some of his paper to the skies as the Chronogen falls behind him. He catches it, and replaces the Rexahegen in his hand with the crystal, pocketing the Rexahegen.

Thep Khufan Commander: Let's see how a Petrosapien fares being aged several thousand millennia in a matter of seconds.

The Commander aims the Chronogen at the block of ice at Diamondhead's forehead. He keeps a constant shot on his target area, quickly breaking a hole into the ice at Diamondhead's forehead. Finally, the ice is broken. Immediately at this point, though, Diamondhead flashes green. Chromastone takes his place. The constant blast of the Chronogen is fed into Chromastone's body. Chromastone creates a large wave of energy out of what he had absorbed from the Chronogen, dropping the Commander onto his back with the Chronogen flying into the air and landing just next to him. The Commander grabs hold of the Chronogen again, but at the same time, so does Chromastone.

Chromastone: You're going to let go of that if you know what's good for you.
Thep Khufan Commander: I've been watching you for years. You wouldn't hurt a fly if it ate one of your precious Mr. Smoothy's.
Chromastone: It wouldn't be hard to change that right here and now.
Thep Khufan Commander: I dare you, Tennyson.
Chromastone (snarling): LET GO OF THE CRYSTAL!
Thep Khufan Commander: NEVER!
Chromastone: AAGH! He blasts the Commander in the stomach with two hands worth of energy. The beam penetrates the Commander's feeble paper skin and hits the Cyogen inside. The Cyogen is subsequently broken. The Commander releases the Chronogen and curls into fetal position and faces the opposite direction, holding his stomach tightly. Chromastone picks up the Chronogen crystal. Now there's only one thing left to do. The Commander begins to laugh. What's so funny?
Thep Khufan Commander: Hahahahaha...hahahaha...
Chromastone: Turn crazy for all I care, Commander. I don't c--

Eyes appear on the Commander's back. He stares straight at Chromastone. Chromastone gasps, then watches as the eyes disappear, the Commander's stomach opens, and a blast from the Rexahegen is unleashed. Chromastone is flung in the opposite direction, the only thing stopping him from sliding off the edge is him gripping the ground. The Commander jumps up onto his feet and grabs the Chronogen crystal. His stomach, which is wide open and showing the Rexahegen now in place of the Cyogen, closes.

Thep Khufan Commander: You think I'm going to let you of all people rip this from me? I've worked for a year to get this far, and I've worked for this past year to make sure you would be the one under me--*NOT* the other way around.
Chromastone (standing up straight, staring at the Commander): Keep dreaming, Commander. The energy inside Chromastone becomes visible as a wide rainbow glow around his body. He points to the commander with both of his fists. This is for Gwen. He unleashes a powerful beam in the Commander's direction. The Commander attempts to dodge the blast by moving aside, but Chromastone continues to follow him. The Commander pulls out the Chronogen as he continues to dodge Chromastone's attack. PUT THAT AWAY!
Thep Khufan Commander (calmly): No. He blasts at Chromastone's chest using the Chronogen crystal. Suddenly, Chromastone's beam ceases. Let's see how you fare without an Omnitrix.

As the Chronogen's energy is unleashed at Chromastone's energy, the Omnitrix begins to flash green.

Omnitrix: Defense mechanism employed by Safeguard 11. Safeguard 30 needs to be deactivated. A silver, stronger-than-titanium shield is swiftly built over the Omnitrix. Safeguard 30 has been deactivated. The Chronogen beam arrives at the Omnitrix and is reflected immediately by the shield automatically created by the Omnitrix. Defense mechanism employed by Safeguard 1.

Chromastone transforms into am alien made nearly entirely out of titanium. His glowing green eyes are the only other feature save for the layers of titanium covering his body that are visible.

Titanium Alien: This isn't the right time for new aliens. I'm here to use what I've trained with. Without touching the now barred Omnitrix, he reverts to Chromastone.
Chromastone: Now, where were we?
Thep Khufan Commander: *I* was about to destroy your weapon.
Chromastone: Oh, yeah. He enters a fighting stance and targets the Commander. He blasts at him, but as the Commander attempts to reflect it with the Chronogen's own energy, Chromastone's beam makes its way to the Chronogen. It's smacked out of the Commander's hand and lands stuck to the ledge of the roof. Don't go near it.

The Commander simply smiles at Chromastone, then proceeds to walk over to the Chronogen. Before he manages to walk far, he hears the Omnitrix activation tone. XLR8 races in front of him and picks up the Chronogen crystal.

Thep Khufan Commander: Give me that, boy. You don't know how to use it.
XLR8: I'm sure I could figure it out.
Thep Khufan Commander (while he speaks, one of his arms slithers from his back along the floor and up to XLR8's hand): You won't manage to, not without the other pieces. Now, (with the arm at XLR8's hand, he wraps his paper around the Chronogen and tries to grab it) give it to me!

XLR8 realizes this and races to another edge of the roof.

XLR8: You're never getting a hold of this. He holds up his Chronogen crystal hand, only to find that it is empty. His eyes widen as he looks to the Commander with the crystal in his hand. Grr...He transforms into Munchtrosity, picks up a large chunk of the ledge and eats it. He immediately fires the chunk in the form of boomerang-shaped energy at the Chronogen crystal. Inches away from the crystal when the Commander believes he's able to dodge the boomerang beam, the beam splits into two and chases after him until the Chronogen crystal is knocked out of his hand. The crystal goes flying into the air. The Commander extends his arms and attempts to grab the airborne crystal again.
Munchtrosity: Not gonna happen, Commander. He transforms directly into Ultimate Humungousaur and arms his rockets in the direction of the Chronogen crystal. He blasts all eight of his rockets at the Chronogen crystal, creating a large explosion at the site of it. The Commander gets caught in the explosion and is quickly thrust out of it by a large amount of debris. The smoke from the explosion begins to soar through the skies in the direction that Ultimate Humungousaur had fired it.
Ultimate Humungousaur: I was hoping that would blow it up, not give him another chance to catch that thing. With the Commander down, he walks over to the edge and looks into the distance to where the Chronogen crystal had landed. Gonna need the airway to keep it safe. C'mon, Jetray. He reverts to XLR8.
XLR8: Or, XLR8. Still fast. He looks in the distance and sees something else racing towards the crystal. His visor slides down over his face. I don't know what that is, but it definitely isn't getting that crystal before me! But before I go...Omnitrix, what's Safeguard 30?
Omnitrix: Safeguard 30 identified as "Master Control."
XLR8: Whoa. Awesome. Finally. He shakes his head and focuses on the speeding alien in the distance. Alright, let's do this.

XLR8 races down the side of the building en route for the Chronogen as well as surpassing the other speeding life form. Before closely following him, we focus on the Commander's body. He checks his surroundings by barely opening his eyes. He then gets up.

Thep Khufan Commander: Xonode. Pick up the Chronogen and bring me a transport to the ship. There is no response. XONODE!
Professor Xonode's Voice: Hello, Commander.
Thep Khufan Commander: What? Where are you?
Professor Xonode's Voice: You can't see me. I established a telepathic connection in case of emergency. Now, it appears that the portal's having a bit of a malfunction. I'm going to need you to collect the Chronogen, and I'll open a portal as soon as you give the signal.
Thep Khufan Commander: What shall the signal be?
Professor Xonode's Voice: Anything, but I thought you would go with something along the lines of "The beginning of the end," or whatever it was you said prior to the transport.
Thep Khufan Commander: Ahh, yes. Can you aid me in reaching the Chronogen faster?
Professor Xonode's Voice: Yes. Thankfully, there are some Vigilanuums on your side. I've arranged for a helicopter that the Plumbers below you will assume is being used for official purposes.
Thep Khufan Commander: Oh, you are a brilliant man, Slaka.
Professor Xonode's Voice: Thank you. It should be arriving...(a helicopter flies over Thep Khufan Commander) now.
Thep Khufan Commander: On the dot, Xonode, on the dot. The Commander extends his arms and grabs onto the interior of the helicopter. He grapples his way in and takes a passenger seat. He shuts the door closest to him so as to not fly out. Let's do this.

[We find ourself on the other side of Chronospect, where XLR8 is just on the horizon in terms of the location of the Chronogen. He sees a Plumber helicopter flying overhead belonging to Virgil Squad, but he continues to race ahead in an attempt to beat the other speeding creature to the crystal. When he's close enough, he is able to recognize the creature's build. He continues to run towards the crystal, until both of them arrive at it, at which point they both stop. The other creature is identified as Future Ben's XLR8. Super Ben pans down the body of the alien and realizes the spikes protruding from the four corners of the Omnitrix symbol.]

XLR8: Is that...Ultimate XLR8?
Ultimate XLR8 (Future Ben): I don't have time to explain this to you, Ben. He reverts to his regular XLR8 form, which has white skin in place of Super Ben's blue.
XLR8 (Super Ben): What are you talking about? The Plumbers are here. We're safe.
XLR8 (Future Ben): Oh, have a little of a brain up there, please?
XLR8 (Super Ben): Whoa, what's with the insults?
XLR8 (Future Ben): You're quickly becoming cocky again. Did you forget that you lost two family members, your best friend, and an alternate counterpart of yourself? Do you want to lose more than that?
XLR8 (Super Ben): No, but, we're just so--
XLR8 (Future Ben): We're so nothing. Don't start acting cocky till we've won, maybe not even then.
XLR8 (Super Ben): Okay...I will.

The helicopter overhead descends to the ground on the opposite side of the Chronogen crystal. The side door opens, and the Commander steps out.

Thep Khufan Commander: I'm done playing games. He walks over to both XLR8s. He blasts them both with Rexahegen. I don't know which one of you is the present Ben, but quite honestly, I don't care. One of you is going to watch the Earth crumble, and afterwards, you're going to experience a very slow death for your insolence here today. XLR8 (Future Ben): You must be crazy, Commander.
Thep Khufan Commander: You're going to be the one who experiences the swift death. He speeds over to Future Ben's XLR8, almost as if by teleporting. He wraps his paper around XLR8's body in less than a second. As Super Ben's XLR8 attempts to maneuver through the paper so as to save Future Ben, the Commander blasts that XLR8 back to his 17 year old human form. Looks like I'm dealing with the future one. Marvelous. I'll get to have the real one live to see the end. He pulses the Rexahegen's power through his paper, causing Future Ben's XLR8 to be forcefully reverted to human. Using his back hand, he grabs the Chronogen and pierces his paper as well as Future Ben's skin with the Chronogen crystal. As Future Ben stops struggling in his constriction, the Commander releases the body onto the ground. Super Ben gets up, blood dripping down his mouth which he swiftly wipes, and watches as his future has the life in him taken away in a matter of a seconds. You better stay down. I want to leave your demise to The Unleashed. He presses down on Future Ben's Omnitrix's hourglass and it decouples. He picks up the Omnitrix and kicks Future Ben's body off of the edge. This shall serve as a souvenir and a warning to those in the future. He walks over to Super Ben and comes close to his face. Including you. Ben spits in the Commander's face. Childish antics performed even up to the end. I don't know whether to commend you or pity you. XONODE!
Professor Xonode's Voice: I sense you have the Chronogen crystal. Where's your little helper? "Mistress?"
Thep Khufan Commander: Just get me out of here, Xonode.
Professor Xonode's Voice: Okay. I'm going to use what remains of its power to pull a portal up in front of you. Tell me if it works.

A portal opens immediately in front of the Commander.

Thep Khufan Commander: It's open.
Professor Xonode's Voice: Feel free to enter.

The Commander nods. He steps into the portal, but after getting half of his body in, he turns around to Ben and speaks to him.

Thep Khufan Commander: I forgot to say this earlier, but the end has begun. He smiles then turns around and enters the portal. It shuts after him.

[From Ben's perspective, everything becomes blurry...and then we faint. We wake a half hour later with Karin and Upgrade Ben in his robe standing over Ben.]

Ben: Upgrade're alright...
Upgrade Ben: Yes, Ben, and you will be, too. You hold on there, alright?
Ben: I don't know if I's pointless now.
Upgrade Ben: So you found out?
Ben: What? That I'm going to die in only five years.
Upgrade Ben: Yeah...
Ben: You knew about this?
Upgrade Ben: Well, I had to have. But, Ben--
Ben: No buts! Three people close to me *DIED* today, and now I get to join them in a few years. It doesn't even make sense to use the Omnitrix anymore.
Upgrade Ben: Yes, it does. If you give up now, those people--and you--will die for nothing. If you die later, you die following the big plan and you die also having stopped the Commander years prior.
Ben: But he has all the pieces for that big thing he's been talking about, "The Unleashed," the thing that's going to blow up the entire Earth.
Upgrade Ben: But you can stop him before he gets the chance to even scratch the Earth's surface.
Ben: No, I can''s over...
Karin: Ben, you're going to do your best to stop this guy or else.
Ben: Or else what. Karin closes up on Ben's face and stares at him dead in the eye. Okay, okay, stop, I have time to just rest?
Karin: We estimate you have about sixteen hours before the Commander is able to ready that thing of his. Transform into a Thep Khufan or another fast healer, and we'll get you to a safe place where you can just relax and rest.
Ben: Okay...He transforms into Benmummy.
Benmummy: hurts...
Karin: Come on, Ben. I'll walk you to the stretcher.

Karin walks Benmummy over to a stretcher placed on the horizon where XLR8 had first sighted the Chronogen, and Future Ben what seemed like moments ago. When he is on the stretcher, he lies on his left side and looks to the stretcher next to him. His eyes widen when he notices the similar structure. He lifts his head and looks at the person in the other stretcher.

Benmummy: Kevin, you're alive!

[We move to Professor Xonode's lab. The Tetragen, Chronogen, and Rexahegen crystals are all aligned on Xonode's wall. The Commander and Professor Xonode stand before it.]

Thep Khufan Commander: Are we ready?
Professor Xonode: Yes. But, answer me something quickly?
Thep Khufan Commander: Yes?
Professor Xonode: What happened to Mistress?
Thep Khufan Commander: Ben Tennyson got her, the future one. Just before I got him. Knowing what fate he was to meet, I'm sure he dealt with her just as I had him. He had to give somebody all that pain he knew he was eventually going to endure after all. Professor Xonode: Hmm...yes. Alright. He puts on lab goggles. Will you be needing a pair?
Thep Khufan Commander: No. I want to witness this fully and for myself.

Professor Xonode flips a lever on the wall. A large bright white flash covers an entire section of the room for nearly ten seconds. When it stops, the three crystals are gone on the walls. Below the crystals, though, is a long staff. The staff is made out of three materials: Tetragen at the top, Chronogen in the middle, and Rexahegen at the bottom.

Professor Xonode: The deed is--He removes his lab goggles and squints at the crystals' new staff form. He rushes over to the staff and removes it from the wall. He closely analyzes it. Hmm...
Thep Khufan Commander: What's wrong?
Professor Xonode: Do you see how the staff is pointed at the top and flat at the bottom?
Thep Khufan Commander: Yes...? Is that a problem?
Professor Xonode: Yes, it is. The result of the combination of all the Unleashed gems is the Tritadagen staff, pointed on both sides like a two-sided writing utensil. But this is flawed, and it's not by my machine. This is something I salvaged from the first site of the recreation of the Tritadagen staff.
Thep Khufan Commander: What are you saying?
Professor Xonode: I'm saying that there's more to this puzzle. There is...(he runs his finger down the staff) there is one piece missing.
Thep Khufan Commander: Can you figure out what?
Professor Xonode: Hmm...His eyes flash white. My word.
Thep Khufan Commander: What?
Professor Xonode: The last piece is a pure green crystal, one that is luminescent as opposed to the dark Tetragen. The Rexahegen down here at the bottom is trying to connect with this crystal, but it can't find it.
Thep Khufan Commander: Can I not use the full power without it? Why is this crystal so necessary if these three alone allowed me to vanquish a formidable version of Ben Tennyson?
Professor Xonode: Because this last crystal is pure power, pure energy. His eyes widen as he makes a revelation. I know exactly what uses this type of energy. I recognize the structure at an atomic level.
Thep Khufan Commander: Give me the location, and I will acquire the crystal.
Professor Xonode: Commander, it's inside the Omnitrix.
Thep Khufan Commander: Hmm...I have the Future Ben's Omnitrix.
Professor Xonode: Let me see it. He turns around and places the staff back on its holder. The Commander removes Future Ben's Omnitrix from behind him and tosses it to Xonode. Hmm...He turns over the Omnitrix and analyzes it. He holds his hand on a segment of it, and a panel unlocks. He removes the panel and finds a rectangular battery. He tosses the Omnitrix aside. No. This must be a sign that this we have a snitch, someone who will tell Azmuth about the crystal that powers the Omnitrix, and how useful it is in conquest of the universe and everything.
Thep Khufan Commander: So the crystal is inside the current Tennyson's Omnitrix?
Professor Xonode: Yes.
Thep Khufan Commander: Can you be sure?
Professor Xonode: Positive. And if not, I know of another location. I'll send you there only if--in the off approximately 0.000001% chance that I'm wrong--the Omnitrix does not contain the crystal.

[While the Commander continues to speak, we return to Chronospect and find the lifeless body of Mistress tied by vines to the side of the 35E building.]

Thep Khufan Commander: Then it's time. I guess I'm not done saying it, although I'd hoped I would be by now...[Mistress has a pulse and her eyes fly open.] The end has begun.


Major Events

Assault Omnitrix Alien Debuts



Aliens Used

(by Ben)

  • XLR8 (x2; second time: accidental transformation, selected alien was Jetray)
  • Terraspin
  • Autosassin (first appearance)
  • Lodestar (accidental transformation; selected by Mistress)
  • Buzzshock
  • Articguana
  • Upchuck (x2; first time: offscreen transformation; second time: accidental transformation, selected alien was Eye Guy)
  • Ultimate Upchuck (x3; first appearance; second time referred to as "Munchtrosity")
  • Rath
  • Anos
  • Ghostfreak
  • Diamondhead
  • Chromastone (x2)
  • Unnamed Titanium Alien (brief; accidental transformation, selected by Omnitrix)
  • Ultimate Humungousaur
  • Benmummy

(by Future Ben)

  • Combustiball (x2; first appearance by Future Ben)
  • Atomhammer (brief)
  • Heatblast (first appearance by Future Ben)
  • Swampfire
  • Ultimate XLR8
  • XLR8


  • Until a small rewrite on October 29, 2018, Ultimate Upchuck was a unique alien called Boomchomp who shot boomerang-shaped projectiles based on the power of what was consumed.
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