Brandon 10: Ultimate Hero
Season 2, Episode 1
Written by Brandon
Directed by Brandon
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Welcome to Atlantis is the 11th episode of Brandon 10: Ultimate Hero.


The episode begins at the docks where a cruise ship is seen docked there at the moment. There are a group of people at the docks and on the cruise ship as well. Coco's Car arrives at the docks as the group of people ahead turn around to see. Coco and Sarah get out of the car.

Sarah: We're going to be late.

Coco: We're not going to be late. See? They're still here.

Sarah: I packed everything, right?

Coco, carrying luggage: Sure feels like it. What's with the cruise thing again?

Sarah: Oh Coco. How many times do I have to explain it to you?

Coco: So many times that you'll end up missing your cruise and end up hanging out with me.

Sarah: Cute but I need to take this. Not only is this a great opportunity to help children learn new things but it enhances my chances of getting accepted into a good college. Scratch that. An amazing college. Also I can finally get a nice tan. Scratch that-

Coco: An amazing tan? (smiles)

Sarah smiles back. They then kiss passionately.

Voice: Oh would you two give it a break.

They stop and look back at the car.

Sarah: And who said you can come along?

Voice: I'm your cousin...

A figure wearing a green jacket approaches them.

Brandon: Where else would I be?

Sarah: It's nice of you to come and say bye but I have a ship to catch.

Coco: We can always take The Interceptor.

Sarah: Yeah but its part of the contract to take the cruise. Apparently its a good way to bond with who ever else is coming along. Or whatever.

Brandon: Not exactly the social butterfly.

Sarah: Heh. You shouldn't be talking, Mr. Anti-Social.

Brandon: That was before the watch, Sarah. Here, let me help you with your bags. I'm coming along anyways so I minus as well help you out.

Sarah: Wait what?

Coco: Yeah... Forgot to mention that. Brandon's doing this um promotional thing with the Juice Shack.

Brandon: Apparently they want to go international with a big hit sponsor such as myself. They're also teaming up with your cause to feed juice to children that need it. And I get free milkshakes sold from the Shack Stand on the cruise.

Sarah: Well isn't that just swell. Just when I wanted some alone time.

Later on, the cruise ship leaves the docks. The group of people on the docks are seen waving as the ship takes off. Even more later on, Brandon is sipping on a free milkshake by the railing while Sarah is tanning.

Sarah: What's the matter? You haven't said anything in a while.

Brandon: Well I was gonna sing a song but I just got this sinking feeling you were going to say something.

The cruise ship is then seen traveling through the waters as a vortex appears in the ocean. The ship is then pulled into its swirls and the Captain drives to direct the ship elsewhere. The Captain looks at his instruments which are going haywire. He then looks at the scanner and then at the map on the controls which shows that they're in the Bermuda Triangle. A shadow then overcomes Brandon and Sarah. Sarah looks up, disappointed and then looks in surprise. Brandon turns his head and drops his milkshake into the ocean. A giant tidal wave is seen about to consume the ship.

Brandon: I'm going to need a bigger milkshake.

Theme Song

A news broadcast is seen on a television.

TV: (shows logo) And now for the man with the plan, the defender of the country and the reporter of news: Jeff Thompson!

Jeff Thompson then sits at his desk and adjusts his tie. He then looks off screen a little bit and then adjusts the papers at his desk as though he missed something earlier.

Jeff Thompson, on broadcast: Good evening, America. I'm Jeff Thompson with updates on the most despising stories from Canned Meat to Alien Wackos. Tonight's first story takes us to missing cruise ship that had its destination set for Cuba. Not much information can be gathered from this event but there was one piece of information that was big enough to spell out who was really responsible for this. Brandon Tennyson was seen at this cruise ship and he personally got on it. Of course a missing cruise ship has something to do with aliens. They always do. And who better to blame then Brandon 10, himself. I'm Jeff Thompson. Coming to live from Duo News.

The broadcast then cuts off.

James, watching the television: Uh Oh...

Coco is then seen driving in his car when his phone rings. He reaches in his pocket while driving and looks at the Caller ID. The Phone reads out "James" and shows a picture of James trying to avoid getting his picture taken.

Coco: Ugh... What now? (Answering) Hello?

James, over the phone: Coco! Emergency!

Coco, on the phone: What is it, twerp? I'm trying to drive.

James, over the phone: This is importa- wait are you driving while on the phone?

Coco, on the phone: Um... No.

James, over the phone: Dude! You know how many car accidents you can get in?

Coco, on the phone: What's the emergency already?

Back at James' Lab, James is on the phone and pacing back and forth.

James, on the phone: The cruise ship disappeared!

Coco, over the phone: What are you talking about?

James, on the phone: The cruise ship that Brandon and Sarah went on. It disappeared into thin air. Vanished!

Coco, over the phone: No. No. No. It didn't vanish. Nothing just vanishes. A cruise ship does not just vanish into thin air.

James, with phone in between his shoulder and ear, typing on the computer: Yeah well people go missing especially last year with the Zonarians you were telling me about. (looks at picture of a Zonarian Solider on the computer)

Coco, over the phone: Yeah well this is different. (now on the phone) You think this has something to do with aliens?

James, over the phone: Possibly. Oh who am I kidding? Probably. I'm not sure. I don't have enough data. No one has enough data. I need the black box of the ship in order to know what happened but its on the ship which went missing.

Coco, on the phone: Is there another way to find them?

James, over the phone: I don't know.

Coco, on the phone, raising his voice: That's not good enough, James.

James, now on the phone: Okay Okay. I'll think of something. (to himself) Come on. Come on. Think. Think!

Coco, over the phone: What are you doing?

James, on the phone: I'm thinking.

Coco, now on the phone: (coughs to cover what he's saying) Weird.

James, over the phone: Okay. Okay. I got it. We can reverse the frequencies of a scanner and pick up any frequencies of any alien technology in the last place the cruise ship was seen.

Coco, on the phone: And how would that help? We're looking for the ship.

James, over the phone: Yes but if we pick up signs of alien technology, we might just find the Ultimatrix.

Coco, on the phone: Which would lead us right to them.

James, now on the phone: Exactly. Come on. You have to admit that its genius.

Coco, over the phone: Whatever. I'm coming to pick you up. I need you to fix up this whatever it is.

James, on the phone: Anything to save them. Wherever they are.

Meanwhile, in a cavern somewhere, Brandon is seen lying on the ground. A drip of water hits his face. A couple of more drops impact with his face causing him to wake up slowly. Brandon, now awake, looks around and then gets up. He then sees the remains the cruise ship not too far away from him.

Brandon, calling out: Sarah? ...Sarah!

Brandon looks around for her and then sees Sarah lying on the cavern floor by a piece of debris.

Brandon: Sarah? (helping Sarah up) Sarah, are you alright?

Sarah, waking up: Ugh... Brandon? What happened?

Brandon: I don't know. There was a big wave and then it hit the ship. I don't remember much after that. Come on. Let's see if the others are alright.

Brandon and Sarah then head to the rest of the ship. A figure then watches them from afar. The figure then closes in on them. Brandon is seen holding Sarah over her arm through the crash site when the figure approaches them.

Figure: Halt!

Brandon stops and they both look at the figure who reveals to be a fish-like man carrying a spear.

Fish Creature: You are to come with me.

Brandon: What for?

Fish Creature: You are not to question the king.

Brandon: What king?

Fish Creature: Enough with the questions. You will come with me or else you and your associate will suffer.

Sarah: Do as he says. I need to build up my strength in order to have your back.

Brandon: Who says I need you on my back?

Sarah: Trust me, you always do.

Brandon: Right then. Take me to your leader.

Later on, Brandon and Sarah are led through a corridor.

Brandon: So... Any chance of you telling us what's going on?

Fish Creature: I said no more questions.

Brandon: Okay then tell us what's going on.

Fish Creature: You are not in command on me.

Brandon: I don't think I'm getting any where with this.

Sarah: No but we are here. Wherever here is.

The two then enter a throne room with a lot of Fish Creatures posing as guards.

Fish Creature: My King, I have located two more of the creatures.

Voice: Excellent. Perhaps these two can answer my questions.

Brandon: Hey, we have a lot of questions too, y'know.

Voice: Who dares speak against the King?

Brandon: Brandon Tennyson. If you have a problem, you can bring it up with me. No matter what kingdom you're in charge of.

The throne then rotates and faces the two showing off a royal looking fish creature that looks like a teenager.

Fish Creature King: I am the King of this Ancient City. What business do you have here?

Brandon: You bought us here.

Fish Creature King: I have no association with you creatures. You will answer my question properly or I will get the answers out by force. (raises hand)

The guards then point their spears at the two.

Sarah: That doesn't look good.

Brandon: No but it does make a sharp point.

Sarah: Not helping.

Brandon: Right well maybe a friend of mines can.

Brandon pulls down his sleeve and activates the Ultimatrix. He selects a hologram and slaps down the face plate. He transforms into Shock Speed.

Shock Speed: SHOCK SPEED!

Shock Speed then quickly runs through the whole throne room at high speeds and then runs back to the same point he originally was at carrying all of the spears in the room. The Guards look at each other with nothing in their hands. Their King looks surprised.

Shock Speed, dropping the spears at his feet, quickly: That's all of them. Now that you're not so powerful and threatening, why don't you start telling us what's really going on here.

Fish Creature King: How did you do that?

Shock Speed, quickly: All I did was run around the room really fast and-

Sarah: He means how did you transform.

Shock Speed, quickly: Huh? Oh yeah. Right. My bad.

Shock Speed places his hand on the Ultimatrix symbol and transforms back into Brandon.

Brandon: I think we got off on the wrong foot. I'm Brandon and this is my cousin, Sarah. We're Humans. Y'know from Earth.

Fish Creature King: But that is impossible. Human Beings have been wiped out.

Brandon: Nope. Humans are still around. I take it that you know of us then.

Fish Creature King: It's said in the ancient legends of the world that there were men that roamed the Earth.

Brandon: So you captured us to see some Humans?

Fish Creature King: We did not capture you. You came to us in your vessel.

Sarah: Excuse, your highness, but where exactly are we?

Fish Creature King: Do you not know? You are in the great city of Atlantis.

Brandon: No way...

Sarah: Atlantis? As in THE Lost City of Atlantis?

Fish Creature King: What do you mean "Lost"?

Brandon: This is so cool. Do you have any idea how cool this is? We just found Atlantis.

Sarah: Brandon, you step foot on alien worlds, traveled through time and Atlantis is the one thing that surprises you?

Brandon: Nobody ever found Atlantis before. It's like a myth and myth hunting is cool.

Sarah: It's ever since that one family reunion, wasn't it? That wasn't Big Foot. It was Jim in a monkey suit. He just had a lot of facial hair.

Fish Creature King: I demand to know what is going on.

Brandon: Okay. But we don't know. How about you tell us who are you and what happened before we erm crashed into Atlantis.

Fish Creature King: I am King Will Cean. King of Atlantis and my people, the Cepians. And just moments before you had crashed your vessel into my city, there was a sudden shift in the atmosphere.

Sarah: A shift? What type of shift?

King Cean: One that I have not encountered before. If it helps, I would like you to assist me with this issue. Perhaps once its fixed, both of our parties will be at peace again and the situation will be more clearer.

Brandon: Seems like a good idea, King Cean.

Meanwhile, on the Interceptor, James and Coco are looking at a panel.

Coco: Seems like a bad idea, James.

James: Relax, Coco. I know what I'm doing.

Coco: Sure but mess something but and we become a giant heap of metal falling from the sky.

James: I'm well aware after the first seven times you mentioned it. Trust me, I counted. And trust me in general. I can handle this.

Coco: You licensed?

James: No.

Coco: You ever work with space ships before?

James: No.

Coco: Then you're not qualified. Move over.

James: And risk our lives? Sorry, Coco, but this involves hacking into your systems and redirecting some coding as well as rewiring.

Coco: And this is my ship. I don't want you pulling any plugs out and stuff.

James: Look, Mr. Levin. You invited me on board to help find Brandon and Sarah. If they were the same situation, they would do the same thing probably. And I need you to trust me the same way they would trust you in order for me to help you help me help you. Understand?

Coco: Just shut up and rewire before I go down there and do it myself.

James, going back under the panel: Whatever you say, Mr. Levin.

Back at Atlantis, The two and the king are joined by a couple of guards on their way through the glass corridors.

King Cean: I will check the records room to see if any of my kind have reported anything unusual in the recent hours.

Sarah: That'd help nicely.

Brandon, looking out of the glass walls: So what's it like? Living underwater?

King Cean: It's not an issue, if that's what you're hinting at. My people can breath oxygen as well as extract it from water.

Brandon: Like fish.

King Cean: Exactly like Earth Fish.

Sarah: So as another species, you're from another world?

King Cean: Not exactly: My people had originated from the bottom of the ocean where an alien substance had interacted with ocean elements which spawned new life millions of years ago. The earlier Cepians had developed on land but due to Human Beings, they had to adapt to the water. And as the years passed, the species developed more and more until it was able to construct its own empire at the bottom of the ocean.

Brandon: So that makes you Earthliens.

King Cean: If that's the way you want to put it, Brandon.

A couple of Cepian Guards approach the group.

Cepian Guard: My King, there is trouble in the city. You must come at once. It is an intruder.

King Cean: A Human like them? (points to Brandon and Sarah)

Cepian Guard: Like them but made of metal.

Brandon and Sarah look at each other. Later on, in the city area, the group arrive and see robots attacking the Cepian Civilians.

King Cean: My people are under attack!

Sarah: Are those robots?

King Cean: You know of these creatures?

Brandon: Yeah. But what are robots here?

Sarah: You mean underwater.

Brandon: Well I sort of met robots underwater before. Then there were robots sailing on water some time later.

The robots then notice the group and go over to attack them.

King Cean: We must be ready for battle.

Brandon: Oh I'm so ahead of you. It's Hero Time!

Brandon activates the Ultimatrix and slaps down the face plate. He undergoes a transformation sequence. Brandon spins around in DNA and curls up as he changes. His ribs enlarge and his back grows a shell. His head starts to take shape as horns grow out from the side and top of his head. He grows a tail which curves downwards and chest plates form upon his chest. Brandon transformed into Ro-Warasaur.

Ro-Warsaur: RO-WARSAUR!

The Robots charge at Ro-Warasuar who then slams them all away with one swipe of his hand. Some of the robots from above, leap down from the buildings and jump onto Ro-Warasaur.

Ro-Warasaur: GAH! Get off!

Ro-Warasaur backs up and tries to get the robots off of him. He almost steps on Sarah and King Cean. Sarah then shields them as Ro-Warasaur impacts with the shield and trips over it. He then lands on the ground behind the shield. Afterwards, Sarah releases the shield and looks behind her. Some of the robots are still seen crawling on Ro-Warsaur, attempting to finish him off while he's down. Sarah fires energy discs at them trying to get them off. Ro-Warasaur then slaps down his Ultimatrix symbol and transforms into Hackoid.

Hackoid: Hackoid!

Hackoid then fires some green lasers at the robots; destroying some of them. However, there are more and more robots surrounding them. Hackoid looks around and acknowledges this. He then charges up and releases a green, electric blast that short circuits the robots and causes them to become disabled. Hackoid then flies over to Sarah and Cean.

King Cean: What did you do?

Hackoid: I released an EMP. It disabled all of the robots in the area.

Sarah: I didn't know you can do that.

Hackoid: Neither did I. Good thing I did. Otherwise we would have been in trouble.

King Cean: But where did these "robots" come from?

Hackoid: That's a good question, King Cean. Maybe one of our little pals here have an answer for us.

Hackoid flies over to a disabled robot and grabs onto it. He then hacks into its systems and uploads information to himself. He then drops the robot and flies over to the two.

Hackoid: These are Khan's robots.

Sarah: Khan? What's he doing here?

Hackoid: I don't know but I have a bad feeling about this.

Hackoid transforms back into Brandon.

King Cean: Who is this, Khan?

Sarah: Khan is a bad man. He kills innocent people for his own benefits.

Brandon: And he wanted to control the universe using a friend of ours, DNA X.

Sarah: But we stopped all of that. Did he have other plans?

Brandon: Maybe. But no matter what they are, we have to stop him before its too late.

An alarm is heard around the kingdom.

Sarah: An alarm?

King Cean: The royal collection. Someone has broken into it. But who?

Brandon: I'll give you one guess. Come on.

Brandon, followed by Sarah and Cean, head over to the Royal Collection. When they get there, the main artifact is gone.

King Cean: The Xeno Gem. It's gone!

Sarah: What does Khan gain out of stealing the gem?

King Cean: It contains ancient power and holds the secret behind the biology of the Cepians.

Brandon: Biology? You don't think Khan is trying to reboot that experiment again, do you?

Sarah: We can't let him do that.

The place then shakes.

Brandon: Please tell me that wasn't what I thought it was.

Sarah: A sea tremor?

Brandon: I said don't tell me that.

King Cean: The Gem also maintains the dome around our city and controls the environment within. Without it, our people don't stand much of a chance against the altered environment.

Brandon: But you said you can breath on land.

King Cean: Yes but we need to be moist in every hour otherwise we will die. The altered environment could provide us with dry air and large amounts of heat, accelerating the process.

Sarah: But that doesn't explain the tremors.

Brandon: But I think I know who will.

King Cean: I know this place better than anyone and there's only one way out of the city. Come now. This way.

King Cean rushes into a corridor on the other side of the Royal Collection as Brandon and Sarah follow him. Meanwhile, above the ocean, on the Interceptor, the scanners pick up something.

James, coming from underneath the panel: Coco!

Coco, piloting: What?

James: The scanners.

Coco looks at the scanners and sees the Ultimatrix Symbol.

Coco: We found them.

James: Are we going to land?

Coco: On what? Water? Plus, we don't want to end up like them. Imagine a giant sea monster.

James: Oh come on, Coco. Sea Monsters aren't real.

Coco: Try me.

Coco activates communications.

Coco: Brandon. Sarah. Come in.

Back in Atlantis, Brandon's Ultimatrix flashes green.

Ultimatrix, in cybernetic female voice: Incoming Communication.

Coco, over the Ultimatrix: Brandon. Sarah. Come in.

Brandon: Coco? Where are you?

Coco, over the Ultimatrix: Above the ocean in The Interceptor, Tennyson.

James, over the Ultimatrix: Hey guys! So glad you're okay.

Sarah: Was that James?

Coco, over the Ultimatrix: Never mind him.

James, over the Ultimatrix: Hey!

Coco, over the Ultimatrix: Where are you two?

Brandon: It's a bit complicated. We're at the underwater city of Atlantis which is located at the bottom of the ocean. (to Sarah) You don't think we can teleport out of here, right?

Sarah: I just recovered from shielding us from the crash. I'll probably go out cold if I perform a teleportation spell.

Coco, over the Ultimatrix: We'll think of another way.

James, over the Ultimatrix: We will?

Brandon: Just hurry with that, alright? We're dealing with something big here. It's Khan.

Coco, over the Ultimatrix: What?!

James, over the Ultimatrix: No way. I thought you guys finished him off and sent him to prison.

Sarah: He probably broke out. He might be trying to recreate his experiment. We don't know.

James, over the Ultimatrix: We'll do our best.

The transmission ends. The two with the King then enter a metal room and see Khan by an airlock type of door.

Brandon: Khan!

Khan stops, smiles and then turns around with.

Khan: What an unexpected surprise.

Sarah: You're telling us.

Brandon: What are you doing here, Khan? How did you escape the Mechanics?

Khan: I'm here for the gem. That's all I needed. I might have caused more trouble then I wanted but that's the problem with being me. As for escaping, well, I didn't. I was freed.

Sarah: Who would want to free you?

Khan: Not who. What. You'll learn soon enough. That is if you survive.

Brandon: I'm not letting you escape, Khan.

Khan: You better do as I say or all of these Cepians will die.

King Cean: Please. Do as he says. As king of my people, I need to protect them no matter the cost.

Brandon stands down.

Khan: That's a good boy. (opens door which floods water into the chamber) Too bad I was lying. (Escapes)

Brandon: KHAN! (chases after him)

Brandon goes into the chamber but Khan punches him causing him to fall over. Brandon holds the side of his face and activates the Ultimatrix. He slaps it down and transforms into a new alien.

New Alien: Water Hazard! (looking at self) Not what I was expecting but I do hope this hurts you more than me.

Water Hazard then strikes at Khan but he moves out of the way. Water Hazard strikes two more times but Khan does the same. Khan then grabs Water Hazard's arm on the fourth strike and throws him over himself and lands him into the corridor floor. Khan then prepares to punch Water Hazard in the face but Water Hazard sprays him with water causing him to back up. Water Hazard then side kicks Khan into falling over and punches him in the side multiple times. Khan then catches Water Hazard's fist and attempts to twist it. Water Hazard then falls over as Khan gets up.

Khan, holding out gem: All of I have to do is break this gem and the radiation will grant me just what I desire.

King Cean: You mustn't let him break the gem. He can not control its power and we still need it.

Water Hazard: I have an idea.

Water Hazard slaps his Ultimatrix symbol down and transforms into Heal X.

Heal X: HEAL X!

Heal X tackles Khan and then grabs the gem attempting to pull it away from him but Khan is firm with his grip. While they're pulling on the gem, Heal X is absorbing its genetics and, when finished, strikes Khan in the face and gets up.

Heal X: Now Sarah!

Sarah prepares herself as Heal X fires a blue beam at her. She then catches it in an energy sphere.

Heal X: Get that to the Royal Collection. I'll stop Kha- (is tackled by Khan) ACK!

Khan then drops the gem which then breaks. Blue fumes are then released from the gem and surround Khan and Heal X.

Khan: At last. Power at my hands again.

The fumes then enter Khan and he glows. Meanwhile, in the air, Coco is thinking.

James: How are we going to get there in time?

Coco: I have a way but you're not going to like it.

James: Ugh... I already don't like it.

Coco sits at the Captain's chair and takes control of the ship.

James: Where are we going?

Coco: Down.

James: Down where?

Coco: Down.

Coco pushes the steering wheel inwards causing the Interceptor to shift downwards. The Interceptor is then headed straight for the ocean.

James: I knew I should have stayed home today! AH!

Back in Atlantis, Khan is glowing until the power is then completely absorbed by him.

Khan: Finally.

Heal X: What did you do?

Khan: I used to the gem to enhance my abilities of absorption as gained through your friend. Which means I can absorb any source of energy in the known universe except one. I will need more sources but this is a good start.

Heal X: You still need DNA for your plan to work, right? Where are you going to find a boat load of DNA?

Khan: I don't have to. It came to me.

Khan then grabs the Ultimatrix Symbol on Heal X and starts absorbing it.

Khan, absorbing: AAHHHHH!

As King Cean watches from the distance, they both blow bright with strange colors until, within a flash, Brandon is thrown in King Cean's direction. Will catches him.

Khan, unseen: And now...

Brandon and Cean look at Khan in surprise. Khan steps forward to them in an Ultimate form similar to his previous one but missing some parts.

Ultimate Khan: I... return.

After the intermission, Brandon is seen looking at Khan.

Brandon: Khan... What have you done?

Ultimate Khan: I have absorbed the powers of your Ultimatrix. However, because you were still in alien form, especially one of genetic power, I am limited to a selected few. But I'm still powerful enough. Not even you and your friends can stop me this time.

A horn is then heard.

Ultimate Khan: What?

Khan turns slightly at looks out of the glass overhead and sees the Interceptor fly out of a sea vortex. It then crashes into Atlantis and into Khan causing him to get thrown outside into the ocean. Sarah enters the chamber and sees the Interceptor. Coco reels the windows and slides down the front end.

Coco: You owe me a serious paint job, Tennyson.

Brandon: First I have to stop Khan before he escapes.

Brandon slaps down the Ultimatrix face plate and transforms into Hydro-Man.

Hydro-Man, running down the chamber: Hydro-Man!

Hydro-Man then jumps into the flooding hole and impacts with the ground. He then chases after Khan. Back in the chamber, Coco throws Sarah a suit of some sort.

Coco: Here. Put this on. We're about to go scuba diving.

Hydro-Man is seen walking across the ocean floor, looking for Khan.

Hydro-Man: Khan! Where are you? You can not escape.

Ultimate Khan, unseen: It's nearly here. But in the meantime...

Hydro-Man is hit by a boulder and falls over. He turns and sees Ultimate Khan appearing into sight.

Ultimate Khan: I minus as well destroy you. It would save me some time later.

Hydro-Man extends his arms out and Ultimate Khan starts to struggle.

Ultimate Khan: What are you doing to me?

Hydro-Man: Hydro-Man controls water. We're in water and you're in trouble.

Ultimate Khan starts to break the water grasp.

Ultimate Khan: Then its a good thing I absorbed the DNA of a Placosapien. Otherwise known as your Hydro-Man.

Ultimate Khan then prepares to strike down Hydro-Man but he's captured in a pink energy shield. He turns around and sees Sarah and Coco, in underwater suits, descending with King Cean.

King Cean: That's far enough, Khan.

Ultimate Khan: No one can stop me.

Ultimate Khan then hammers at the shielding and it shatters.

Sarah throws more energy discs at Khan but he slices at them. Coco then swims towards Khan and prepares to hit him but Khan just grabs his arm and throws him at the ocean bottom. King Cean then strikes Khan serveal times and pushes him back with a strike with his trident. Another tremor occurs.

Hydro-Man: I don't understand. If you're not causing the tremors, then what is?

A bright glow then appears behind Hydro-Man. Khan, Sarah and Coco look while King Cean shields his eyes.

Ultimate Khan: That!

Hydro-Man turns around and faces the glow.

Sarah, with glow reflecting off of her helmet: What is that?

Coco, with glow reflecting off of his helmet: I don't know.

Ultimate Khan, with glow reflecting off of his face and armor: It's an inter-dimensional rift. It's how we arrived here.

Hydro-Man: And now its your way out.

Ultimate Khan: Precisely. Now if you would excuse me, I have dimensions to visit.

Hydro-Man: Oh no you don't!

Hydro-Man swims towards Ultimate Khan who simply turns around and slaps Hydro-Man into the team's direction. Ultimate Khan then enters the rift and the tremors become more and more violent. Buildings in Atlantis fall over as the civilians run away from the debris. The rift then intensifies. Sarah is still staring into it. Whispers are then heard coming from the rift. Sarah is still seen staring into it until Coco stops looking at it and turns Sarah away from the light. Hydro-Man times out and transforms back into Brandon who is passed out and floating around. King Cean grabs Brandon and carries him back into Atlantis. The rift then vanishes into sparks along with Khan. Later on, Brandon awakes on board the Interceptor.

Brandon: Huh? What- (holds head)

Coco: Relax, Tennyson. It was all just a bad dream.

Brandon: What? Really?

Coco: Nah. Just messing with you.

Sarah: Everything's alright but Khan escaped through the rift. He could be anywhere. But the good news is that Atlantis was saved from the tremors.

Coco: And that energy whats-it-thing that you pulled off is powering the city now.

Sarah: Turns out the energy and sustains my energy bubble indefinitely so I don't have to concentrate on it anymore.

King Cean: I thank you, Brandon 10, for saving my city from the evil Khan.

Brandon: Well sure. Anytime you're in trouble, you can come to us for help. Now how are we going to get out of Atlantis since the Interceptor is jammed in it?

James: Ah yes well that's where I come in. If I can reroute the boosters to the mainframe and reverse the pa-junction factor, I should be able to get us un-wedged. It's just a matter of sealing off the reinforced glass and enabling the dome shielding as soon as we leave.

Brandon: Wow that's actually sort of impressive.

Coco: Don't encourage him. He'll just brag about it later.

King Sean: My people are repair the dome and the chamber as soon as you leave. With the energy installed into the Royal Collection, the water  and air shouldn't be a problem for us.

Brandon: Maybe after all those years under water, in another dimension or whatever, maybe its time to see if the surface is a good place to start a relationship with the Humans. Aliens come to Earth practically every day and not all of them are threats.

King Sean: But the others cause problems and upset the population. It seems like a good idea but for my people's sake, I'd rather wait until the surface is ready for us rather than the other way around. But thank you for all that you've done here. You and your friends are always welcome to Atlantis.

Brandon: Now I think its time to get un-wedged.

Later, the Interceptor is seen flying underwater from the lost city and resurfaces on the ocean surface.

Coco: Air levels rising.

Brandon: Um we're still not in the air.

James: Yeah sorry about that. Boosters need recharging. I could always upload more energy by diverting other sources of electricity that aren't needed.

Brandon, activating Ultimatrix and scrolling through holograms: I might be able to help with that.

Coco goes to Sarah who is staring out of the window blankly.

Coco: Hey. You alright?

Sarah, snapping out of it: Huh? Yeah. Yeah. I'm... I'm fine.

Brandon: You know what James. You seem to be a great aspect to the team.

James: Heh yeah, I guess so. I'm so smart that I can just join the team and be your personal hacker or something.

Coco and Sarah look at each other and then at Brandon. Brandon shrugs.

Brandon: Alright.

James: Yea- Wait what?

Brandon: I said Alright.

James: I-... I'm in the team?!

Coco: Pipe down. I'm still settling from all that water pressure.

James: Yozah! This is- This is great. I gotta tell all my friends about this. Come on, guys. Let's take a picture for my blog.

Brandon, Coco and Sarah: No!

James: Okay. Okay. We can do it later. That's cool.

Brandon: Right well I still have free milkshakes around the world to cash in. So where should we go first?

Coco: How about a garage to fix up the ship?

Brandon: Boo-oo-oring! How about we go... (points out of the window) There.

Sarah: What's over there?

Brandon: Don't know. Don't care. Our next adventure is over there. (smiles)


Major Events

  • The team discover Atlantis
  • Khan is back with a new plan
  • The team encounter the first dimensional rift created from the previous events
  • James joins the team as their personal hacker



  • Khan/Ultimate Khan
    • Khan's Robots

Aliens Used


  • This is the first episode of the second season of the series.
  • Water Hazard, Will Cean and Cepians makes his debut.
  • It is revealed that Hydro-Man's species is known as the Placosapiens.
  • This episode was inspired by The Secret Saturdays episode, The King of Jumari Kandam.
  • Plenty of research on Atlantis and Aquaman was done in order to make this episode.
  • James refers to "Reversing the Pa-Junction Factor" which was first mentioned in Shutdown.
  • Originally, Khan was in a cell when he said "I... Return" as seen in the trailer however he says this after he evolves into Ultimate Khan.
  • An alien from The Original Series was meant to reappear in this episode but that was removed from the original plot and saved for a later episode.
  • Brandon was originally going to sing a song to an attempt to bother Sarah on the ship before it went into the vortex.
  • Brandon refers to Cepians as Earthliens which is what the Eleventh Doctor calls the Silurians in Doctor Who episode, The Hungry Earth.
    • This is the first time in Brandon 10 that there are alien creatures born on Earth.
  • This episode has been in development since Alien Force.
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