Wedlock is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Nupitaloid Union, respectively a Nupitaloid-A and Nupitaloid-B, from the planet Matri'Monium. They are a free-to-use alien, and exist within the Earth-216 universe, the main universe of Multiverse vs. Tennyson.


When an Omnitrix user of Nupitaloid DNA transforms into Wedlock, their mind and conscious splits into two beings mid-transformation, dubbed the "Groom", the Nupitaloid-A DNA, and the "Bride", the Nupitaloid-B DNA respectively. The two are different in terms of appearance, powers and abilities, and weaknesses, but share some of their baseline powers and weaknesses between one another. Very similar to a Omnitrix's Splixson and Sonorosian DNA transformations' self-duplication abilities, the Groom and Bride respectively have their own Omnitrix symbol, will not allow the user to revert if the two entities are too far away from another, and if the Nupitaloid entities forcefully revert by both hitting their Omnitrix symbols at the exact same time as one another, not one, but two copies of the user's human form will be created as a result.

The Groom's appearance is represented as a tall, organic humanoid with masculine features, including a chiseled jawline, muscular body, and more squared characteristics, along with bright-red skin, dark-purple accents in the form of jagged stripes over the skins on his neck and limbs, simplistic faces, consisting of only eyes the same color as the Omnitrix user's Omnitrix color, and a mouth, and short, dark hair. Wedlock's Groom's outfit is strongly based off a wedding's groom, consisting of a dark, buttoned tuxedo with a black bow-tie, an exposed hankerchief in a pocket on his left pectoral, dress shoes, and a ring on his right ring finger, designed with the Omnitrix symbol's hourglass shape. His Omnitrix symbol is located on the back of his right hand.

The Bride's appearance is represented as a tall, organic humanoid with feminine features, including smoother facial features, a curvier body, and more rounded characteristics, along with bright-purple skin, dark-red accents in the form of slender stripes over the skins on his neck and limbs, simplistic faces, consisting of only eyes the same color as the Omnitrix user's Omnitrix color, and a mouth, and long, dark hair. The Bride's outfit is strongly based off a wedding's bride, consisting of a light dress with a knee-length skirt, a decorative headpiece, and high-heels, and a ring on his left ring finger, designed with the Omnitrix symbol's hourglass shape. Her Omnitrix symbol is located on the back of his left hand.


Wedlock's components have a notoriously-dysfunctional, natural relationship between another one, comically arguing like a bickering couple, typically over the pettiest things, due to their different outlooks and frequent struggles on understanding the other. It's very common for them to drop everything and start arguing with one another over what one is doing to bother the other.

Despite their frequent arguments, deep down, they still gravely care for another one, and will not be afraid to show it in drastic, scary circumstances and situations, even if they were argumentative just moments earlier.

Powers and Abilities

Wedlock's primary ability, shared by both the Groom and Bride, is vinculumkinesis, or manipulation over bonds. Wedlock is able to manipulate various types of bonds, whenever physically or figuratively, and are able to induce varying forms of fission and fusion.

As physically, Wedlock is able to both separate and conjoin any form of matter from one another, allowing them to tear and merge any physical object together, even the bond between atoms themselves, which they can use to produce electricity, change one material elementally into another, and create powerful explosions.

As figuratively, Wedlock is able to alter a selected person's personality, relationships, viewpoints, and moral orientations, essentially having the complete power to change who they are as a person, and as go as far as to turn someone completely antagonistic and evil, and isolate someone by augmenting their relationships. However, the effects of changing one's mentality must be constantly affected by Wedlock to become long-term, and thus, will not last long after they are changed, soon reverting to how they naturally were.

Wedlock can also break contractual bonds, such as the in-use effects of specific mental-based powers, such as telepathy, persuasion, and generally any form of mind control, negating them entirely during the moment.

The Groom, compared to the Bride, possesses enhanced strength and durability, being able to hold his own in a fight very easily against six grown men without breaking a sweat, and withstand all punishment he would receive in the process. The Groom has a very strong natural resistance to high-voltage electricity and explosions, and bizarrely, he can mentally empowered by surrounding signs of masculinity.

The Bride, compared to the Groom, possesses enhanced agility and reflexes, being able to move very briskly despite his high-heels, and easily clock in at superhuman levels of speed. While the Bride's resistance to electricity and explosions is lesser than the Groom's, she is prominently able to withstand other specific elemental attacks, such as fire and laser beams, and bizarrely, he can mentally empowered by surrounding signs of femininity.

Both the Bride and the Groom also possess enhanced jumping strength, a very strong mental barrier from psychic abilities due to their ability to instantaneously sever any form of psychic connection before them, and the strange ability to perceive their other counterpart's location at all times, like some form of loose mental connection, that is the only thing Wedlock appears to be entirely incapable of breaking the bond no matter what.


Wedlock's argumentative relationship is their greatest weakness, as it could entirely derail them from a battle, leaving them vulnerable to sudden attacks. The Bride and Groom can also be mentally weakened and demotivated by the other's lack of empathy toward themselves, but reassurement from the other can quickly negate said weakness.

Stated above, Wedlock's figurative-based bond manipulation's effects are only temporary when using them for a short period, and must require continuous use to have permanent effects.

Wedlock's bond manipulation has a defined limit, and can't be used to break apart what keeps reality and existence itself apart.

While one of them do possess some form of enhanced condition the other exceeds, they are prominently lesser in efficiency than the other.

Also stated above, if one of them is too far away from the other, the Omnitrix user can not revert back to their human form unless both clones are at least near one of another. Also, the mental connection Wedlock shares between each other can not be broken by their bond manipulation no matter what.




Wedlock are a free-to-use alien, so feel free to use them in your own series.

  • Wedlock is set to appear sometime in Multiverse vs. Tennyson.


  • Wedlock's name simply means "the state of being married".
  • Wedlock's species name of "Nupitaloid" is a combination of "nupital", which means "relating to marriage or weddings" and the suffix of -oid, a commonly-used suffix for alien species names.
  • Wedlock's planet name of "Matri'Monium" is the word "matrimonium", the Latin translation of "matrimonial", which means "relating to marriage or married people", albeit the second and third syllables separated with an apostrophe, and the first letter of the third syllable capitalized.
  • Wedlock's argumentative relationship was based off the idea of the relationship of Alien X's personalities, Bellicus and Serena, and soon evolved into the alien concept of Wedlock.
    • The idea of Wedlock essentially being a literal alien couple was a ridiculous idea thought up late one night by the creator, WTB that he grew to like and eventually developed into Wedlock.
  • Ben 23's nickname for Wedlock would alternatively be "Mr. and Mrs. Alien", with the Groom referred to as "Mr. Alien" and the Bride referred to as "Mrs. Alien".
  • Wedlock's Omnitrix symbols were formerly located on the top of their rings, but was scrapped due to how small the symbols would need to be, and in exchanged, an Omnitrix hourglass-based design were added to them, and their Omnitrix symbols were located on the back of their right and left hands respectively.
  • Wedlock is not and shouldn't be considered a duplication alien, as the Groom and the Bride are not clones, merely separate entities both generated at once upon an Omnitrix user transforming into a Nupitaloid Union.
  • Although the Bride could be referred to with female pronouns, due to his feminine appearance, male pronouns are typically used, or vice versa with the Groom depending on the gender of the Omnitrix user.
    • Together, Wedlock are simply referred to as "they" or "them".
  • The Groom originally had a top-hat to empathize his classy nature, but was scrapped because the creator, WTB felt it would look too distracting.
  • The Bride's skirt was changed from full-length to be knee-length to avoid her from tripping on it.
    • Also, the Bride is skilled enough with his means of enhanced speed to the point where his center of gravity is so precise that he can run in high-heels without tripping in them.
  • Wedlock's components of the Groom and the Bride were originally dubbed "Wed" and "Lock" respectively as a simple placeholder during development that eventually stuck due to the creator, WTB being unable to find fitting nicknames for them, but were changed after finally doing so.
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