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Webster Grace is the father of Vance Grace and the head Proctor of the Forever Knights in Attack on To'kustar on Earth-404.

Physical appearance

Webster is a 54 year old dark-skinned male. He is a large man, standing 1.981 meters (6 feet, 6 inches) tall, with brown eyes and brown hair cut very short. He is extremely fit and muscular, having been with the Knights for decades in order to rise to the rank of Head Proctor. He has only been seeing wearing the a modified version of the standard Forever Knights uniform, with an additional cape to signify that he is the Knights' supreme leader.


Webster does not tolerate disobedience, and expects extreme loyalty and willingness from his subordinates. He is so demanding that he even gets the usually nonchalant Pietro Czeswin to salute when he walks into a room.[1]

Important history

Early life

Not much is known about Webster's early life. Several decades before the start of the series, he joined the Forever Knights, and eventually rose to the rank of Proctor, eventually becoming the Head Proctor.

Return of the To'kustars

After the To'kustars surrounded Ateria, Webster arrived in the city to checkup on his son, Andrew Knowles, and Pietro Czeswin, and was reasonably frustrated by the failures of the first two.[1]

Later, in Teviv, he interrogated Tuesday Smith as Charles Butler tortured her. When the torturing proved to be ineffective, he ordered Vance to let her go.[2]

Battle of Teviv

After the Battle of Teviv began and his son was captured by the police, Webster arrived in the city to help the Knights reorganize their plans.[3]


Vance Grace

Little is known about Webster's relationship with his son.



  • According to the creator, Webster gets his name from Daniel Webster, an early 19th century American politician and diplomat.


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