Web Geisha
Neon 10 Web Geisha.jpg
General Information
Species Jorōgumo
Home World Earth
Body Humanoid with spider legs
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Web Shooting
Wall Crawling
Enhanced Agility
Enhanced Speed
Enhanced Stealth
Sharp Nails
Expert at Shamisen
Blood Drainage
Enhanced Strength
Fear and Uneasiness Inducement
Enhanced Sight
Sharp Fangs
Poison Immunity
First Appearance TBA

Web Geisha is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Jorōgumo from planet Earth.


Web Geisha looks like a well-endowed woman wearing a black and green kimono with a spider web motif at the leg area. She has ethereal pale skin like she was completely drained of blood, long silky black hair with wooden hair sticks alongside a green hair clip. She has 3 pairs of eyes (one human-like while the other two solid pupiless green). The most unique about her anatomy are pairs of black sharp spider legs sprouting from her back.

She wears the Omnitrix symbol on her stomach.

Powers & Abilities

She can shoot webbing from her spider legs to ensnare her victims.

She has the ability to shapeshift using magic. Mainly she turns into a beautiful woman to attract her victims.

Using her spider legs she can crawl on different surfaces like walls and ceilings.

Her nails are very long and sharp and they can easily cut flesh.

She's an expert at playing the shamisen, to the point that the song feels nearly hypnotic.

Using her sharp fangs she can drain her victims out of blood until they become lifeless husks.

Her spider legs have a long reach and enough strength to lift huge and heavy objects.

Just her mere presence (even when she hides her spider legs and extra eyes) can give feelings of fear and uneasiness.

She's immune to poisons.


Her main body is frail.

Deaf species are immune to her songs.

She's weak to fire.


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