WeatherizeS10 (1)
General Information
Species Tormentan
Home World Aimsir
Body Humanoid/cloudy
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Firing lightning

Firing water

Shooting hail

Weather controlling

First Appearance Polymorphed
Weatherize is a Tormentan from the planet Aimsir in Simien 10: Polyverse. This is a redone version of the original alien, Weatherize.


Weatherize is a white/grey humanoid made out of clouds. He has a yellow eye with a pupil.


Weatherize's body is about the same as a cloud on either Aimsir or Earth, and he can can do weather-related attacks.

Weatherize can fire lightning bolts from his arms, which act the same as lightning on Earth. He cannot control how it acts and it can be problematic to use near metal objects, which are more likely to conduct than the villains he is fighting.

Weatherize can release extremely powerful thunder. This thunder can shatter glass and stun enemies, but can't be used the same way as Echo Echo or Blitzwolfer, and is only released around his body.

Weatherize can shoot out rain at high velocities, and it can work similarly to Waterhazard's water attack. He can also fire out normal rain from his arms.

Weatherize can also fire hail from his hands. They can be the size of golf balls or even bigger.

Snow can also be fired out by Weatherize, although this ability is mostly useless, as it can't freeze enemies.

Weatherize can slightly hover, though he can't fly quickly or expertly as other aliens.

Other Tormentans have the ability to fully manipulate weather or even cosmic storms. It is possible for Weatherize to so, but it is difficult for him and requires more training as Weatherize.


Most of his abilities are based on cold weather, meaning that his weakness is heat. He cannot survive extreme heat without suffering some problems with his powers. For his powers to work at it's best, he needs cold.

Despite what his fluffy cloud body suggests, he is actually solid on the inside.



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