We're All Skeletons is a song in Skeleton World.


Skeleton: Welcome to Skeleton World, where everyone's a skeleton! It's a lot of fun, just don't take all the gelatin!

Evan started eating some gelatin, and Trapster pointed at him.

Trapster: Hey, hey, I need that for a trap!

Skeleton: Was it better than the one where you put us in cheese wrap?

Some skeletons are in cheese wrap, and they eat the cheese off.

Trapster: Well, I needed to use the cheese I got from Cheesewheel!

Skeleton: When I told you I wouldn't sneeze, well- (sneezes)

Skeletons: We are all skeletons! Beautiful skeletons! Cooler than gelatin! Cooler than gelatin!

Evan: Are you sure?

Evan jumped on a big pile of gelatin, and Rocket licked it all up.

Skeletons: It's better when there's something that's impossible to eat!

Evan: Really? Rocket finds Gebeine quite a treat!

Rocket slurped up a skeleton named Gebeine.

Gebeine: AAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

Skeleton: You're mistreating the usage of our spe-e-cies!

Evan: Sorry but Rocket found him deli-ci-ous!

Skeleton: You are good at rhymes, but the others are rhyme haters!

Evan: I do not make the rhymes, they are made by the creator!

Skeleton: You cannot rhyme haters with creator. You need an S, you can find one up the 'lator!

The skeleton pointed at an escalator that led up to an S.

Skeletons: We are all skeletons, beautiful skeletons!

Evan: Do you have any, beautiful feminines?

Skeleton: You are too young to date, at 12, it would end badly!

Evan: How did you know my age?

Skeleton: I looked at Levin Family!

Evan: You are a fourth wall breaker!

Skeleton: And you're an action taker!

Evan: I'm also a taker of comedy, it comes on this episode commonly.

Skeletons: Well, we need to end this song, 'cause if we don't that would be wrong. So bye to you, and you too?

Evan: Who are you talking to, Blu?

Blu: I don't know.

Evan: I didn't know there was a skeleton named Blu. I just needed a rhyme for too.

Blu: I did too.

Evan: Okay..................

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