Wayne Rogers
General Information
Species Human (formerly)
Transylian-Human Hybrid
Home World Earth
Friends Miguel Rivers (deceased)
Trinity Michaels (deceased)
Relatives Unknown
Age 16
Status Deceased
Abilities and Equipment
Abilities Electrokinesis
Enhanced Condition
First Appearance What I Am
Wayne Rogers is a character in the series Mig X.


Wayne is a tall, muscular teenager with blonde hair that is spiked and it sticks up in the front. He wears a black and red hoodie with a dark grey shirt underneath. He has blue jeans that are somewhat torn on his knees and black sneakers.

Powers & Abilities

See in the infobox.


As another great friend of Mig's, Wayne Rogers had met Mig in preschool and they instantly bonded and became best friends. Though, over the high school years, they began to grow apart, until 11th grade when they re-clicked, though Wayne does not know about Mig's secret...not yet, at least.


Mig X


  • Instead of being a "stererotypical jock," he is very friendly.
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