Brandon 10: Ultimate Hero
Season 2, Episode 13
Written by Brandon
Directed by Brandon
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Way of the Samurai is the 23rd episode of the series, Brandon 10: Ultimate Hero.


The episode begins in Japan at night. Office buildings are seen. In one of the office buildings, a Japanese, female cleaner is seen vacuuming in the hallway. Meanwhile, in one of the offices, a business man is seen typing on his laptop. He then opens a webcam chat with another man.

Man, online: Mr. Nozawa. It is unexpected of you to chat at this hour.

Mr. Nozawa: Sorry, Mr. Schultz. We had a problem at our department.

Mr. Schultz, online: And you decide to bring this up now?

Mr. Nozawa: Apologies. It’s just that- I wasn't sure if I should had called.

Mr. Schultz, online: Why not?

Mr. Nozawa: Because-

The vacuuming then stops all of sudden.

Mr. Nozawa, continuing: Some of the staff working at Terratech Industries have been suffering from violent attacks.

Mr. Schultz, online: By who?

Mr. Nozawa: We aren’t sure. Surveillance and Security have been increased over the past two weeks but whoever is doing this is bypassing all of them each time.

Mr. Schultz, online: Is there anything special about the victims?

Mr. Nozawa: That is what I am concerned about. They seem to be targeting members that are at the highest of the company. And I’m-

The computer than cuts off. Mr. Nozawa checks the power button but it doesn't work. He then looks under the desk and notices the wires are cut. He then looks worried and comes back up from under the desk only to encounter a ninja staring at him. Mr. Nozawa jumps into his chair.

Ninja: You are the head manager of Terratech Industries.

Mr. Nozawa: W-Who are you?

Ninja: That doesn’t matter to you. We are the one who have been assaulting your people.

Mr. Nozawa: Why are you doing this?

Ninja: For information. Now we want to same from you.

Mr. Nozawa: What do you want? Profits? Statistics?

Ninja: Your business does not interest us. We only want your master to be defeated. Now tell me something about him that I can use.

Mr. Nozawa: Ugh. He’s coming here. To Japan. He’s going to visit his niece.

Mr. Nozawa opens a drawer and pulls out an image. The ninja takes it from his hands and examines it closely.

Security Guard: Mr. Nozawa?

Mr. Nozawa turns to the door which opens. A security guard then comes in the room.

Security Guard: Mr. Nozawa, is everything alright?

Mr. Nozawa turns around and notices that the ninjas are gone. He looks out of the window; scared.

Theme Song

After the titles, The Interceptor is seen landing. On board, the team are seated at their respective positions.

Coco: Back in Japan... Figures.

Brandon: Calm down, Coco. We’re only here because some business man was scared out of his pants about some attacks. No big deal.

Sarah: Actually Terratech is one of the most successful industries in the world, at least in international aspects. They work on various environments and build on the lot they buy in order to make more money off of their finished product.

Coco: Sounds like legit business.

Sarah: It’s horrible. Imagine how many trees they cut down.

Brandon: While attacking trees is a bad thing, attacks on Japan is even worse. Come on. Let’s see what we can find out.

The team are then seen exiting the Interceptor meanwhile a ninja is seen watching them from the top of an building. The ninja then squints. Later on, the team are seen at Terratech Industries.

Mr. Nozawa, unseen: Thank you for coming here, Brandon 10.

Inside Mr. Nozawa's office, the team are seen walking in while Mr. Nozawa sits at his desk.

Brandon: So; What can we do for you, Mr. Nozawa?

Mr. Nozawa: As I mentioned before, there were organized attacks on the perimeter at employees with high access to the Terratech management.

Sarah: Hold on there. You said they were random attacks, Mr. Nozawa.

Mr. Nozawa: Yes, well, I couldn't be too sure at the time but now I know.

Coco: How?

Mr. Nozawa: This isn't the only facility they attacked. I recieved calls from other facilities in Japan. Always at Terratech and they have been working up to me. I fear that their climbing isn't over yet.

Sarah: Who are the attackers, Mr. Nozawa?

Mr. Nozawa: I don't know. But they were masked and skilled. They snuck past me and my security and weren't caught on any survillence cameras.

Coco: Gotta be ninjas.

Sarah: Ninjas? Seriously?

Brandon: You mentioned that they weren't done climbing. What does that mean?

Mr. Nozawa: Only that they were searching for information for those in charge of the projects at Terraform. I am only one of the secondary managers working for my employer.

Sarah: You think he's in danger.

Mr. Nozawa: I think that everyone involved with Terratech is in danger. One way or another.

Coco: Well the ninjas seem to be focused on Japan unless you got any attacks outside it. So I don't see why the guy is in danger.

Mr. Nozawa: No, you don't understand. My employer is in Japan. Today only.

Brandon: Do you know where he's staying?

Mr. Nozawa: No. I was not given the details but I know where he will be.

The scene then cuts to a Tennis Stadium. Inside, many people are seen in the seats. One of them is a Japanese business man; presumively the boss of Terratech. On the court, two tennis players are seen playing in game.

American Sports Announcer: And we're now at 40-30 with Yurika Pham representing Japan and Amy Yamamoto representing the United States.

Amy is seen with the tennis ball in her hand. She looks out at her competition, ready to play.

American Sports Announcer: If Amy gets this point, then she'll win the match but if Yurika does then we'll have to go to tie breaker.

Amy then squints and bounces the ball between her hand and the ball. The business man looks out at the court along with the rest of the auidence. Amy then throws the ball up and grabs her tennis racket. She then slams the racket against the ball which causes it to fly over the net. It then bounces onto Yurika's side of the court. She then hits the tennis ball back over to Amy's side who hits it back. They then hit the ball constantly back over to each other until Amy spikes it down on the court. Yurika runs for it but trips and the ball goes off court. Some of the crowd then cheers while others clap or don't react. Amy then extends her hand out from over the net as an offer to help Yurika up. Yurika looks up and still sees Amy there. Yurika then looks down but then grabs Amy's hand. Amy then helps her up and, afterwards, they shake hands.

American Sports Announcer: And Amy Yamamoto has won the match. It was very intense between the two but it all worked out in the end for the United States Tennis Association.

The business man then walks onto the court, but, more specifically, towards Amy, who is sitting at her bench, drying her sweat with a towel. The man's shadow then overcomes her and Amy looks up.

Amy: Uncle Dante!

Uncle Dante: Hello, Amy.

Amy then gets up and hugs her uncle.

American Sports Announcer: And it seems that Amy Yamamoto's uncle has joined her at her side of the court. It's always good to give a hug to someone in your family, I suppose.

Amy releases her Uncle.

Amy: How are you doing, Uncle?

Uncle Dante: I am doing well. Thank you for asking. I just wanted to check up on you for my brother.

Amy: Dad's always worrying about me.

Uncle Dante: Especially with your new... boyfriend.

Amy: They haven't met yet but if only he was here. You'd see how great he is.

American Sports Announcer: Oh Oh and it seems that um... Brandon 10 has just entered the stadium.

Amy: What? (turns to face the enterance)

Brandon then walks in. Someone takes a picture of him and Brandon closes his eyes due to the flash. When he opens them, he smiles and waves to the people greeting him.

Uncle Dante: Yes... Just look at this greatness...

Brandon then signs an autograph on someone's T-Shirt. He then looks over the crowd and sees Dante. He also sees Amy.

Brandon, to himself: Amy? (to others crowding him) Heh. Sorry, guys. I got a girl to meet. I'll catch you around though.

Brandon then sneaks through the crowd and makes it over to Amy and Dante.

Brandon: Amy?

Amy: Hey Brandon. What are you doing here?

Brandon: I was going to ask you the same question. Apparently there's been some random attacks here and I was called in to go investigate them.

Amy: I didn't really think you were a detective.

Brandon: Well I did dress up like Sherlock once.

Uncle Dante: You must be Brandon Tennyson.

Brandon: Yep and you're the owner of Terratech, right?

Uncle Dante: I guess we're both famous. Haha.

Amy: Brandon, um, he's also my uncle.

Brandon: Whoa. I actually didn't see that coming.

Coco and Sarah then approach Brandon, Amy and Dante.

Sarah: Mr. Yamamoto, we believe that you might be in danger.

Brandon: Wait you knew that he was Amy's uncle?

Sarah: You didn't?

Brandon: I just wasn't informed until reccently, cos...

Sarah: Anyways, we should stick together that way no one can hurt you, Mr. Yamamoto.

Coco: I think its a little too late for that. Look. (points upwards)

Brandon looks up and sees ninja warriors at the top of the stadium looking downwards at them.

Amy: Um... Brandon. What's going on?

Brandon: I guess these are the attackers.

American Sports Announcer: And it seems that ninjas have invaded the stadium.

Coco: I told you they were ninjas.

The ninjas then jump from the top of the stadium and swing from the side and onto the court. They then engage in fighting. The ninjas tackle Brandon but Coco kicks one of them into another. Three of them attempt to jump at Sarah who shields herself causing the ninjas to fall off her shield. Coco then absorbs the court floor and gains his concrete form. Coco then forms his hands into rackets and smacks two ninjas who fly over the tennis net.

Coco: That's 15-Love, right?

Brandon, struggling against the ninjas: Less puns... More help!

Amy slams a racket against one of the ninjas. The other ninjas look at her. Brandon then activates the Ultimatrix and slaps down the face plate. He transforms into Shredder.

Shredder, throwing the ninjas off him: SHREDDER! RAAH!

American Sports Announcer: And Brandon 10 has just transformed into Shredder. What an exciting match.

Shredder grrs at the Sports Announcer.

Amercian Sports Announcer: Heh. Um this is Alan Sterling signing off.

Alan runs for it. Shredder then rolls up into a ball and attempts to run over a ninja who leaps over him. Shredder then unrolls and skeeds across the ground.

Shredder: You want a piece of me? You want a piece of me?!

Some of the ninjas then mummble to each other and then disengage. One of them fires a smoke bomb which clouds the vision of the group. Red eyes then bleed through the smoke, presumingly the ninjas. Sarah is about to fire an energy disc but then uses it as a front shield against the smoke. While she does that, a ninja appears behind her and stuns her at a pressure point. Sarah yells out and then falls over. Two ninjas then grab her.

Coco: Sarah?

Coco goes looking for her but doesn't notice the ninja approaching him from behind. The ninja then aims at the right position and whacks the end of his blade at the back of Coco's head which causes him to fall over; unconcious. Once Coco hits the court, he looses his concrete form.

Amy then runs out of the smoke; coughing. She then breaths for air as she bends down and places her hands on her knees. She then hears her Uncle Dante yell out.

Amy, turning back to the smoke cloud: Uncle Dante?!

One of the ninjas then grabs her from behind.

Amy: AH!

Shredder then finds her way out of the smoke cloud; unaffected unlike the others.

Amy: Brandon!

Shredder turns towards Amy and sees her struggling with the ninjas.

Shredder: AMY!

Shredder then runs towards the ninjas; enraged. Shredder tackles one who manages to slip out of his grip; however a piece of his uniform ripped on Shredder's skin. The ninjas then grab Amy, Sarah, Coco and Uncle Dante and take them into the smoke cloud. The cloud then fades away revealing that nobody is there. Shredder then transforms back into Brandon.

Brandon: Guys!

Brandon looks out in distress.

After the break, Brandon is seen looking for his friends at the tennis court.

Brandon: This can't be happening. How can I just let them take them like that? I don't even know who they are or what they want or where they will be.

Brandon then leans against the side wall and looks down. His attention then turns to a piece of cloth on the court. Brandon then gets up from the wall and walks over to it. He kneels down and picks it up.

Brandon: One of the ninjas must have gotten his suit ripped on Shredder's metal skin.

Brandon examines the cloth and finds a logo on it; it resembles a dragon.

Brandon: Must be some sort of clan... And I'm talking to myself, again. I might know someone who can help.

Later on, at Bellwood's China Town, Mr. Chan is seen polishing his counter. He then places a flower vase on the counter afterwards. A sudden gust of wind then comes in through the open door and knocks the flower vase over. It then breaks into pieces. Mr. Chan looks at the pieces and then at the doorway. He goes outside, holding a broom, only to see the Interceptor land on the walkway. The Interceptor also crushes a bench into pieces and knocks over a trash can. Mr. Chan's eyebrow lifts. The cargo bay door then opens and Brandon runs out.

Mr. Chan: Oh dear...

Brandon then sees Mr. Chan and runs towards him. Mr. Chan then readies his broom as Brandon stops in front of him.

Brandon: Mr. Chan!

Mr. Chan: Go away, I'm closed.

Brandon: But your sign says open.

Mr. Chan then looks at the sign, which does indeed say OPEN. He then goes inside quickly and switches the sign to CLOSED.

Mr. Chan: There. We are closed now.

Brandon: Look, Mr. Chan. I know I'm causing a bit of disturbance.

A fire hydrant then flies into a shop window and the effect of rain takes place which is actually the rushing water of the fire hydrant. Mr. Chan looks at him gravely.

Brandon: Okay maybe a big bit but this is important.

Mr. Chan: Is it involved with magic?

Brandon: Um... Maybe.

Mr. Chan: Goodbye, Brandon.

Brandon: Wait. I figured that since you're like the only one I know in China Town which is about China which is close to Japan that you're the only one that can help me.

Mr. Chan: Don't you know any world explorers?

Brandon: Yeah I called but she's in some tomb in Yakushima... wherever that is.

Mr. Chan: You do realize that- nevermind. What did you want to show me?

Brandon pulls out the piece of the ninja cloak. He shows it to Mr. Chan.

Mr. Chan: No...

Brandon: Mr. Chan? What is it?

Mr. Chan: The Dragon Clan...

Brandon: So you know these guys?

Mr. Chan nods.

Mr. Chan: Long ago, I, myself, worked in the field of marital arts.

Brandon: Were you... a ninja?

Mr. Chan: In a way. I was actually a warrior. I fought with the Dragon Clan for quite some time until I thought that they were destroyed after attempting to unless the dragon spirit. Then I retired and worked as an old shop keeper.

Brandon: Wow. Well, my friends were taken by the Dragon Clan and I need to get them back.

Mr. Chan: The only way you can get your friends back is if you train.

Brandon: Train?

Mr. Chan: You need to be mentally and physically fit in order to get to their hide out.

Brandon: Mr. Chan, I don't think you've been keeping up but I'm a famous super hero who can transform into aliens. Does it look like I need physical training?

Mr. Chan pokes Brandon's stomach.

Brandon: Hey!

Mr. Chan: Yep. I will help you train, Brandon.

Brandon, looking annoyed: Look, I just need their location.

Mr. Chan: Fine. But you'll never find it in time. Besides, the entrance to their hide out is protected. You can not use your abilities to get inside. They use technology from beyond the stars.

Brandon: Seriously?

Mr. Chan: It's true.

Brandon: (Sighs) Fine. We'll train. But you're coming with me to where they are.

Mr. Chan: Still in Japan at Mount Fuji.

The scene then transitions to later on at Mount Fuji. The Interceptor then lands on Mount Fuji, close to the bottom. The cargo bay door lowers and Brandon and Mr. Chan exit the spaceship.

Brandon: Why couldn't we just park any higher?

Mr. Chan: I told you before. The enterance to their hide out is protected by alien technology. They will detect us in an instance.

Brandon: So what? We climb up there?

Mr. Chan: Yes.

Brandon: Okay I don't think you realize that this mountain is like 10 thousand feet tall.

Mr. Chan: 12 thousand, actually.

Brandon: I don't care! You want me to climb a 12 thousand foot tall mountain? That's not going to happen.

Mr. Chan: Do you want to get your friends back?

Brandon: Well, duh. Yeah.

Mr. Chan: Then you need to trust me and train.

Brandon: Okay. I trust you but it's going to take days to get up there.

Mr. Chan: With the right mind and the right body, you will get up there within hours.

Brandon: You really think so?

Mr. Chan: I know it.

Brandon: Oookay. But can I at least use my aliens for part of the trip?

Mr. Chan: Hm... It depends.

Brandon: On what?

Mr. Chan: On our route. Now come.

The scene then transitions to Brandon and Mr. Chan climbing Mt. Fuji.

Brandon: Are we there yet?

Mr. Chan: No.

Brandon: How much more?

Mr. Chan: Do not tell me that you are tired already.

Brandon: I haven't done so much walking like this in a while.

Mr. Chan: We are almost there.

Brandon: Finally.

Mr. Chan: Look.

Brandon looks up and sees a giant bush.

Brandon: Oh. A bush. When you said we were almost there, I thought you meant the hide out.

There is hustling in the bushes. Brandon stands ready. A frog then leaps from the bushes and ribbets. Brandon then lowers his arms.

Mr. Chan: This way.

Mr. Chan then removes the bushes and reveals a hidden cave.

Brandon: Is this the hide out?

Mr. Chan: No but it is one of the enterances... to the enterance.

Brandon: Which means more walking.

Mr. Chan: Let us just hope it does not mean more trouble.

The two then walk into the cave. On the other side, Brandon sees a cave like system.

Brandon: Whoa... What is this place?

Mr. Chan: It is the hidden passageway to the mountain temple. The Dragon Clan will be hiding in here but there are obstucles in the way.

Brandon: We can take them. Lead the way.

Mr. Chan smiles and leads ahead. Later on, the two approach a japanese red gate.

Mr. Chan: Our first challenge.

Brandon: A doorway? Afaird of getting a splinter?

Mr. Chan: You don't seem to be taking this seriously but we shall see.

They cross the gateway and continue onwards, bypassing a statue. The statue's eyes then glow.

Brandon: So if there really is a danger then why aren't you prepared for it.

Mr. Chan: Just because I know there is danger here does not mean I know what it is. Things change overtime and memory plays tricks on you.

A rummbling is heard. The two then turn around and see the statue coming to life and approaching them.

Brandon: And I think you would remember something like that!

After the break, Brandon and Mr. Chan stand, facing against the statue guardian.

Brandon: What is that?

Mr. Chan: Possibly the statue guardian made by the Dragon Clan to keep out intruders.

Brandon: Well how are we going to stop it?

Mr. Chan: Use your alien powers.

Brandon: But you said-

Mr. Chan: I was over exaggerating.

Brandon: You just didn't want me to transform, did you?

Mr. Chan: Maybe.

Brandon: Hmph.

Brandon activates the Ultimatrix and scrolls through the holograms.

Brandon: Alright rocky, get ready to taste stone.

Brandon slaps down the face plate and undergoes a transformation sequence. He spins around in a cycle of DNA and curls up due to the changes. His ribs enlarge and his skin gets straighter. Stone plating then grows over his body. He then transforms into Rocks.

Rocks: ROCKS!

Rocks then fires stone projectiles at the stone statue which has little effect on it.

Rocks: This guy is pretty though.

Mr. Chan: He is made out of stone.

Rocks: Figures. Good news is so am I. Rocks then creates a rock slope and runs up it. He then jumps off when he gets to the tip and he slams his fist into the statue's face causing it to fall over.

Rocks: Done and done.

The statue then grabs Rocks and starts to crush him.

Rocks: Let go of me!

Mr. Chan: Brandon, he is made out of stone!

Rocks: I know that already.

Mr. Chan: No. You do not understand. He is made out of stone!

Rocks, realizing: Oooh... I get it now.

Rocks then uses his geokinesis and breaks the statue apart. The statue guardian then breaks into pieces which crumble onto the ground. Rocks then falls on the ground and transforms back into Brandon. Mr. Chan helps Brandon up.

Brandon: Thanks...

Mr. Chan: When fighting, you need to consider all of your abilties rather than focusing on just one. Now let's move, it'll take an hour till we get to the next post.

Brandon: An hour?

Mr. Chan: Is it too much for you?

Brandon: No...

Mr. Chan: Then let's go.

They continue climbing the mountain through the cave system. Meanwhile, a ninja is watching them from the distance. The ninja then squints and moves in closer. Later, Brandon and Mr. Chan reach the second red gateway.

Brandon: Looks like we made it.

Mr. Chan: Outpost 2. We are half way there.

Brandon: About time. (seeing huts) Do people live here?

Mr. Chan: Not many. They help protect the mountain from outsiders.

The ninja is seen ontop of one of the huts. He looks up and sees a boulder on the side of the mountain. He throws a Shuriken at them. This causes the boulder to roll down the mountainside. Brandon hears the rummbling and looks up.

Brandon: Uh oh.

Mr. Chan looks up and sees the boulders rolling down.

Mr. Chan: We need to clear out the people.

Brandon: They won't make it out in time.

Brandon activates the Ultimatrix and slaps down the face plate. He transforms into Telecraft.

Telecraft: TELECRAFT! I was going for Crusher... Hm...

Telecraft looks around. He then sees an old statue. Telecraft then lifts it with his mind and breaks it into four pieces.

Telecraft: I'm going to need that and... (does the same to one of the huts) this.

Telecraft then forms the pieces together and crafts a fence. He places it mountain side which stops some of the boulders from reaching the ground however the rest roll off of the other rocks and head straight for the village. Telecraft then backs away.

Telecraft: I missed a few!

Mr. Chan: Fight with your mind, Brandon!

Telecraft then concentrates and forms a telepathic force, in the shape of a fist, which he uses to demolise the incoming boulders. Telepath then gets tired and kneels down. Telecraft then transforms back into Brandon who breaths for air.

Mr. Chan: You're nearly ready.

Brandon then looks up and smiles, unaware of the approaching ninja behind him.

Mr. Chan, seeing this: Brandon, look out!

Brandon turns around and sees the ninja about to attack him with a sword. Mr. Chan tackles the ninja on to the ground. The ninja then activates a jetpack and knocks Mr. Chan out cold. The ninja then takes Mr. Chan and hovers off.

Ninja: You will never see your friends again. We have what we need.

The ninja then flies off with Mr. Chan.

Brandon: I will find you, guys... No matter what.

After the break, the ninja is seen throwing Mr. Chan on to the ground where he is now awake.

Mr. Chan: You wil not get away with this.

Voice: Oh but we already have.

Mr. Chan: That voice... It can not be.

Mr. Chan looks up and sees a Samurai Warrior.

Samurai: Hello again, Chan.

Mr. Chan: Zheng! I thought you died.

Samurai Zheng: That is what everyone thought but I survived. The explosion merely burried me in the mountain along with my followers.

Mr. Chan: But what of the summoning?

Samurai Zheng: Obviously it failed. Prehaps because I was not as pure hearted as I believed. But you on the other hand. Shall do just nicely.

Mr. Chan: I understand why you want me, Zheng, but why kidnap the others?

Samurai Zheng: They dare to threaten the soil of Japan. To industrialize on Mount Fuji. Dante Yamamoto is not worthy of the throne for his group. He and his followers will go down with you, Chan.

Mr. Chan: You will be stopped.

Samurai Zheng: There is no one left to stop me. No one can access the mountain. Not even your alien friend from America. I have used alien technology to protect us and it will stop even him from getting in here.

Mr. Chan: That is if he is an alien.

Samurai Zheng: Chan, please. You don't suggest that he'll climb the rest of the mountain just to get here, do you?

Mr. Chan: Anyone with a heart large enough can accomplish anything.

Meanwhile, Brandon is seen climbing Mount Fuji. There is determination in his eyes as he climbs and climbs. Brandon trips and falls over. He then gets up slowly until he realizes that he must. He gets up and continues upwards. He reaches the third outpost. He looks up after stopping for a break. He then sees a long and tall stairway with many things in the way at each platform. The forcefield is just behind the gateway. Brandon then wipes his forehead and continues through. The Ultimatrix becomes inactive momentarily. He pushes through some bushes and runs up the stairs. He climbs up a wall. Later, he pushes a boulder off of an edge which takes a long while as he struggles all the way through. Brandon then takes off his jacket and wraps it around his waist. He then continues running up the stairs. He wipes his forehead and pushes on. Brandon trips again but, almost instantly, gets up and continues. He then reaches a gap. Brandon feels pain in his legs as he holds them. He looks up and sees that it is the final obstucle in his path. Brandon then looks down and sees the very bottom of the mountain. Brandon then breaths heavyily. He then steps back all the way to the edge of the platform and the start of the stairs. He then gets in running position. He then runs up with an enduring the pain expression on his face. He then yells out as he jumps at the very last second from the very edge of the platform. He then falls onto the other platform at the very edge. He then starts to slide off but then gets up before that happens. He then pumps his fist in the air.

Brandon: WOO!

Brandon then turns and looks at the final staircase. The Ultimatrix then becomes active again. Brandon then looks at the stairs, seriously.

Meanwhile, on the top of the mountain, the summoning of the dragon spirit is about to occur.

Samurai Zheng: Bring them!

Two ninjas then bring out Amy, Coco, Sarah, Dante and Mr. Chan.

Samurai Zheng: Almighty Dragon Spirit, we bring you those who are pure-hearted. Feast on their souls and bring upon us the power of the gods!

Some of the ninjas activate alien technology.

Coco: Ninjas...

Sarah: It's always Ninjas with you.

Amy: That looks like alien technology. What are ninjas doing with that?

Mr. Chan: They have gone corrupt. Using any method they can harness in order to gain power.

Dante: We need to get out of here.

Samurai Zheng: Silence! The Dragon Spirit arrives... Now to finish you all.

Brandon, unseen: Let them go!

Samurai Zheng turns and sees Brandon in the distance.

Samurai Zheng: Impossible. No one can survive the mountain without proper training.

Brandon: Then it is a good thing I recieved mines.

Samurai Zheng: But it was incomplete. We took Chan from you.

Brandon: I didn't need Mr. Chan. I needed to know what I'm capable of on my own. But now, I need my friends back.

Samurai Zheng: You will never get them back.

Brandon: Oh yeah?

Samurai Zheng: Fight me if you will but it is already too late.

The mountain shakes.

Amy: What's happening?

Samurai Zheng: The Dragon Spirit is here!

A dragon-like creature then comes out of the mountain and roars.

Mr. Chan: It's the dragon spirit...

Brandon: No... It's an alien. The Dragon was an alien this whole time.

Coco: What a twist.

Samurai Zheng: Dragon Clan, we must contain this power!

Brandon: Not on my watch.

Brandon activates the Ultimatrix and slaps down the face plate. He undergoes an alien transformation. He spins around in a cycle of DNA and curls up due to the changes. His ribs enlarge and his legs become arch shaped. His back becomes hunched over and his hands become webbed. Within a flash, Brandon transformed into a New Alien.

New Alien: LEAP FROG! Well this was unexpected.

Samurai Zheng: Destroy him!

Some of the ninjas pull out swords and charge for Leap Frog. One of the ninjas strike at him but Leap Frog leaps over the ninjas.

Leap Frog: Oh yeah! One jump for me.

Leap Frog jumps up and slams onto some ninjas.

Leap Frog: One giant leap for frog kind.

The Dragon alien then roars out and pounds his chest. It then cups its hands together and slams them both down onto the ground which creates a shockwave. Leap Frog leaps over it and touches back down onto the mountain ground after doing a black flip. Leap Frog then leaps forwards and kicks the dragon alien in the face causing it to fall over. The Dragon alien then grabs Leap Frog and attempts to squeeze him into nothing.

Mr. Chan's voice, in Leap Frog's mind: When fighting, you need to consider all of your abilities rather than just one. Fight with your mind, Brandon.

Leap Frog then opens his mouth and launches his tongue at the dragon's face causing it to drop Leap Frog in an attempt to remove the tongue. Leap Frog then hops underneath the dragon alien's legs and leaps upwards. The Dragon alien then flips over and lands on his head. Leap Frog then lands by his team, Amy, Dante and Mr. Chan. He then uncuffs Amy.

Samurai Zheng: You still can not stop me. I have the control unit to the dragon!

Leap Frog stretches his tongue out and grabs the control unit with it. He then reels his tongue back in and grabs the device with his hand. Leap Frog then destroys the device. The dragon then regains control of itself. Leap Frog then uncuffs Sarah who pulls out her Mechanic Badge. She activates the translator.

Alien Dragon: Who dares awaken me from my slumber?

Leap Frog transforms back into Brandon.

Brandon: We don't mean any harm. In fact, these people were trying to control you in order to take over this planet.

Alien Dragon: What is this planet?

Sarah: You don't know?

Alien Dragon: I was asleep for so long. This is not my home world.

Coco: Probably crashed here long time ago.

Amy: Back when the mountain was forming.

Alien Dragon: I am Muph. Many have tried to awaken me but they have failed. All I wish is to return to my home world.

Brandon: We can take you back.

Later, a Mechanic ship is seen flying away. Meanwhile, on the ground, at a Japanese shrine in Shizuoka, the team are there with Amy, Dante and Mr. Chan.

Amy: Thanks for rescuing me and my uncle, guys.

Brandon: Well I'm always happy to help especially when my girlfriend's on the line.

Mr. Chan: It look hard and long training but you finally made it.

Coco: Training? Ha. I didn't know you do karate, Tennyson.

Dante: Karate or not. He saved my life. Me and my company... and my niece appreciate it.

Sarah: Something still puzzles me though. How did you make it through Fuiji without Mr. Chan's help.

Brandon: Well, I really had to know what I was capable of without using my aliens to help me. I had to think with my mind and channel it into my body. But the tough part was the jumping.

Mr. Chan: But you managed. Your leap represents your ability to learn and to change your mind set for the better.

Brandon: I guess but I got a frog alien now so I could just learn all the time.

Coco: And now I'm puzzled.

Brandon: Well there's no surprise there.

Coco: How'd you get Mr. Chan all the way here?

Brandon: Um...

Coco: ...You didn't.

Brandon: Well, I was going to tell you that-

Coco: You drove my ship!

Brandon: Don't worry it's perfectly fine.

Amy: And I still need him, Coco.

Coco: I better not see any dents.

Brandon: So I climbed a mountain and defeated ninjas, anyone up for a milkshake?

Mr. Chan: I actually want to go home now.

They all laugh except Mr. Chan.

Mr. Chan: No seriously, I want to go now. Why are you laughing? Did I say something funny?



  • Brandon
  • Coco
  • Sarah
  • Amy
  • Mr. Chan (First Re-Appearance)
  • Uncle Dante (First Appearance)
  • Muph (First Appearance)
  • Mr. Nozawa (First Appearance)
  • Mr. Schultz (First Appearance)
  • Alan Sterling (First Appearance)
  • Citizens


  • Dragon Clan (First Appearance)
  • Muph (Temporally)

Aliens Used


  • Leap Frog and Dante Yamamoto make their debuts.
  • Mr. Chan (The Old Shop Keeper) makes his first reappearance since Alien Force.
  • When the episode first came up, Coco and Sarah weren’t involved in the original plot so they were also kidnapped making this an episode mainly focused on Brandon.
    • Also in the original thought for this episode, Lauren Crafter was meant to make an appearance but that was cut out of the plot due to time restrictions and delays.
      • She did, however, get a reference in the episode. Ironically, if Brandon knew where Yakushima was, he could have gotten Lauren to help him rather than fly a spaceship all the way to Bellwood's China Town since Yakushima is actually an island in Japan.
        • Yakushima is also a reference to the Tomb Raider franchise or, more specifically, Yamatai.
  • This is the second episode in which the team visit Japan; the first being Showdown in Little Tokyo.
  • Uncle Dante was originally going to be Amy's father but that would mess up the plot for a future episode planned in Season 3.
  • Most of the research of the episode went into the tennis scene.
  • While this reference might be obscure, Yurika Pham was not only a reference to Vyvan Pham, who potrayed Julie Yamamoto, but also Yuri Lowenthal, because of the Yuri-part in her name.
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