Way Big Chill
Way Big Chill
General Information

1/2 Necrofriggian
1/2 To'kustar


Winged Humanoid

Other Info

Adehesive Freezing
Aerial Combat
Cosmic Rays
Cosmic Storm Manipulation
Cosmic Blizzard Manipulation
Cryo-Enhanced Combat
Density Shifting
Enhanced Acrobatics
Enhanced Agility
Enhanced Dexterity
Enhanced Durability
Enhanced Reflexes
Enhanced Strength
Eye Covering
Freezing Blasts
Freezing Breath
Freezing Cosmic Rays
Freezing Touch
Hypnosis Resistance
Ice Entrapment
Ice Generation
Ice Trail (via Flight)
Sharp Arm Blades
Sharp Claws
Sharp Head Fin
Sharp Shoulder Blades
Sharp Wristbands
Sharp/Prehensile Feet
Skilled Hand-to-Hand Combatant
Solid Matter Ingestion
Space Survivability
Strong Teeth
Temperature Resistance
Underwater Breathing
Wind Breath


Head Fin Paralysis
Large Stature
Selective Intangibility

First Appearance:

MvT Chapter 14: Omni-Kickstart (Multiverse vs. Tennyson)

Way Big Chill is a fusion between Way Big and Big Chill. He is a free use fusion made by Alan.


Way Big Chill has the general body of Way Big, while his body's pattern and color scheme is taken entirely from Big Chill. He has Big Chill's mouth, fingers, and wings, and also has Way Big's toes sharpened to be akin to Big Chill's. He has Big Chill's dark green pupils.

Way Big Chill wears the Omnitrix on  his chest.


  • Way Big Chill has the powers of both Way Big and Big Chill.
  • Way Big Chill can create cosmic blasts that freeze his target. He can also create cosmic blizzards akin to Way Big's cosmic storms.


  • Way Big Chill has Big Chill's weaknesses of electricity, sonic sounds, and not using his intangibility as a reflex.
  • Way Big Chill has Way Big's weaknesses of his head fin causing paralysis and his large stature (albeit not as large as Way Big).


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Multiverse vs. Tennyson


Multiverse vs. Tennyson


  • Way Big Chill was simply made for the sake of the name.
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