"Whoa I'm not just big, I'm Way Big."

-Way Big

Way Big is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a To'kustar made inside Cosmic Storms in Universe-7781.


Way Big is a colossal humanoid creature with a large fin on his head, which is red at the front and black at the bottom. He has blade-like growths on his shoulders and spikes on his waist. He also has white and red arms with three black lines and red fins on the elbows, green eyes on his head with two grey stubs protruding on his cheeks, one on each. He has red feet and a black sandal-like covering on the middle of his feet. The red parts of Way Big's body are made of an unknown cosmic material with metallic properties.

Powers and Abilities

Size: He is 296 feet tall.

Enhanced Strength: He can hit hard enough to split the ground open.

Enhanced Durability: The red parts of his body are the strongest parts, being almost indestructible.

Enhanced Reflexes: His reaction time is fast enough to block laser as fast as light speed aimed for him.

Cosmic Rays: He can cross his arms together to fire a beam of cosmic energy.

Cosmic Storm Manipulation: He can summon Cosmic Storms at will.

Space Survivability: He can survive in the vacuum of space.


Head Fin: If he is hit hard at the top of his head it will hurt him severely.

Electricity: He is vulnerable to electric attacks.


Ben once used Way Big to stop the Incursean Conquest Ray from destroying a landmark on Earth.

DNA Donor



He is one of Ben's top 10 most powerful transformations.

He is the 17th alien to be used by Ben.

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