Way Big is the Omnimatrix V's DNA sample of a To'kustar, created within a cosmic storm.


Way Big is the biggest alien of the Omnimatrix V. 

Way Big is a humanoid figure, with his main colors being red, white, and black. He has a long, fin, red at the top with black at the bottom. His eyes are a duller green color. Way Big has white arms, with red blade-like fins protruding from them. He has two small fins coming from his shoulders, which are red on the outside and black on the inside.

He has two blade-like fins protruding from his knees, which start at his red boot-like feet. He has two red fin protrusions from his waist, which are smaller than the rest. Way Big has completely humanoid fingers, complete with thumbs. He has two extra circular protrusions from his cheeks. 

The Omnimatrix V is located on his chest.

Powers and Abilities


Way Big possesses impressive strength, even for his size. He easily trumps foes both his size, and lower in plenty of ways. He has the power to generate powerful rays of cosmic energy, known as 'cosmic rays'. He does this by creating a cross with his wrists, right forearm vertical and left forearm horizontal in front of it, with both thumbs facing him. This shoots a powerful beam that destroys almost anything in it's way.

Way Big, although Buster doesn't know it, can generate cosmic storms. However there has to be a special time for this, and he has to be (mentally) ready.


Way Big doesn't understand his size sometimes. He has to be careful where he steps, or just what he does with his strength, to avoid destruction.

Way Big's biggest weak point is his fin, which causes him great pain and paralyzes him.

Kinecelerans can generate a tornado strong enough to lift Way Big off his feet.


  • Way Big is one of Buster's strongest weapons, but isn't always used because of his big size.
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