Water Worries is the 3rd episode from the
Brandon 10 - Ripjaws vs Sea Monster
show Brandon 10.


At night, 2 fishermen are roasting fish and fishing. The roasting fisherman states that there is a beast in the waters but the other disagrees. The "Beast" then yanks the fisherman in the water scaring the other one into his truck and driving away. The Sea Monster then eats the pot full of cooked fish and swims away. In the Morning, Brandon 10 arrives at the docks to play boardwalk games and looks for interesting things at the store but everything is closed. After speaking with an old captin, he learns that a beast appears and every one left before he can attack. While investagating, Brandon finds some divers packing tanks into their boat. After asking about the tanks, the divers states that its oil for their comany. Brandon as Stinkfly spys on them but is later attacked by the monster. Noticing the monsters and stinkfly, the divers shoot at them causing the monster to retreat and Stinkfly to fall into the water. When reaching the docks, Brandon transforms into Angeler Fish to catch up with the divers. After defeating some mutant sea snakes, Brandon reaches the oil rig. When aboard the docking pad, he realizies that the tanks are full of radioactive gas causing the monsters to attack the rig. Noticing Brandon, the divers attack him and Brandon as Wildpup knocks out the divers and turns back into Brandon 10. The Sea Monster then begins destroying the oil rig and Brandon pulls the divers into their boat where they will be safe. On an attempt to escape the sea monster blocks the temporary exit. Now as Ripjaws, Brandon tackles the monsters and pulls him into the water making an underwater war. After defeating the Sea Monster, Brandon notices that the sea monster wasn't effected by the radiation and only wanted the oil rig to move away from its home. Ripjaws then fixes the situtation and the Sea Monster returns back to its home and no longer disturbs anyone unless they approach his territory.


  • Brandon 10
    Brandon 10 - Captin

    The Old Captin

  • Captin
  • Fishermen

Aliens Used

  • Stinkfly
  • Angler Fish
  • Wildpup
  • Ripjaws


  • Sea Monster
  • Divers
  • Sea Snakes
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