Water Hazard
General Information
Species Orishan
Home World Hydrosia
Body Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Aquakinesis
Enhanced strength

Water Hazard is the Alpha-Omegatrix's DNA sample of an Orishan from the Hydrosia.


Water Hazard appears as a blue and aquamarine mollusk-like alien. His eyes are green and his mouth does not move. Behind his legs and on the top of his arms, are small spikes that are grey. On his shoulders and legs there are black spots. On his hands there are port holes, which he uses to shoot water. Water Hazard has 4 fingers with claws on them and on his feet there is a grey spike. His lower torso is grey with 2 spikes on the side of them.

He wears the Alpha-Omegatrix symbol on his chest.

In Alpha-Omegaverse, Water Hazard now has 4 line-like eyes, as well as eyes and crab-like legs on his chest. His hood is rougher and not as smooth and he has barnacles on his shoulders and legs. He is also darker in color.

He wears the Alpha-Omegaverse device on his chest.
Official Water Hazard

Water Hazard in Alpha-Omegaverse


Water Hazard has an armored exoskeleton which protects his body from most types of damage, including radiation. This exoskeleton was thought to make Water Hazard completely invulnerable, although it is confirmed this is not true. He possesses enhanced strength and can shoot pressurized water from the port holes in his hands. He can absorb moisture from the air with the holes in his hands.

It is revealed he can create a bubble shield to protect himself, even from laser attacks.

Water Hazard can control the temperature of the water he shoots.

Water Hazard can make a small water tornado, briefly levitate while shooting water blasts, and wield a large water whip to destroy several enemies around him.

Water Hazard is able to control and manipulate water at will and even mold it into a wide variety of shapes.


Although Water Hazard's armored exoskeleton allows him to feel little to no physical pain, he seems to be vulnerable to energy attacks.

Richard 10



Richard 10



  • In Intergalactic Encounters, Water Hazard is replaced by Electrickill and Extermigator.
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