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Water Bear is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of an Vedmedan from the planet Magmest. He is a free use alien.


Water Bear has a striking resemblance to a typical Earth bear, with the differences of being robotic, having no eyes and two water cannons. The actual Vedmedan is found inside the head. Inside the golden torso, Water Bear has a water generator, which is the source of water in his cannons.

In his true form, Water Bear is a small pink alien that can create a water body, which is the same as the water inside the suit.

Powers and Abilities

Water Bear, even without the robotic component, is able to survive in almost any environment, like in space, underwater, in freezing and scorching temperatures and various climates.

In the robotic upgrade, Water Bear gains a fair empowerment, obtaining very sensitive ears, a high sense of smell, and water cannons, which can be used to cool down fires.

In his true form, Water Bear can manipulate water and change his shape. This allows him to avoid attacks.


Water Bear is vulnerable to electricity, due to being composed of water inside his body. His fired water can also be frozen.

Under high pressure, Water Bear's inner water becomes vapor, which creates a dense cloud inside of a suit, which expands less than water due to thermal expansion laws.

In his true form, Water Bear loses part of his strength, compensating it by liquid composition.


If Water Bear is going to appear in your series, write it down here.


If Water Bear is going to appear in your series, write it down here.


Water bears, or tardigrades, are small animals, able to survive in space or without water for 10 years. In fact, Water Bear's true form is written off a tardigrade.


  • The original Water Bear was made at the beginning of February 2020 to celebrate Aquarius season, as its name sounds somewhat like Water Bearer.
  • If someone were to use Water Bear, he/she would feel like he/she is in a small panel room connected with all the eyes, limbs and body of the robotic suit.
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