Warlord Garb, supreme commander of the Feldonian forces. Designed by Pdlfetcher for the series Ben 10 Omniverse: The Unseen Adventures.


Warlord Garb looks a lot like a regular Feldorian, apart from a vivid scar running down his left eye and cheek, and yellow spots/poxes on his eye, right cheek, and throat. These are wounds from old battles, and distinguish him as a supreme warrior. 

His armour is similar to the regular Feldorian battle armour, but he possesses a chain connecting a rich red cloak/cape. 

He has a scabbard, that is red, containing a sword.

Equipment, Powers, Abilities

He has all the regular powers/abilities of a member of his race. He is however naturally stronger than the average Feldonian. He is also naturally more durable.

He possess the same equipment as a Feldorian soldier, with the exception of the sword and cloak, which are markers of his royal lineage and standard. He does not wear the helmet however. He has a respirator built into his body, as a solution to an old battle wound.

Episode Appearances


  • His body is covered in wounds because he has fought in hundreds of battles.
  • He is of royal birth. 
  • He is quick to anger and prone to bouts of rage like Rath.

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