Inhabitants: Warasaurians
Seasons: Unknown
Earth Day(s) in a Year: Unknown
Moon(s): Unknown
First Appearance Trouble on Warasauria

Warasauria is the planet in Brandon 10.


Warasauria resembles the planet Earth however on a much larger scale. It is also a green/brownish color having less water than Earth. On the surface, there are many large trees, cliffs, stones and moss. There is very little grass as it is replaced with mossy stone. There are some enclosed areas around the planet created by cliffs formed around each other. Warasauria tends to have a lot of vegetation.


The Planet was once inhabited by gentle alien beings who used the planet's resources fairly for construction and living. Then the inhabitants discovered anger between themselves and used the planet's resources against each other until they discovered technology. Resources on the planet decreased and are used for war materials such as fires and tents however the environments haven't changed.



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  • According to Brandon 10, Warasauria is no bigger than Saturn
  • Warasauria is known to be the home of war
  • The Planet was named after the species inhabiting the planet.
    • It was also possibly named after them


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